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Where is all the energy?


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I think I got what are you looking for.


Outer Signal & Dapanji - El Diablo


Holy exploding energy, batman! :blink:


That track is absolutely fucking crazy, but a bit too dark for my upcoming mix. It is DEFINITELY going on one of my dark mixes!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Ok, I'll try again :)


Digicult - The Way In





Sycaddict - Dreams and Hallucinations





Also, again I recommend to listen to the various releases by Vibraddict, Exodus, Exoaddict, Sycmos, Sycaddict, Sidharta. A lot of them can be found on youtube, e.g.





For example, Vibraddict has released the "Mental Collapse" album, and another good release would be the compilation "VA - Impact Vol. 1" or "Enigmatic World Portugal".

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I've read the word energy so many times here, that while this is not completely OT, this is a power packed DnB track. There seem to be enough psy recommendations :)



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