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Lost Buddha - Regeneration EP (Metapsychic)

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LLB    1

Ok checking my stock of old reviews it seems if i correctly use the serach engine this one wasn't post yet...

Posted Image



1- Regeneration 8'13

2- Embryo 7'31


Coverart by *-licia- (deviantart.com)

Additional artwork by Filipe Santos

Mastered by Dave Hook (Infinite Dimensions)


Lost Buddha Regeneration Ep (Metapsychic) 2007



Embryo => Will surely reminds many good memories to all old schoolers due to its identifiable Transwave influence. Especially the Helium album period ; indeed it's kinda alchemy of My Dear Medical Assurance, Zero Density& Hypnorhythm with other fresh sounds & ideas, all in one track :).



Regeneration => This second tune is more into the Israeli Goa vibe (Astral Projection, Indoor, Phreaky) with an extra oriental touch. The piano sounds a bit strange (not to say a bit cheesy sounding, i'm sure there's better piano tones available ;) ) in the middle of this powerful flood that's probably my only regret on this stuff



Both tracks are effective in their style nevertheless i've got a slight preference for Embryo.


available here:



Big Up to Vassilis (Cosmogenesis)/Metapsychic if he still surfes on the forum.

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Mandragor    0

Indeed, this is a very good release which has passed somewhat unnoticed.


The Regeneration track is IMO a small masterpiece... The track starts of rather powerful. It gets you up from the very beginning... A lot of oriental melodies/samples are involved and are combined perfectly with the energetic background... Also, in that first part of the song, I feel that everything, every sound, every melody, has a point for being in this song exactly where(when) it is... at around 3:47 kicks in a second, more powerful, part of the song, and it is bringing you up up and up... very danceable part... and then at around 4:26, beautiful uplifting light melody with oriental touches comes in... Really love that melody, and the build up before it is introduced is very good... Makes the melody sound probably better than it is... After that part, the song slightly losses on it's intensity, and it slowly brings you to the end. All in all, this is the kind of stuff that would make me dance my socks off on the dancefloor...


So... this is my first review ever, and it probably sucks... but what the hell, I LOVE this song :)



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Penzoline    341



T2MU's Lost Buddha review made me want to revisit some other tracks from Filipe. I remember many years ago when I was playing Unreal Tournament 3 religiously and I always had blasting tunes in the background. It was usually whatever Goa I had acquired at that time and the Metaphysical Rec stuff fit the game like a glove. Cyberpunk super scifi visuals and crazy melodic electronic dance music? Even the official game soundtrack was like that!


This EP seems to get overlooked. Is it the cover art? The poor mastering (hey there mr brickwall)? The fact it was a digital purchasable EP in 2007? Come on, nobody bought mp3's those days! Well it's not even purchasable anywhere now so more reason to not notice it! Wait what's that, yes that over there...




Well I'll be.


Still not the reason? Well here's 4 pages of drama for everyone to enjoy.



Wow that's loud. And interesting. Crazy sound-escapades start off this track and longer than 41 seconds and we have our first melody. Typica acid driven Lost Buddha with boomy bassline and majestically atmospheric pads filling up the track until the main driving melody arrives at 1:34. Those are some super synths I tell you. From there on the track is pretty straightforward some breaks and buildups but there are interesting segments like 2:27 onwards acid driven ride and when it breaks up at 4:13 there's an AWESOME sounding robotic acid lead that's just rips any dancefloor to shred like Terminator. It doesn't last very long unfortunately, but does creep in later.



Welp. That intro is totally fucking awesome and wicked. a Superb atmosphere, it literally transports you to whatever magical and exotic place you want to be at. 0:40 breaks that up and starts up the driving bassline with a sample "Regeneration is gods first move to which our fate is a reflex-response at work" (I don't know if I got that right). Totally ballsy! Again lovely acid leading melodies and a fast tempo but this time the atmosphere is even more at focus with having atmospheric pads throughout the track with different instruments. Around 3:06 there's a very interesting trippy melody spinning around that drives us into a break and oh yes, the robotic acid driven melody from last track is back at 3:47 after the sample again. Just fucking awesome! This type of acid is just so badass and to use it as a climax melody is genious. Track is pretty smooth until a 6:00 we get a melody that's set to sound more like a typical synth piano. It gives the track great character and shows Filipe was quite certain of his melodic skills as it doesn't come off as cheesy to me.


These two tracks are SuperB and maybe the best he ever did. Shame about the brickwalled sound because musically this is a total killer(aarghhh).

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Diaks    34

I love this EP. I can't comprehend why this isn't available on spotify etc. Pyramidal Transcendence as well should definately be on spotify. It's like a chapter from the history of goa trance, was ripped out of the books and as a result important tracks from the first decade of neo goa are lost. The complete saga isn't available, which is a shame I think, because a lot of younger people will miss out on older stuff that isn't as readily available.

Pyramidal Transcendence atleast is still available on Ektoplazm. But for how long? I noticed that Pandemonium!-A Mad Scientists Night EP isn't available anymore.

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