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V/A - Tokoloshe Tales


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1. Concept- Propaganda Machine

2. Artifakt feat. Phyx- The Ladder

3. Tryambaka- Mythology

4. Lost & Found vs. Ex-Gen Unlimited Access (Absolum edit)

5. Twisted System Overtone

6. Poison- Radio Active

7. Khopat vs Tryon- Mind Over Matter

8. Earworm vs. Horizon- Powerful Stuff

9. Scorb -The Ploy

10. Brethren vs. Slug- Feedback




The new all star compilation from Timecode is here. But does really belong to the best of the best SA comps together with New Blood, The Turning, Midnight Storm etc.? Let's find it out.


First track is by french artist Concept. More 3D vision style than SA psy Propaganda Machine is dark-ish, energetic and metallic. It reminds me a lot of early CPU style, which means that power lovers will enjoy it. Tbh I've listened better tracks from Concept but it's still very-very good.

Artifakt and Phyx collaborate to create the Ladder. Like most of Artifakt collaboration tracks it sounds more like Artifakt than the other artist in this case Phyx. The track is phat, powerful and has the signature ''classical'' melodies of Artifakt. It's a great track, but not the best of these artists.

Portuguese artist Tryambaka continues the more melodic approach with Mythology. Like all Tryambaka tracks it's psychedelic, fast and supermelodic. It has more than 3-4 lead melodies, all entertaining and energetic. Especially in the middle the track takes a Talpa approach with great ''classical'' melodies before it turns into a hammer again. Winner track.

Next we get a track by Lost & Found and Ex-Gen remixed by Absolum. As you have guessed power is the key word here. The track is hard full on to the bone, phat like a SA beast, but with all the Absolum tricks here. There's a specific moment where the lead melody hits the track with such energy that it must be heard to be believed. Awesome.

Then we go the gods of psytrance Twisted System aka Shift & Phyx & Rabdom L. As phat as it gets, with acidic lines, dark melodies and a final climax that will leave you breathless. I don't know how the hell they're doing it, but it's perfection all over again.

Poison, a new act (portuguese I think) with a 100% SA sound. Like all Posion tracks it starts with a fast baslsine and crazy fx all over the place. The effects are so well made and placed that it impresses me every time. Soon full power synths enter and lead you to a break when you can hear the leading melody. Which of course will return a bit later with a full blast climax. To put it as simply as I can this is psytrance at its best.

Portugal again with two of its biggest stars, Tryon and Khopat. Tryon is more twilight styled while Khopat is in your face power. Mind Over Matter is fast, psychedelic and really aggresive. It's actually 8 minutes of non stop effects and layers all over your face. But it's really well made.

The next track by Earworm and Horizon continues the power by adding more dark melodies. Whoever has listened Earworm's tracks before can identify his signature synths, but this time they're better than ever. Melody and power minus the cheese, that's what we need.

Scorb returns again in a Timecode compilation after Future Cuts with The Play. Well you know Scorb. It's clean, heavy with weird melodies. It's not his best track, but as always it works.

Last track by the Brethren bros and Slug. It's the softest track here and the more morning styled, despite some eerie parts. Although I miss some super lead melody the tracks reminds me a lot of Pitch Hikers with more key changes which is as good as it sounds.



So, Tokoloshe Tales is indeed the next super compilation by Timecode filled with psychedelia and power for 73 minutes. All tracks are great including two tracks that personally I will listen for decades to come (Overtone and Radio Active).

IMO the best release of 2010 so far.

Go grab it!

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GREAT Compilation indeed


Timecode did it again... it's been nº1 at my place (and finally all my neighbours want me dead :P )


it's worth it :D

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Artist: Various

Title: Tokoloshe Tales

Label: Timecode Records

Date: April, 2010


1. Concept - Propaganda Machine
2. Artifakt feat. Phyx - The Ladder
3. Tryambaka - Mythology
4. Lost & Found vs. Ex-Gen – Unlimited Access (Absolum edit)
5. Twisted System - Overtone
6. Poison - Radio Active
7. Khopat vs Tryon - Mind Over Matter
8. Earworm vs. Horizon - Powerful Stuff
9. Scorb -The Ploy
10. Brethren vs. Slug - Feedback



"Indeed...let's get started."


Some albums keep you coming back. Whether it's such good music or that music was the soundtrack to an important event in your life. I'll always have a soft spot for Information Society because that was the first concert I ever attended.


Don't judge me. I was young.


Pony by Ginuwine sticks with me cause of what my wife could do when that song came on.






Timecode will always be one of my favorite labels because they're incredibly consistent when it comes to quality. At their zenith nobody could hold a candle to their releases. And more than a decade later they're still doing it. And doing it well. They're the Suntrip of South African psytrance. Just look at who's on this thing. I haven't seen this many big names since we decided to send NBA players to the Olympics. Boasting an all star tracklist for this compilation it's like these guys jumped in a time machine and dropped back into 2005.






You gonna roll up in that? Try. Harder.






Bam! Of course it kinda looks like a coffin...


The dark vibe is ever present as are the thumping beats. Need some acid in your diet? This will do it. These are the artists that realize this is still dance music and they do it without giving into the commercial cheese. I liked all the tracks except Mythology. The samples were cringeworthy and like that f*cking cat on the interwebz I had shame. Like when that girl you've been stalking sees you in your tidy whities.




Yeah there's no unseeing that.



Moral of the story? Timecode? Good.


And keep you f*cking pants on you twisted f*ck.


Timecode Bandcamp





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