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Yotopia - Connect the Dots


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Artist: Yotopia
Title: Connect The Dots
Label: Iboga Records
Date: March, 2009

1. Spunk
2. Sheer Mayhem
3. Sleepless Hippies
4. Offset
5. Mr. Brotherman
6. Game on
7. In my hands
8. Monitor
9. No way out

Yotopia are Yoni Rimon & Tomer Dayan from Tel Aviv who present their second album "Connect The Dots." This was released by Iboga recods, a label so prolific that it's easy to see how some albums get lost in the shuffle. If you read the promo, it says that they are blurring the lines between techno, progressive, and trance. The cover is of a (you guessed it) connect the dots image of an old phonograph on a yellow field. The speaker and the title of the album are in red.

What you get with this album are bouncy grooves with a wet kick. Some of these kicks are so thick it's like hitting a mattress with a broomstick. The music is not heavily detailed but that doesn't take away from its appeal. "Sheer Mayhem" had a descending tinkling that went so well with the groove that it was infectious. So simple yet incredibly effective. "Mr. Brotherman" was heavier on melody while seeming more spacious. "Game On" fills a room with its presence and will have people dancing up a storm. "In My Hands" has a nice break with a dreamy feel.

This is good time trance. It's a get your paycheck, hookup with your friends at a bar, drink up and then dance until 4 a.m. good time. This is an album focused mainly on groove with the little touches that keep it from getting stale. While I didn't really hear any techno influences, I didn't mind. Even though it is light on layers and depth, it's strength is its simplicity. There aren't a lot of different sounds that compete for dominance, just a basic disc full of danceable rhythms providing a rollicking good time.



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Solid album! my favorite tracks are 'Game On' and especially 'In My Hands, such a dreamy yet tight feeling. In some tracks I sensed a hint of Techno, but it wasn't dominating there music. Overall really good work!


And I understand when you say some kicks are like hitting a mattress with a broomstick. It's just that noise in some of the lighter tracks. :P

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"In my hands" is definitely a wonderful track, beautiful track and beautiful album, very relaxing. A really pleasant experience, especially from track 4 till the end. That is one of the most melancholic and deepest progressive trance/house I have heard.

Highly recommended.

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