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V/A - Energy Waves


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Artist: Various

Title: Energy Waves

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: March, 2010


1. Mindsphere - The Awakening

2. Astrancer - Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory)

3. KhetzaL - Indian Attic (E-Mantra's Tellurian Remix)

4. Somnesia vs PharaOm - God's Tears

5. Liquid Flow - Reformation

6. Astrancer - Athanaton

7. Antares - Eureka

8. RA - Time Current (Silver Remix)

9. Space Elves - Anjuna Beach




Here is Suntrip Records 18th release (wow, really?) with another effort in the sunshine melodic goa trance style that they do so well. This is actually part 1 of a 2 part series with Temple of Chaos serving as the more dark themed style. Suntrip has spearheaded the new school goa trance movement with brilliant production and beautiful melodic tracks. All the accolades they receive are well deserved as they have been releasing quality material since 2004. Check out that artwork...it just screams sunshine.


The Awakening- I am ethereal. Power, with no substance. I have no form, no shape...I just am. This could easily have opened the Temple of Chaos CD as it is a darker composition from Mindsphere. Synths of regret undulate over mournful percussive wails as something from beneath begins to stir. You do not hear a drum until almost four minutes as the expectations build slowly, never quickening the pace. It is a nice smooth intro for what is to come.

Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory)- Looking skyward, I cannot see as the glare of the sun is oh so bright. Crystal synths dance lithely above, teasing a thumping kick. Heavenly strings arc higher and higher framing the path in which the leads must travel. Very bright and perfect for watching the waves crash on the beach.


Indian Attic (E-Mantra's Tellurian Remix)- Matthieu must be very confident to remix a track off Khetzal's album Corelle as that is one of the standards of goa trance. In the beginning you can hear the original melody, but then it becomes something else. Whereas the original was smooth and subtle, E-mantra's take is an all out assault. His signature sound is all over this as it manifests as another dreamy feather in his cap. While the original is great, I think this is even more hypnotic.


God's Tears- I wasn't too impressed by Somnesia's debut EP Rainbow Source on UAF, but it's a totally opposite situation when it comes to PharaOm. Together, these artists created an absolute stormer. Not only that, I think this one tends toward the darker side of goa. Melodies taunt, they pitch and dive, all while riding shotgun to the bassline. Stormclouds erupt and the rain falls during a break, and then it really gets aggressive. Super.


Reformation- Liquid Flow have had nothing but hits including their 2009 album Presence. The bass is so liquid, you can practically hear it bubbling. Leads scream, 303's howl, and the power is immeasurable. Short, but awesome track.


Athanaton- Astrancer again, with a slower tempo track. At 3 minutes a quirky lead skips and staggers through the track. The track bounces along, relying on effects and that very catchy lead. This is happiness and sunshine, with a generous helping of groove. Very danceable. Good track.


Eureka- Simon's album release is getting closer...I can feel it. His track Prophecy on Artificial Sun and Codex on Temple of Chaos are some of my favorites. This one is close to the same length. I don't know what that instrument is in the beginning, but it let's you know you are in goa territory before giving way to a big kick. The leads prance about, the bass gurgles, and synths juxtapose amidst large pads. Mystical. He has the ability to extend tracks and keep them hypnotic. The break is smooth almost sensual, and really has an element of spirituality. Make no mistake, this guy is a star. Superb!


Time Current (Silver Remix)- The old veterans Christer Borge-Lunde & Lars W. Lind are back with a remix to a track from their album 9th. This is very floating, ethereal. The break has a beautiful melody that is spider web thin synth tones among mournful pads and effects. Very well placed. This is a dream maintained, where images aren't 100% clear, but have a sunshine outline. These guys are great at setting up an atmosphere and this track is no exception. The last part of the track is a invigorating ride on a cloud towards the sunshine. Smash!


Anjuna Beach- This is CoaGoa, Arronax, Imba, and SETI Project under the moniker Space Elves. It begins quickly, with a nice lead that is full of sunshine sparkle. Rays of light reflect, as solar flares tumble to Earth. While not very detailed, it gets the point across that we are drifting across a beach and that there is a party going on. It is dreamy and functions well as a closer.




Suntrip have done it again. This release is a blockbuster in every sense of the word. This is to be the Yin of the day to the Yang of the night of Temple of Chaos, but not by much. Though very melodic (as usual) this one has one foot out the door of sunshine and another firmly planted in the darkness. The artists have put together a great CD that is wonderful for home listening as well as the dance floor. I hope people realize what is going on here, that this label has consistently delivered beautiful music for the goa community while simultaneously becoming the driving force of that community. Keep up the good work and positive vibes. This is highly recommended.



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  • 3 years later...

Great compilation but I absolutely despise the pathetic joke of a sample in the Space Elves track. It completely ruins what is a standout track for me. It's like Space Tribe who ruined so many tracks that would've been amazing instrumentals with lame ass samples. I had considered buying Space Elves album but once I heard this track I'm worried their album is full of lame samples on all the tracks so I'll avoid it.

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This is an energy bomb, Astrancers track Athanaton in particular. It sounds sooo good with this godly heaven-sent mastering. Can you even imagine an entire Astrancer album with this superb level of mastering? All the details are there, the kickdrum, solid. The bassline, fat. Everything sounds pristine in the track, the synth sounds floating around in the ping pong delays and lush reverbs. Creating nice spiralic aural tricks with my ears. And what a delight it is! I belive this is Astrancers most psychedelic track so far. It's a sweet morning tune for sure.

Revisiting the other Astrancer track on this compilation Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory), makes me realize that I had somewhat overlooked this equally impressive track before. It's also a very nice morning track. :) I have to give it some more listening to better determine which of the two that's best. I do like the spirals a lot in Athanaton.

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