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  1. at the end of the song, before the outro (although it probably only becomes apparent in the context of the whole track) took me 3 years to discover it. listen carefully and you will see it (literarily)
  2. There's actually a mushroom hidden in the song.. anyone else noticed it?
  3. Awesome music for listening to when standing in line to buy a shawarma.
  4. Yeah, man, I have the actual CD on my desk and I listened to it plenty of time so far. It's the same thing you find online and it's definitely Cosmosis; no doubt about it.
  5. It would be unfair to simply the documentary to a "pro drug use" or an "against drug use" viewpoint. It offers a homogenous, yet complex viewpoint on the matter of drug consumption in the modern society; all the perspectives of the people in that video have their place in the overall, final viewpoint of the director. In spite of how carefully the director arguments his stand, some aspects of the overall viewpoint might still be debatable; however, I do agree with the general point of the documentary.
  6. That is one brilliant documentary on the subject of drug use. A lot of very experienced, and intelligent fellows state their opinions regarding the current situation of drug consumption. I personally was very impressed with the points presented in this documentary, and thoroughly agreed with most of them. I think that saying this documentary is about ecstasy consumption in Israel is a gross simplification -- this documentary is a complex, elevated and sometimes harsh depiction of the more subtle issues underlying the drug consumption in our modern societies; I think they only use the ecstasy & Israel thing as an example to prove their points. I urge everyone to watch this documentary.
  7. I regard this album to be one of the best releases in the psytrance scene (and, frankly, the whole electronic music scene) from the past few years. The complexity of the tracks.. the unique overall style... the multitude of carefully, patiently designed percussions, instruments and melodies in each track, leading one's imagination to crunchy, *colorful*, complex, psychedelic, harmonious, dynamic, ever-changing musical forms.. the surreal, rapturous states that constantly flood one's being when the album is attentively listened to.. the synaesthesic character of all the tracks (as previously mentioned, the *colorful* sounds were something I found particularly surprising; yet the same sounds can also become a great foundation for imagined tactile textures and spacial movements, adding to the synaesthesic effect).. the distinct, original, perhaps experimental, yet greatly coherent and catchy arrangements and epics of the tracks, distinguishing this album so much from all the other full-on releases of the scene.. the subtle way in which Cosmosis constantly, effortlessly juggles with the sounds and complex melodies throughout the album.. the state of the art production.. (unfortunately, words can only describe that much of this album..) I suspect this album is the result of tremendous amounts of effort and creativity, and it deserves a mark as high as 9.7/10 from me. I also regard it as the peak of the Melodic Full On Psychedelic Trance. ................................... look at you... seriously.. just look at you -- look at the pic you got on your avatar. You are one superficial ignorant, shamelessly criticizing the work of a brilliant musician.. disgusting.. (if admins shall consider this ad hominem part of my post inappropriate, please edit it out and accept my apologizes -- I just couldn't help it..)
  8. This is so stupid. The whole approach is flawed, pointless and inappropriate. Exactly HOW is it relevant how revolutionary Classical Mushroom was, from the point of view of music as an ARTFORM (NOT as a form of entertainment, in the sense of Hollywood movies, TV Shows and all the other stuff people mentally jerk off to, always demanding a new wave of innovative, concentrated, low-level ideas)? "Using hihats for the first time?" Are you guys serious?? Alright, then: Beethoven was a copy cat too, 'cause he used violins in his symphonies. Does that make his work any less genius? You know what. If this thread reflects the views of most psytrance listeners, then maybe it's not that bad that Infected Mushroom are making psychedelic pop now. Their current music is not far from the intellectual development of the public; anything of more quality than that would be a waste, an over-kill -- it will reach very few, and it will probably be shamelessly thrown mud at once again by the always-so-self-confident mediocrity. Perhaps.. after a few years.. more people will get to understand the genius that was required for the synth solo at the middle of "Nothing Comes Easy". Let's release the guilt from Duvdev, and instead orient the target of the tragic accident remark towards bwhale.
  9. You are requesting arguments for the quality of an artist's music. But.. we are talking about *music* here. Music is a language by itself, and the abstract ideas that it transmits (most of the times) don't have an equivalent in the verbal language. It's quite fundamental for music, to be regarded as a medium for conveying abstract states and non-verbal thoughtforms. As a matter of fact, I could go as far as saying that the less you are able to convey in words what a song "is about"/transmits, the higher the quality of that music is (take Britney Spears - "this song makes me happy/this song is about love/this song makes me sad/this song is about anger/etc" - and Beethoven's music - *). What really makes Classical Mushroom a musical masterpiece cannot really be effectively depicted into words.. An attempt to do so would rather be an injustice to the music. Also -- the fact that you (and your other think-a-like friends) are requesting arguments for proving the genius of Classical Mushroom suggests that your own means of analyzing music are based on such inappropriate, limited verbal rationalizations. Which, in turn, reflects how entitled you actually are to judge Classical Mushroom "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture."
  10. So perhaps that's why IM decided to make psychedelic pop. Why work so hard to make a masterpiece that very few will get (while the rest will even throw mud at it ), when they can have Duvdev singing in front of huge pubescent crowds for loads and loads of money (and probably less studio work)?
  11. Because you are trying to gain a place of superiority in this thread through a self-confidence unjustified by the level of your intellectual development (displayed by your general opinion that "IM are poor musicians") and through clicheic, mediocre attempts to put down a conversation partner ("you do not like someone having a different opinion than yours"). Because of that, I don't consider it worth the time, or effort, to explain to you why I regard "Classical Mushroom" as one of the greatest electronic music masterpieces.
  12. It's funny how you shamelessly combine in your post a clear lack of musical knowledge and appreciative skills with an extreme, outrageous self-confidence. Ormion -- I'm quite glad I found another person who appreciates IM's work to this extent
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