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VA - Tranchillizer


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VA - Tranchillizer
Compiled by Master Margherita

Peak Records

Released 1st of April 2008

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Peak Record is back with another chill compilation after the albums of Flooting Grooves and The Peaking Goddess Collective last year. I was damn exited about this one, especially after hearing Flooting Grooves (I haven't heard The P.G.C. yet, and I feel ashamed), so it fell directly into my order-box, and boy was I happy about that?!! So what can I say? Peak has done it again!
Well I will try to give you a short introduction to the different tracks, because as usual there is a lot of good variety here!

1.Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family Iron - Aequus Animus (Intro)
A soft meditative start, with a womans hypnotizing "chant" and birds singing. Feels like a spring morning in a deep yet open forest, with the company of eternal elf beings! A very delightful intro!

2. Ajja - Pearcushion
Out of the forest comes soft bells (or what ever it is) and twirling sounds, slowly building. And then is comes from underneath, slow deep sounds and suddenly the track is of. A deep grooving bass, more twirling sounds, kinky rhythms... And most of all deep! The track is pretty much straight forward from there, but still evolving all the way through. Play this track loud, and you will have to have a pair of new undies in close proximity cus this shit goes straight to balls!

3. Atriohm - Tengri
Bubbles...a beat, a heavy one (4by4). The tracks picks up energy, vocals and mid layer sounds are added... Ahh this is a good old Atriohm downbeat track! More rhythms are added... Now melodies are introduced, with some nice effects I might add ;) Again (as usual with Atriohm) a very deep grooving track! I really like this one!

4. Kickbong - Drumridoo
A slow start, a deep bass and synth lines (again), very nicely made! Light melodies drifts in from above and lightens the track, and then the the kick comes. A heavy (4by4) beat accommodated by a didgeridoo speeds things up considerably! From here on its a steady groove to the end, a nice track!

5. Don Peyote - Ragga Agogo
It feels more organic a short bit of messing around a fast drum groove starts, some exotic vocals and wilderness sounds (nice). This is some very funky shit, a lot of different instruments are used to spice it up! A bit more "exotic" than the previous tracks, I like!

6. Mauxuam - Bleeding 4 Africa
Now its turning dubby. A deep beat bounces away, twisted sounds bubbles past, nice delays to dub it all up!!! Damn nice start on this track! A totally new direction on this compilation now! :D Its a very cool track, much more straight forward than the previous ones, and therefor not so much development throughout the track) but it works very well no matter what. Very good in a dub set.

7. Various - Soulcatch
A quite hard drum, a bit break beat like... slowly turning more and more breakbeat (it is made by Highko) so maybe its not so surprising ;) It also explains the German samples :rolleyes:, quite fun, but maybe they will end up being annoying (not sure :P). The track is fast and has some good qualities, but it just doesn't give me as much as the previous ones,but still not a bit track. Maybe it just has to fit with a certain mood?!

8. Palyrria vs. Ajja & Master Margherita - Askia (Tzoura Rmx)

The tempo is taken down again, way down! Slow percussions and weaving sounds that slowly grows, builds up, a hill-billy guitar bends away, very nice! Reminds somehow a bit of the one in Kaya Project - Ghasi Ram Blues or Slide. Some Arabic horns is playing, makes me feel I'm on a camel ride in a Arabian desert. Quite a journey, it has taken me some listens to appreciate this one, at first I found it a bit boring. Guess I wasn't paying it enough attention.. I really like this one.

9. Pineal - Flying Carpet
Now we really have arrived to the middle east, on a carpet! Arabian "guitars" :rolleyes: and melodies. If u like Arabian "weird" grooves you will love this one, if not you might have a problem. On the other hand this might be a good way to "learn" to appreciate it! This is high quality stuff!

10. Zoneotura & Jeff Leinwand - 2060
The hill-billy guitar is back :D A light bouncy track, with heaps of small drum/other rhythms all over, funky small melodies and a lot effects going here. A delightful track, easy digestible!

11. Dagas & Master Margherita - Dreamcatcher

We are still in the light domain, a real Spring time track. A nice and easy groove with some flute'ish sounds, water and a guitar. Then we get the soft weaving melodies floating all over, very dreamy! I think this will fit very well to a drive on the country, with lush fields, streams, and green trees! A nice soft track, its starting to show that the end is getting closer.

12. Naaga - Pray
Waves, a female vocal, bells... slow rhythms appears, a slow melodic wind is blowing. Very simple and beautiful composition.

13. Megatone - Nirvana (Outro)
Deep slow synths sings away... The end is near! A very nice outro for this brilliant CD!

So in short, what a journey, I have only had this for a bit more than a week, but it has already found a place in my heart. Very skillfully crafted by the musicians involved and nicely compiled by Master Margherita, better than (the also good) Chillogram. For me the only part I haven't been able to fully appreciate yet is Various' (highko's) track, but I see the point in it being the energetic peak on this CD, but it just sticks a bit out compared to the rest. But that said this is a very good compilation, this level of quality is not something that is seen very often! So again I just have to praise this piece of art!
Highly recommended!
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Nice review :)


I'll put in my two cents when I have heard some more of it. As for now I totally agree from what I've heard of the cd. Cellar deep chill-out with vibe and energy. Too energetic to chill to and at the same time too damn freaking pleasent to get up to :ph34r:


Off topic: Thx for last night! That was fun.


Edit: What I meant to say is that I love what I've heard of this album so far :wub:

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this is a very good compilation, this level of quality is not something that is seen very often! So again I just have to praise this piece of art!

Highly recommended!

thank you very much for the nice review Droso :drama:

we are happy you like the new opus..



Happy Sunday to all !!!!!!!


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V/A – Tranchillizer


Artist: Various

Album: Tranchillizer

Label: Peak Records

Year: 2008

Style: Psychill



01. Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family – Aequus Animus (INTRO)

02. Ajja – Pearcushion

03. Atriohm – Tengri

04. Kickbong – Drumridoo

05. Don Peyote – Ragga Agogo

06. Mauxuam – Bleeding 4 Africa

07. Various – Soulcatch

08. Palyrria vs Ajja & Master Margherita – Askia (Tzoura Remix)

09. Pineal – Flying Carpet

10. Zoneotura & Jeff Leinwand – 2060

11. Dagas & Master Margherita – Dreamcatcher

12. Naaga – Pray

13. Megatone – Nirvana (OUTRO)


For me the word used for the „chill" genre, means exactly that, what it does to you - it makes you chill out. Because of that, I rarely expect from chill releases more, than to make me relaxed and at the same time interested in the songs.


The friendly folk at Peak Records, however, made something more! A whole séance, beginning with Aequus Animus, the soothing voice and bird singing invites us in and when the trip ends, the normal state is re-enabled with Nirvana. In between there are a lot of sounds, each more eclectic than the other and each focusing on a different side of one's psychedelic perception.


The compilation features ethnic elements combined with all sorts of Fxs and real instruments (drums, didgeridoo, bas, tabla, flute ...). Some of the tracks are more relaxed in a psychil (twisted sounds, yay!) kinda way the others are faster, more tribal, similar to the album Peaking Goddess Collective - Organika.




Favs: Pineal - Flying Carpet, Various - Soulcatch (the voice sample is hilarious! :) ), Palyrria vs Ajja & Master Margherita - Askia (Tzoura Remix) - however the compilation should be listened to as a whole.


Where to get it?

Discogs link

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