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Blue Planet Corporation - Cyclothymic EP

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Artist: Blue Planet Corporation
Title: Cyclothymic EP
Label: Flying Rhino Records
Date: August, 1997

1. Cyclothymic
2. Crystal

Flying Rhino was one of the most superlative labels in the golden era of goa trance. They shut down in 2002, but before then they released some of the most sought after music in our scene. Most of you probably have their highlights like GNOTR Rock Bitch Mafia, Technnossomy Synthetic Flesh and of course the BPC album Blue Planet. I think what makes them a collector's dream though is the EP's. I have had a hell of a time trying to find some of the most sought after like the rest of you. So when I do get my hands on one, it really is a special moment. So the next reviews I do are going to be some old school EP's as I have "rediscovered" how brilliant they are. Starting with this one.

Blue Planet Corporation was originally a duo consisting of Gabriel Masurel and Christophe Lebras but he took off after the release of this EP. Shame, and it has me wondering what could've been. Now it is just Gabriel, but they released music way back in the early nineties under the Underground French-Kommunication label that can be considered trance or space trance on EP's like Overbloody Flood and The Second EP. Recently DAT Records released A Blueprint For Survival which was a compendium of their old stuff as well as some unreleased things. Some liked it and some thought it should've stayed unreleased. There is a thread here that is 3 pages long if you want to discuss it.

This EP is widely regarded as a favorite, and definitely for me. The BPC sound is composed of deep layers where every sound fits together perfectly providing a smooth melodic ride into outer space. Never too heavy and always smooth.

Cyclothymic- It bubbles right from the start with a delicate goa melody. The bass is super clear and the kick is very fat. Spiderweb thin leads pounce joining with each other creating a dreamy fluid feeling. During the break there is a forlorn pad with some distortion over a crunchy beat. The bass returns with very slight effects adding even another liquid bass sound. More soft melodies tread water lightly like an insect on a pond. This track shows how goa trance can be powerful and melodic while not being overbearing. Awesome.

Crystal- This is less goa trance and more outer space deep trance. It begins with a shimmering lead climbing through the clouds as a very distinct bass sound bounces underneath. Floating pads accompany silky smooth synth tones until that telltale melody arrives. The same sound in the Greece 2000 track from 3 Drives on a Vinyl. At 3 and a half minutes there is a goa tendency that continues to flower right up to the heavenly strings. The signature lead is streak on window brilliant as it scorches back and forth. Just truly atmospheric with a portal for escapism. Superb.

There you have it, two tracks by BPC that are some of their best. They are all over compilations so chances are you have them already. Finding the vinyl (without having to fork over a small fortune) is considerably tougher. These guys were great at combining smooth melodies that allowed the mind to drift. Their sound was crystal clear that you could almost touch it. So what if the music crossed genre boundaries. Good tunes are good tunes and these were lovely.


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This E.P touches the perfection of the 2 sides of B.P.C. Powerful, ultrasonic and with many layers Cyclothymic and from the other side emotional with divine melodies Crystal (pure white magic). I believe those masterpieces is the best tracks of Blue Planet Corp.

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