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Starcade - Les Introvertis Chroniques

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It was about time! Congrats for the first official release.


I urge everybody to go and listen. This is quality music, original, fun, melodic, epic and whatnot.

Just listen to Chandelier and you'll be blown away. One of the best tracks of 2008 for sure. And of this year as well.


Thanks Otto. Are we to expect more? I hope so.

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Can someone help for download, i can`t found where to take it


Just at the bottom of the page linked, you have 4 choices, MP3, OGG and mirrored or not.
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Thanks, guys. It's very exciting.


GGT - I hope you like the new mastered versions. I think the guy did a great job. And yeah, I've got some things in the works. But I'm very sloooooow, so... I'll let you know.



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