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OOOD - Fourthought


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Artist: OOOD

Album: Fourthought

Label: Phar Psyde Records

Catalog#: PHARCD004

Format: CD, Album

Country: UK

Released: Sep 2008

Credits: Mastered By - Henry Sarmiento

Mixed By [Engineer] - Colin Bennun

Producer, Mixed By - OOOD


Notes: Mastered @ Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza, Spain.

Mixed @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK.


Track 7 is based on "Rifa" by OOOD, released in 1997 on the label Completely Cabbaged (B-side of the 12" CABB-03).


above information taken from Discogs


An introduction about OOOD is hardly needed, but let me do a short one anyways, should you not know who I am talking about.


OOOD was formed in England in 1994 by Colin Bennun, Nigel Bradbury and Stephen Callaghan. Nigel is no longer a part of the trio, but they became four instead with their old friends Ramsay Melhuish and Ryokan Potier.


The first release from OOOD was on Phantasm Records in 1996. With some 14 years of experience in the Psychedelic Trance scene and still going strong, they are now releasing their 4th album. Some of you might remember the latest album Free Range, which was one of the best albums released in the year of 2006 (imo of course).


OOOD is known to be diverse and mixing the styles wildly, and the new album is more diverse than any of their work before.


Let me take you through the tracks:


1. Watchers In The Sky (9:08)


This track for me -at first- got my attention by the dreamy intro that it was presented with. I did not know what to come, but let me tell you that I was very surprised how it evolved. After some 1 minutes 30 seconds, we get to hear a very monotone bassline and a kick. The track then goes into some kind of minimal trancey dreamscape. One thing that OOOD are known for are the use of Samples in their tracks, and this track is full of small detailed samples in the background. The dreamy feeling goes throughout the whole track, and for me it would be the perfect starter track on a morning set out in the wild.


2. Warm Slinky (10:17)


So, the first track being a perfect starter for an album, I did not know what to expect next, and of course, it took me by surprise as always with OOOD. Short intro, some breakbeats and then something that could be a 303? Changes in Basstone very smartly put inside, dreamy gated pads. Breaktrance? This track evolves slow, but when it comes to its point, it is a furious little beast! It is not a dance floor filler, but it sure gives the chills down the spine! At the end of the track as expected it explodes into one orgasmic dream scape and even though its not a 4/4 track makes me want to shake that rumpa like a mad man! I would like to hear a remix of this track with a 4/4 beat towards the end, played LIVE!


3. Attitude Engine (9:50)


OOOD is about fun for me, and the this track starts of FUNNY! Now, when I say diverse, this is it! Is this OOOD's way of seeing todays Electro House? Oh yeah! But far better than a lot of stuff being released nowadays, and you know what? Its Psychedelic at the same time! It feels like this track has a very long intro cause the first 2 minutes its just building and building, goes into a break and tones it down a little and then takes it up again. Smart break beat programming going on all the time. Around 3 minutes we get some 4/4 beat and funky breaks all over the place. Like the tracks before this one, it has a lot of atmosphere. This track starts of like one thing and ends like another. I think it's a very clever way of building a track and getting the listeners attention.


This is not your ordinary Electro Psy Break, this is your Electro Psy Break Overlord!


4. Hornrider (Red Bourbon Mix) (9:45)


This is the first track that starts with a 4/4 beat on this album. Funny sample in the beginning. It starts out pretty harmless with a nice bassline, everything in perfect harmony and good percussion work. The later Bleepy bloppy and funky until towards the first break (horses?! lol), then it continues on that gallop and with a lot of atmosphere. OOOD sure knows how to build the tracks to get your attention, and when they finally let out the devil, its just pure ear pleasure! I am sure we will hear this track on plenty of Morning Dance floors this year (and many years to come, I hope). Towards the end of the track I had to smile so hard and wanting to dance, pure fucking bliss!


5. Durka Durka (8:04)


Terrance, pull my finger! *fart* Durka durka, Nih, kick and bassline! HAAAHAAA! Wow, this track made me laugh so hard, but make no mistake, this is not just some pisstake track, its a very powerful dance floor filler. Very energetic, almost goes into the techno realms, but stays psychedelic and trancey enough.


The percussions and the side effects are driving this track. Cleverly programmed samples and atmosphere on this track. The first break made me say "COOOMOOONNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!" out loud, I actually left my chair and started dancing in my little room here, because he who can sit down with the power unleashed afterwards, is probably too sane! When that bass line comes back in after the break, it gave me so heavy chills that even a squirt of tears came out of my porky little eyeses.


6. Slang Thang (8:33)


Familiar samples in this track, you will know when you hear them! Another 4/4 track which goes pretty much straight into business. Gotta love the bass line on this one. Yes it is your typical Full On Bass line, but its not your ordinary full on track! As with all tracks from OOOD, the percussion is very essential.


Evil sounds, hard and ass whooping. This is dark and sinister, like a boiling witches bowl and very driving. Towards the middle of the track gated samples and more drive. MY GOD TAKE ME TO THE DANCE FLOOR FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!! I can not describe it in words better than "FAN FUCKING TASTIC!"


7. Apollo, Son Of Rifa (9:00)


So what to expect now that im all high on energy? Oh yeah, OOOD does not let you down, another dance track for the dance floor here! Like i have said throughout the whole review, OOOD is all about clever use of sample and smart percussion programming, they sure know how to do that. Small changes here and there, nice bass line, perfectly in fit with the kick and the rest of the sounds.


Even this track a bit dark to start with, something that sounds like a 303 coming in, snare drums.... BOOM! When listening to this music, I wish that more people would make this kind of music, and it reminds me that Psychedelic Trance is still very powerful when made by the right people. It gives hope for this scene!


Towards the end of this track, more ACIIIIIIIIIID, and I love it, and the last break makes you ask for more more and mooooooooooooooooooooore! Too bad it ended too early! Ok, time to see where OOOD is playing live nearby, cause this has to be heard live!


The last few tracks have literally made me dance for 15 minutes straight in my room and boy am I happy that Nobody can see me.


8. Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 Mix) (8:37)


After the last 3 tracks, I felt I needed a break from the madness, but nope, thats not what I got. Rolling bass line, dreamy pads and a very nice sample to start the track of. Even though full with energy, this track is more trancey and smooth than the last ones, but make no mistake, this is good psychedelic dance music, funky beats and full with atmosphere!


303s kick in and make me get chills all over my body! I mean, I know it is hard to beat Eye of The Beholder, but this track is what I would say makes me have the same feeling as when I first heard that track from the last album. This is pure trance, pure enlightenment, it has all the elements a trance track should have, it has all the elements a psy track should have. In short, its PERFECT!


This reminds me of the good old Eye-Q days, but made modern and better!


9. Gawn Sarf (5:30)


The good old well deserved outro track!! After the above buildup, we need a break, and that is what OOOD gives you. They know that you need to chill a bit and think about what just struck you. Nice beats, cool samples, slow dubby bass line, even though simple, it still serves it purpose. 303 in this track as well, but that is not what makes the track. What makes this track so special is the Piano! Funky funky piano playing going on here, sound almost as a live piano being played in a Jam! It just fits so well in the track. This track will for sure be in many of my chill mixes!




So, to conclude this review; We have been presented with everything from Chill to Techno and Psychedelic and then treated with a bit of Psychedelic Funk in the end. I can hear a story in this album, and for me that is a very important thing when listening to an artist album. I do not know what kind of story they want to tell us, but for me it was about a journey into the wild and then back to good old home where it is warm and cozy.


As Free Range, this album gets an 11/10 for its diversity, for its energy and most of all for its very good engineering and programming. If you want ear sugar, get this album while it is still hot.


You can buy the album here:




Other links:



OOOD on Discogs

OOOD Homepage

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I'll add a +1 to most of the above. Great review, great album. I'm much more a fan of darkpsy than other psytrance but this is still one of my favourite releases of 2008, its quality transcends genres.


Favourite tracks: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8

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Nemo, great review! I'm more interested in the album now than ever. Thanks for posting where to buy it too. Free Range was a great album so I look forward to getting this one! :)

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Absolutely can't stand the samples in Durka Durka, the fart sounds in particular get old very fast. Great album though.

Yeah, bit too overused with the southpark samples :( I laughed at the Monty python sample though, and other than that, it's a great track.. But this is like the last album, theres a couple of tracks i can't stand, and a couple of tracks i like... But it's only a matter of taste, i can hear the efford and creative skills that's put in this album, nice job!
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*Updated* JAN 14 - 2009


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Track list


1. Watchers In The Sky (9:08)

2. Warm Slinky (10:17)

3. Attitude Engine (9:50)

4. Hornrider (Red Bourbon Mix) (9:45)

5. Durka Durka (8:04)

6. Slang Thang (8:33)

7. Apollo, Son Of Rifa (9:00)

8. Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 Mix) (8:37)

9. Gawn Sarf (5:30)



This is a great release. And I like it more than Free Range so far, an album by general consensus considered one of the best Psytrance releases from 2007. Although I felt that Free Range could have had less interludes to get in the way of the music, that's not a problem here, yet the fun intros are back. So how is OOOD - Fourthought? A full track-per-track review ensues...



1. Watchers In The Sky begins with a gentle and mystical, mysterious sound. The song is surprisingly unique, artistic, and catchy. I first noticed its distinct sound, streams of melodies, ambient. Such aspects compliment the tasty sound and beat. But as the song progresses, it develops these elements; the song evolves. The voice samples are good too. The melody/sound and atmospheric is great, transporting the listener to an almost surreal, fantasy world and time. As the song continues, I feel like this vehicle is approaching a more dynamic and energetic world. But the song never loses its floating edge. I wasn't expecting a song this kinesthetic, let alone for an introductory one by OOOD. It's interesting, enjoyable and at this speed. I really like the fantasy sound, and how the rhythm gains strength as it moves forward, never jumping into uptempo, a smart decision by the artists. This is a cool and intriguing opening. B+


2. Warm Slinky is that brand of start up recipe, though the album is gradually moving towards a more danceable, groovy path. Several minutes into the opening appears Goa influenced melodies as the bass line changes keys to enhance the growing rhythm. I like the sound throughout. It's groovy and emotive, never cheesy; the song is filled with solid ingredients for thought. I feel like these artists realized that they could elicit more passion themselves, when working with OTT and various other artists, as well as drawing up a more aware model in some ways for this follow up. The euphoric melody/sound work along with the medium driving beat stands out. These elements are catchy; the song gets better, more developed and infectious as it progresses. The subtle Goa influence and various other sound/beat work compliment the softer elements. Great track. B+


3. Attitude Engine begins with a humorous sample. That "it's better to...", well I don't want to spoil it. The beat appears stronger here than on previous tracks. The song and album both seem to be building towards a more danceable atmosphere. By the 2-3 minute area, a really catchy, groovy beat and sound breaks out. Numerous creative effects take off around the funky rhythm. A guitar is introduced, never overpowering the cool atmosphere. The vehicle progresses, becoming more energetic into the third and fourth minute. A string of layers release to compensate for a wonderful evolution, interlude. This part is impressive, unpredictable, elegant, and elevating. What follows roughly 5-6 minutes inward is a great, change up in beat and sound as the song evolves. The last two minutes seem to retrace itself rather than create fresh hills and dynamics. But this is s small nitpick, observation as the overall song is memorable. I only wish the song kept me more captivated into its final 1-2 minutes. Overall, another great track. B+


4. Hornrider (Red Bourbon Mix) begins with another short voice sample, followed by an unexpectedly cool and pleasing sound on the sense. While every track is so different from the one before it, I'm starting to notice a strikingly attractive consistently; the songs combine strong and groovy beats, bass lines, music and sounds great for dancing along with thought, feeling; the tracks are often warm and dynamic. They're fun to listen to both on and off dancing. This track is arguably the most friendly dance number here so far. Yet the artists manage to create a beat free interlude that suspends the vivid animations before clashing the senses with a returning beat/sound mixed into an even stronger, evolving path. Soon after this interlude appears some of the best melody/sound work I have ever heard by OOOD. Wow. This song just takes off across the skies. Returning is key changes, but not like before. These are different, and catchy too. New sounds develop and layers of ambient flood the golden scenery. Suddenly it's gone, replaced by fresh, alien sounds. A tuba and what appears to be organic instruments and a voice arrives. Strings let loose over a Jazz influenced interlude. It's not long before the vehicle lifts off into a short, bursting build/climax. This is a strong part! The build up in sound is great; it's imaginative and very danceable. Voice bits skip to the humming layers as ambient tunes return along with what appears to be a tuba, Jazz influence and more. Excellent work! A-


5. Durka Durka (8:04) begins with... farting? Hmmm.. Okay (half smiling). This introductory voice sample includes a group farting session that will be really liked and disliked by many people for some time to come. That said, the intro here is random, humorous, and ends soon after it begins, though I wish it ended a bit sooner. Suddenly the song lifts off! No more silly sounds, although OOOD has proven that they haven't lost their playful energy. The driving, danceable music, sound and rhythm build is arresting. I love the atmosphere. The echoed cricket sounds are great. The voice samples are cool. Another observation is that the overall album appears to be getting stronger as it progresses, not just more dance friendly, but more psychedelic as well. Thankfully the silly farting ended in the first minute or I would have probably not enjoyed the track as much. Throughout Durka Durka, the artists let loose a tribal trance influenced high energy dance number, filled with fire and spirit. While not what I consider spectacular, the song is great from after its first minute until its breath taking finish. B+


6. Slang Thang is an unexpectedly driving, dark Psytrance number. Wow. This proves that OOOD has a talent as well for producing great dark Psytrance. These guys better be careful though. If they play with fire they're going to attract the anarchists. :) A darkly lit and driving rhythm ignites, develops towards an interlude and takes off again. This is a song to fly down the highway while listening and/or dancing at nighttime to. Towards the middle third forward, OOOD pushes the intensity bar, producing what may be the most fiercely intense and exciting Psytrance number I've heard all year. I love the take off moments, the crazy/skipping voices; the climactic elements are superb. Unfortunately, the vehicle loses some power towards its last two minutes as if the artists weren't quite sure where to take it and that's my only problem with the song, as it could have ended sooner and with a bang as opposed to a drawn out moment. Moreover, the song would have been amazing if it topped itself in its final moments. Overall, great track. But the climax moments, the second and third quarter of this song is amazing! B+


7. Apollo, Son Of Rifa is an impressively layered and intricate, infectious stormer. This one ups the ante, and may even be more satisfying and strong, ending included than the previous number. The concept slightly reminds me of Jikkenteki's dynamic and intricate style. Yet this has OOOD written all over it. The number appears to continuously evolve and get more elaborate and flavorful, psychedelic as it progresses. Awesome work. A-


8. Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 Mix) begins with a really upbeat sample, talking about a fantasy world of sorts within a tree. The melody work wastes no time making a strong impression as the atmosphere fills the environment with attractive textures. There is a shuffling sound that's quite catchy. Many psy sounds emerge as the vehicle moves forward. Where is the big hook though? I wonder. The Goa melody sounds cool; my favorite part is the second third into the track when a subtle female voice vanishes soon after it appears. I'm not quite sure the instrument, piano possibly, but it's catchy. The beat is removed for a pleasant albeit short, ambient driven interlude. The beat returns as if jogging with running pauses in its tracks. Strange, echoed voice work compliment a strong and infectious Goa-esque melody. It's great, especially to the more aggressive and driving progression. The combination of electronica music and multi genre influence here is fun. This is a good if not great track. B+


9. Gawn Sarf is a Chill/downtempo track. It's interesting, catchy. The slower tempo compliments the multi genre influenced Psytrance album. I initially thought this song was pretty good but my attention locked both at and past the Goa melody arrival. Filled with what appears to be psychedelic Pop, Jazz, Funk, Trance, and even a live Piano and more, the song is like a living, breathing orchestra playing across the stars. This is a creative and solid closing number to a great album. B+



In conclusion, if you liked Free Range, you'll most certainly like Fourthought. Both albums are strong, dynamic, and fun, and it will be interesting to see which one people favor more. Production is excellent. And the package is just as, if not even more dynamic and fun than ever before. There was one song that stood out to me so much on Free Range, that being Eye Of The Beholder (With OTT). With Fourthought, the greatness of their best work seems to have infected the entire album, as I have difficulty selecting top favorites. I'm really pleased with the album. OOOD's melody/sound work appears to have matured, improved in some ways since previous releases, but it hasn't lost its edge or sense of wit and humor. The artists thankfully avoided the in-between track interludes that for me, grew tired quick and got in the way of the music tracks on Free Range. That said, both Free Range and Fourthought compliment each other. But I like this one more; I find more great, excellent tracks. In short, not one song here comes close to average. Fourthought is one of the best Psytrance albums of 2008. I don't quite know how OOOD managed to produce and release an album this strong within a year from their previous album that was praised by so many people as a best album of 2007 but they managed to pull it off.



Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.












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Awesome work :D Favourites are 'Watchers in the sky', 'Hornrider', 'Slang Thang' & 'Starseeker'. I didn't mind the fart samples in Durka Durka; they make me laugh, and I like that about the album. It's not too serious whilst at the same time being magnificently well put together. Hopefully I won't play it to death too much...

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