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Chromosome-DMT Cowboys


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Artist: Chromosome

Title: DMT Cowboys

Label: Dream Vision cd001

Format: CD

Packaging: Jewel Case

Release Date: Dec. 2008


Track List:


01. Tales From The Otherworld

02. The Spirit Molecule

03. Reality Engineer

04. Vaporized And Confused

05. Am I in the Matrix?

06. Human Structures (with Ibojima)

07. Talpa- The Moon (Chromosome Rmx)

08. Daydreaming

09. Lucid Illusion

10. Valmorphication






Short Review:


Most might be dissapointed upon opening this thread to find that it is not a full review, but I have only had this album for a week and it is so great that I thought that rather than wait to do a full review, why not at least post this album on psynews. It deserves all of the attention, and maybe someone will do a full review on it soon. I have been listening to this album like an addict on heroin ever since I have opened it. My other cds that came in the mail with it have been deprived of a good listen because I have never heard any psytrance quite like it. It is music that trancends. It is dreamy and full of magic just like any psychedelic music should be. The production, quality, and ideas here are absolutely breath taking, and each track has variation while consistently flowing together at the same time. I would reccomend this album to people who appreciate intelligent music along with the kind of music that keeps the mind occupied. This album is my minds perfect escape from reality. B)

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Hello Peeps,


I haven't reviewed any psy/goa since, well about a decade ago. Still listening to electronica but rarely contributing anything. With that aside I must say that I was and am amazed at the depth and beauty this album brings. There is a fantastic layer of complexity that you will discover with each listening. The production value is top notch and its nice to hear something that is beautiful and melodic, but at the same time has a very edgy feel to it when each track explodes at a particular peak with full on burst of sounds and beats.


I am rather surprised how little was written about this album (two posts?) as I think its very beautiful and well composed. Highly recommend picking this up.




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Wow these guys know how to make melodic fullon. It reminds me of the early days of psytrance. Not so much bassline-driven as most of the releases nowadays. Floating intelligent music that takes me up there as the fluolight fades away and the sun is setting. The most magical part of the day accompanied by the best music. Psytrance lives and shines more brightly than ever before. Lots of layers to keep you from losing your attention. Percussive synths and the most beatiful melodies take you on a long journey through hyperspace. Saddle up and ride with the DMT-cowboys, a trip you won't easily forget.


Highly recommended for music lovers!

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Occasionally stumbled upon this when randomly browsing discogs.


It's jaw-dropping great, defenitely one of the best full-on albums I've ever heard in my life. It's kind of sad that not many such music is released these days. I can only think of DIgicult doing something similar .

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