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Hello~. I was wanting everyones opinions on the DJM-909 for DJ'ing Psychedelic Trance.


I am going to be doing my taxes soon and am fairly sure that I will receive a fairly decent chunk of money, then on top of that I have my old job back and a three month break from school coming up so I can work a few jobs at once.... The price tag shouldn't be a problem, and I doubt that I will have any sort of buyers remorse, but do you think a mixer like this, along with it's price tag, is just a bit too much? I figure it is like a DJM-400 and a Kaos Pad 3 combined, except you can add up to fifty effects to each fader individually.... The possibilities are endless, but I think the most appealing thing to myself would be the "on the fly" individual curve control combined with the fade/echo effects that could be applied to each fader and the fader start/stop; You wouldn't even need to EQ half the time. Just smoothly flip from one song to the next as one track drops off and the other comes in, which would leave time for setting up effects and things with a KP3, or, the DJM-909 has a sort of "Soft" third channel.... You could hook up external audio sources like synthesizers and things, but you only have control over it's master volume and it goes through both tracks.


It would be a definite status boost if I could manage to master just a few of the major functions (it sounds like very, very few DJ's have come close to mastering all it's capabilities) and it would be like controlling a freaking space ship :lol:, but that price tag.... My second choice is the DJM-400. It's small, very durable, has a fair amount of effects, very, very precise hot loops, fader start stops with the CDJ-200's.... I really doubt that I would ever need more than two channels, though a third could be nice for some outside source, but even then I will most likely just end up routing everything through a KP3....


Anyways.... These are just a few of my thoughts. What is your guy's opinions on the DJM-909?

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