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"V/A - Elixir of Life"


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Title: Elixir of Life

Artist: Various

Label: Ezel-Ebed Records

Date: January, 2010




1. Erk Duasy'



2. We've Been Contacted



3. One Step



4. Galactic Singers



5. God Of Light



6. Resurecting The Dead



7. Eclepsia



8. Red Planet



9. Faran




Ezel-Ebed Records is proud to be Turkey's first psychedelic label and well they should be. The label is run by Travma and they have quite the stable of artists. Some I have heard of, but most are unknown. They released the outstanding "Alternative Colours last year." So how do they follow up? Let's start with that beautiful cover. The colors are inviting, and the text speaks of old worlds. The bottle containing the elusive elixir is in the center.


"Erk Duasi"- Yan Ekti starts his track off with a melancholy pad before a quick bassline enters. The journey underneath the pyramid begins. The melodies dance on booted feet as soft pads guide them farther down the stairwell. More melodies with different sounds seek to relax the listener as the light begins to fade. This is a track that is not a smash but a subtle trip through the mind. I had to listen to it several times before I got it. I am glad that I did.

"We've Been Contacted"- Project Cosmonaut is Eli Yarkoni and this is is 3rd track released. A dark melody erupts right at the outset and is quickly joined by one of a higher tonality. Then another until it is just a thick soup of hallucination. The layers threaten to suffocate, but only caress. The kick is gentle allowing the leads to soar. Several mini-breaks help me refocus on what is happening all around me. Beautiful!


"One Step"- Russians Alexandr Makushev & Dmitriy Rusov had an absolute cracker of a track on "Goatronika" called "Cosmic Sphere." This one starts with a rampaging bassline and the all too familiar giant leap for mankind sample. The pace is quicker and the melodies are thick with the promise of what may be. Whatever was sleeping seems to have been awakened. Alien effects from the movie Pitch Black add to the cosmic appeal as new melodies join the fray. The break arrives with some percussion and a wailing lead. It's not long until I'm hurtling past stars at ludicrous speed as more melodies combine with a groovy key change. These guys have IT. It's tangible and I cannot wait for their album. Stupendous!


"Galactic Singers"- You know there is an osteoporosis drug in the US advertised as Boneva and it supposedly helps with bone loss. Probably not what this artist was going for. Melodies take hold around a nitzo kick as they envelop me, hot to the touch. A soft pad promises that everything will be alright, but dirty, sticky leads beg to differ. I catch my breath at the break and look to see where I am. The Nitzho element is evident as it combines with the goa feel to carry me away yet again. The distorted sample at the next break is unintelligible, but the artist is having fun with the kick. The final part of the track is a nice ride into whatever star they are taking me into. Great track.


"God of Light (Golden Path Remix)"- Everything about this track title screams sunshine. Agneton needs not introduction, but Goalien is Boris Huskic from Serbia and he has been rather busy releasing several tracks on compilations and appearing on Elias's album "Horizon In Your Head." Alien rushes hint of a species that has visited our planet before. The Nitzo kick is again present with an intense bassline. Arpeggios swirl above me with frenzied speed then collide into a slower tempo fury. Everything comes to a halt with a BOOM! as pads resurrect the ominous atmosphere. This track is more Nithonot than goa in my opinion, but it still works very well. These guys remove any cheesiness that might be associated with Nitzhonot. Great track.


"Resurrecting the Dead"- Label manager Travma gives us a track that starts with a bassline and a crash. A chopped up melody germinates slowly amidst a soft beat until we are in full blown Nitzho mode. Melodies combine in an explosion of light as they twirl ever higher through the clouds. The layers are added to each other to acheive a fuller, richer sound with magical results. Good job Travma....now about your album...


"Eclepsia"- Sounds like a disease. Yeah if the disease was kick ass! What I noticed about this track was the melodies. Odd to say, but they are so in your face on this one. The beat is your generic 4/4 but this guy pulls it off. There is a key change which gives the track a friendly feel. There isn't a lot of variation in this one, but again that is ok. It was an enjoyable listen.


"Red Planet"- I have no idea wo these cats are. The track starts with bubbling effects as the tension builds. The melodies start off strong, but then seem to get kind of lost. The track plods along with much of the same with only slight changes. It's not a bad track, but not great either.


"Faran"- Zed Reactor is George Antonopoulos and this might be the last goa or Nitzo type track we hear for the guy. According to Discogs, he now makes industrial music. :o An evil horror movie type sample of a dying soul starts us out. This is on the darker side of our scene with a bassline that sits out front and doesn't change at all. Melodies are scarce, but the dark atmosphere is there. It's just that without melodies, there isn't anything to focus on or to carry the tune. And that sample...is that from the movie Aladdin? Are they taking the piss? Anyway, I suppose they wanted to end the compilation with a different type of goa. I wouldn't of done it, but I'm just some guy with a computer that listens to music.


So there you have it. This compilation started off like gangbusters and hit its stride right in the middle. After the Travma track though, it started to go downhill. I get what the label is trying to do and that is introduce various types of music that fit into the Goa Trance and Nitzhonot genre. You can't be sunshine all the time, right. All in all, I would recommend this compilation as some of the tracks are brilliant. So for those of you keeping score, this label has had 2 releases and both of them were excellent. "Alternative Colours" was better, but hey, it's tough to follow that beast.










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I listen to this collection more often than others


1. Erk Duasy' --- 8/10

2. We've Been Contacted --- 7/10 (Weak theme)

3. One Step --- 8/10

4. Galactic Singers --- 10/10 (final amazing)

5. God Of Light --- 10/10 (I recollected Cyan)

6. Resurecting The Dead --- 9/10

7. Eclepsia --- 10/10

8. Red Planet --- 6/10

9. Faran --- 7/10


Elixir of Life 8,3/10

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Listening to this again and I have to say some of the shine has come off the diamond. Still very good, but it might not be as great as I once thought.

Also, with the exception of Goalien, Agneton, and Travma it seems most of these artists have vanished. Shame, I had such high hopes for Hypnotic Signal.

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