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Kick VSTi~

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Does anyone know of a decent PSY-Kick VSTi that is either free, or fairly cheap? I am sick of spending several hours trying to perfect a kick using FL Kick. I came up with some pretty cool ones, but it would be nice to just pump out a perfectly formed cookie cutter Psy-kick. I have a few kick samples laying around that I could probably use, but I am not quite sure how to use them with FL's sequencer.... Anyways, I can do some research in the morning, but if anyone has any fun VSTi's that you can think of right off the top of your head then please pass them on :lol:.

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Thats just about what I do with the Microtonic but not so much after-processing. Seems like the only difference is that my method costs 70 euro and yours is built into the host :)


and it's also more fun :P

I love it when I can create sounds with as little VSTs as possible..

Theoretically, any tune could be created from basic soundwaves, with simple processing like eq, filter, phaser, etc.

VSTs just try to make things *easier* for us. But they make it less fun too..



btw, helpful links:



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i create my Kicks from a low frequency (80Hz or so) Sine Wave, that I change its pitch with the Pogo function in FL Studio. I then eq/compress/filter it massively, until i end up with something that i like.

Ah, thanks for all the quick replies guys. I'll probably try your method before moving on to any VSTi's. They're really nice to have around when you want to come up with a melody though; throw down a beat super quick (or have one pre-saved which I have yet to do ><) and then start smashing keys on your piano :].

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More drum machines than you can wave a stick at


Have been using the XX Drum Modules, mainly cause I can just load up a kick drum on a midi lane load a snare on another etc and not try and programme my whole percussion in one lane


Going to give that psykick dll (listed above) a whirl to see what that sounds like

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