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  1. Out today !!!!!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  2. :drama: Hey beautiful people, well it's been a while coming but Peak's latest monster is finally ready to leave the lab. Here's all the info and you can find some samples here Enjoy !!! Release Date: 5/12/08 Previews here http://tinyurl.com/5zge4y Peak Records is thrilled and psyched to present EPEAKUREAN, a bountifully lush voyage into the stomping realms of psychedelic trance. Artfully compiled by seasoned DJ Gaspard, EPEAKUREAN features treats from world-renowned artists and upcoming talents from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, The United States, Italy, Greece and South Africa. From funky to furious, bubbly to blasting, smooth to stomping and twisted to tender, EPEAKUREAN will delight dancefloors and add some dazzle to your darkest day. EPEAKUREAN is a selection of ten mouthwatering psychedelic delicacies accompanied by a traditionally chilled intro and an experimental outro. As it is custom at Peak, there are no gaps between the tracks, thus allowing a flowing home-listening experience, while remaining an ideal tool for DJs. EPEAKUREAN is a celebration of life and psychedelia that will leave you wide-eyed and drooling! Tune in, Stomp on and Peak out! *** Compiled by DJ Gaspard Mastered by Chromatone Artwork & design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina Tracklisting: 01 Yab Yum - Happy Curious (Intro) 02 Onkel Dunkel - Skabanevasma 03 Ajja - Chronoton 04 Rev & Apex - Wholegrain Nuts 05 Drumatik & Dj Amazon - Godzilla 06 Shotu - Frouzziland 07 Lenz & Peace-ka - Only Noise 08 Yab Yum & Apex - Mmmmmh 09 Karash - Skill Research 10 Deep Brian From Bosis - The Thickens Plot 11 Full Face - 1-4 12 Cosmosophy - Lullabye Bye (Outro) http://www.peakrec.com
  3. thank you very much for the nice review Droso :drama: we are happy you like the new opus.. Happy Sunday to all !!!!!!! :posford:
  4. Are you ready to be Tranchillized? Label: PEAK RECORDS Cat No: PR014 Format: CD (jewel case) Release Date: April, 2008 Compiled by Master Margherita Mastered by Jake Perrine Artwork & design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina Direct link http://peakrec.com/releases/all/release_id/17.html Tracklisting: 01. Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family – Aequus Animus (INTRO) 02. Ajja – Pearcushion 03. Atriohm – Tengri 04. Kickbong – Drumridoo 05. Don Peyote – Ragga Agogo 06. Mauxuam – Bleeding 4 Africa 07. Various – Soulcatch 08. Palyrria vs Ajja & Master Margherita – Askia (Tzoura Remix) 09. Pineal – Flying Carpet 10. Zoneotura & Jeff Leinwand – 2060 11. Dagas & Master Margherita – Dreamcatcher 12. Naaga – Pray 13. Megatone – Nirvana (OUTRO) Are you ready to be Tranchillized? In the wake of the full power night-time psychedelic trip “Peak-a-Doodle-Doo”, PEAK RECORDS returns to chilled waters with the down-tempo compilation “TRANCHILLIZER”, an ethnic-electric journey into the seas of the soul. Compiler extraordinaire Master Margherita pulls yet another gem from his bag of tricks. “TRANCHILLIZER” is a selection of tracks by renowned international artists and talented newcomers from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Panama, Australia and Japan, with a couple of surprises from well-known names usually associated with the stomping psytrance circuit. “TRANCHILLIZER” is a collection of 13 chill delicacies that will transport you on a flavoured ‘round-the-world cruise. Blending modern electronic sounds, ancestral scales and a vast array of ethnic instruments, “TRANCHILLIZER” will delight and accompany you whether your mood calls for swaying, swooning or letting it all hang out! Tranquil times ahoy!
  5. Previews for the music click here http://tinyurl.com/38oxnv Enjoy! :drama:
  6. Greetings! Our Brazilian Peaker-dj RODRIGO CPU , has recently embarked on a radio adventure! Every Sunday, he brings psytrance to Maringa, a large city in Parana State (South of Brazil). The first half of the Radio Cultura FM show is dedicated to Rodrigo’s mixes, whereas the second half features invited Brazilian djs and live acts (most recently dj Pedrao of Universo Paralelo fame). http://www.tvcultura.com.br/radiofm/ International listeners can also partake in this psy-feast ! Tune in on Rodrigo’s podcast (updated every Sunday) to check out the latest show. http://radiopsy.mypodcast.com/ Enjoy! :drama: www.peakrec.com
  7. Greetings Peakers of the World!!!! PEAK RECORDS is proud & happy to present “ORGANIKA”, the long-awaited full-length debut album of Swiss live chill/trance project, THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE. “ORGANIKA” is an eclectic album that experiments with various musical styles. Masterfully fusing acoustic instruments and electronic devices, it features collaborative works with talented artists, a live jam with Peak’s resident poet Tanina Munchkina and original poetry by visionary artist Alex Grey! The “ORGANIKA” journey contains eight beautiful, mind-expanding, musically complex tunes. From the down-tempo docks to the proggy peaks, these handcrafted, psychonaut-friendly musical pieces will stir souls and become lifelong companions. Whether its down-tempo, funky or ethno-prog… it’s definitely psychedelic! Tracklist: 1. Hyperspace 2. Love & Peak 3. Star Peace 4. Secret Fire 5. Rolling 6. Ishtar 7. Being Transformation – feat. Alex Grey 8. Arcana (Live Jam) – feat. Tanina Munchkina Release Date: 17 August 2007 Previews up there http://tinyurl.com/2luhnd Mixed by MASTER MARGHERITA Mastered by JAKE PERRINE @ RFI/CD Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA Distributed by ARABESQUE, UK – http://www.arabesque.co.uk Digital Distribution by INGROOVES – http://www.ingrooves.com Available at the usual outlets online and your local shop! Wishing you a wonderful summer, wherever you are!!!
  8. Hello poeples glad to announce, Flooting Grooves "Upsyde Downe" is available online at various digital download stores. Some links for the music: http://www.audiojelly.com/index.cfm?action...cfm&id=2968 http://www.beatsdigital.com/index.php?album_id=8003 http://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Flooting%2BGrooves/download/ http://www.resonantvibes.com/store.php?act...abel&id=972 Peak on! :drama:
  9. FLOOTING GROOVES Debut Album "Upsyde Downe" Peak Records (PR012) March 2007 Following the recent psy-stomping-night-time spree with the releases of "Peakopath" and Yab Yum's debut album "Nocturnal Emissions", PEAK RECORDS is now on a mission to explore the chill side of the moon…and is proud to introduce artist and producer FLOOTING GROOVES with his debut album "UPSYDE DOWNE". Ethnic-ambient-groovy-downtempo-psy-progressive-cyber-chill-floaty-flooty would be a few words to describe FLOOTING GROOVES' music…if only words were enough to describe sound! His trademark is the well-crafted combination of these different styles, producing tight, funky beats, with a silver flute free-floating and gliding on top. “UPSYDE DOWNE” is a psychedelic odyssey that travels from the land of beatless chill all the way to planet prog, in 8 tracks. Intelligent, trippy and organic, FLOOTING GROOVES’ album is the offspring of hard work, art work and heart work! The emphasis is on groovy, airborne, spacey sounds that make you feel good! Tracklist: 1. Mbirations 2. Across The Threshold 3. Thermal Shock 4. Mystic Mountain 5. Wavelength 6. Birds 7. Zero Defect 8. Spacedrift Previews at arabesque http://tinyurl.com/2f8ntr Mastered by Huby Sea & Vincent Villuis @ ultimae.com Artwork by Titine Leu Graphic design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina Artist profile FLOOTING GROOVES is Pearce Van Der Merwe. Born in Cape Town in 1975, he grew up in South Africa and Italy, surrounded by music. Having a varied background ranging from classical to jazz, rock and related styles, he started playing flute after hearing Jethro Tull. Groups like Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd opened him up to Psychedelia and that's where his journey began! A party in Amsterdam in 2000 changed the course of things forever, marking Pearce's introduction to the trance scene, with its addictive and infectious grooves! Another turning point was the meeting of like-minded musicians and beings Dan Symons (a.k.a Dymons) and Ajja Leu (one half of Yab Yum) who both played instruments and laptops. The initial meeting and jamming eventually led to Pearce moving to Switzerland to join The Peaking Goddess Collective (PGC): the organic chill and psy trance band formed in 2003 by Ajja, Dymons & Master Margherita, which combines laptops and synths with live instruments: Flute, Guitar, percussion, Bass & Fx. After his beginnings with the PGC, where his flute found the perfect niche in which to evolve, he started to participate actively in the production of the collective's tracks. Soon, he was also producing music solo, finding his own sound and ultimately performing live: FLOOTING GROOVES! Ethnic, groovy, floaty and psychedelic, his music ranges from chill to airy progressive beats. His performances are always a success and music lovers greatly appreciate the sight of the live instrument fusing with machine production. In the past two years, Pearce has performed live at a great deal of parties and festivals including the renowned Boom 2006 in Portugal and Soulclipse in Turkey, both with his FLOOTING GROOVES project and with The PGC. The trance caravan has taken him to South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands Portugal, England, France, Turkey, Ireland and Germany. And his 2007 agenda is filling up with new performances around the world. Since 2004, FLOOTING GROOVES has released a number of tracks on Peak Records and Electric Dreams. He has contributed to virtually all the Peak Records releases with down tempo tracks for the chill compilations as well as chill intros and outros for the night-time compilations. More releases are to come! 2007 will be a busy year for FLOOTING GROOVES! He will be promoting "Upsyde Downe" his full-length debut album, as well as The Peaking Goddess Collective’s debut studio album, which is set for release in March 2007. May his trails be happy and fruitful, and may your trails cross his! For more information on Flooting Grooves visit: http://www.myspace.com/flootinggrooves http://www.peakrec.com
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