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Ordered this, anyone has used it?

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actually emu xboard is an excellent midi controller, if you're not looking for too many features.

go for the 49 keys one, 25 is preety small.


why not asking before buying? why buy and then ask? :D

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Yeah I would go with the full blown 49 key if you can, especially if your a pianist. I have a friend who has had one for several years now and he loves it. It sets up right off the bat, no problems and it's very sturdy.... Have you ever looked into an Axiom 49 though? It's a bit more expensive (I think) but you can get more uses out of it than you could ever imagine.

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It was impulse buy :lol: .. tho i havent payed for it yet and not sure.. i cant play for shit but its so boring to do everything with mouse.. then again i can imagine the 2 octaves will get limiting too.. but im quite sure i will get just basic m-aiudio oxygen 8 for start, its even cheaper

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