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Orca - Fist of Fury


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Here goes. I had been beeing looking for a good darkpsy/twilight album since Abomination - Enemy within. So i searched around a little only to stumble on hiryant - collision .. which is a good dark psy/twilight / call it whatever you want - album mind you ..but it still lacked that hot groove which i was looking for. Going through the promotional section on isratrance i came across orca and since its doof records releasing this i thought this definately something worth checking out. Without wasting much time lets go straight to the review.


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01. Orca - This Fucked Up Sound

Nice title to start off an almost epic journey among some funny samples.. orca wastes almost no time in setting a funky doof style atmosphere amidst a fucked up bassline which almost makes me fall off my chair. The production is crystal clear .. the groove hot. There are subtle twists in the bassline , constantly changing melodies with an electrical current flowing through it. Im immediately very impressed and then he throws in this fucked up sample ' motherfuckin whore , put on the mutherfukin music' ? anyway thats what i think it is. this is definately one fucked up track. cant wait for the next track to see what happens next..


02. Orca - Brain Candy

Starts off slow and tight slowly drawing close to the sample "gets inside your brain and keeps you happy happy" and then after some playing around "Isnt it a little early in the research phase to be releasing a new drug.. isnt it a little early in the research phaseeeee'.. here we go slightly uptempo .. orca has a distinct sound much like his fellow label artist double-rel ..but his is more punchier. The samples are repeated in a disorted fashion .. the beat is fat fat fat ... can easily see dj's playing this during those lazy hours on the dancefloor .. its almost perfect for those beer charged afternoons as well. Brain fucking candy it is!!! This is going to sound so fucking amazing on the dancefloor. Great job man. Ending with the sample which has a hippie screaming 'god damn drug war'.


03. Orca - Fist Of Fury

It doesnt take five seconds to realise that why is this the title track of the album. The bassline is solid .. staring you in the face.. lots of wierd effects and melodies. this will tear up the dancefloor , be it night or day. 'your enemy will not stand still your reactions must be one step ahead kid.. other wise your dead , therefore your fist must strike at the speed of light' ' definately got to have reactions right in order to write a good review. the latter half sounds a lot like the old CPU style. phat phat track. 'practice theres no other way' .. makes sense the sample ?


04. Orca - Paranoid

Well im hardly paranid to hear this but this has the potential to make people feel paranoid. ghost in the background? 'do you think they're watching me now?' well i cant tell for sure and all this nice din isnt helping either!! im loving the basslines.. orca sure knows how to hit hard in the right places. another great track for homelistening as well as far the dancefloor unless you dont like feeling paranoid just a wee little. just kidding !! boy what crystal production !! this is one heck of a ride. has me by the balls. fuck me twice this shit is in-fukin-sane. this track has the potential to rip a party back to life ... ho ho ho. those synthetic effects are tearing through the headphones.two thumbs up!!!


05. Orca - The Story Teller

Now that im fully immeresed in this shit .. i need to get hold of myself and appreciate the musical genious of orca. a little classical prologue to immerse the listener into a cage full off candy with the candymaster playing his violin. "Do you know who i am??" This stuff oozes class .. the moment the candymaster stops in the steps the peyoted shaman doing his thing. The shaman is perturbed now as he senses a presence , a presence so strong that it emmerse the cosmos innit.. enter gnome , elve and other small red creatures and we have a story on our hands. wtf is this shit!!! This guy even beats seinis in doing the unexpected. where did we start off and where have we ended up. Holy mother of god is this for reallll?? Respect mr orca you deserve the fucking nobel prize for creating super funky psychedelic music. .. hysterical if you are on class a's .. all you people who love standing close to the speakers this is juice for the ears and a fucked up brain. Hear this track within two meter radius of fukction and you just might piss your pants. beware .. be very fucking aware!! :D


06. Orca - 123 Drop It

Someones teasing me .. whats this sick old man farting next to my ear .. why dont do this please ! im trying to dig this shitttt. Omg what a sick melody hahahahaha .. i just realised something!!!!! crazy .. i almost have tears in my eyes. maybe its just a figment of my imagination or im so fucking right. anyway before i get thrown into a different train of thought, let lets talk about 123 drop it. drop what ? drop dropppp .. i can hear some southafrican (phyx , twisted system) style melodies. pounding pouunding .. the leads are twisted. the guy comes back to irritate.. but whether he succeeds in doing it is another matter. the bassline changes .. hahaa that sick melody is backkkkk..this is wacked out shit... top marks for production. There is a quirky sense of humour which is pretty apparent.


07. Orca - Picture This

Whats pretty evident till now is that the artist is really technically sound. last.fm tells me orca before he jumped onto the psychedelic bandwagon was big on the heavy metal, new wave & gothic music scene and this particular track just shows. There is a perfect sonic structure to it. the melodies and the bassline entertwine in perfect harmony... the synth work is well crafted. subtle twists to the bassline tweak those extra neurons in my head and spine. the sound is low down dirty ,, cant help being reminded of broken toy here. There is something so broken toyish about it .. break down baby !!! but a very sick version of it. a nice haunting atmosphere towards the end. This is very impressive. another grrrreat track.



08. Orca - Dazed

So after some heavy mayhem one needs a little rest from the unrelenting madness. This tune is laid back drawing the listener into howling synths almost as if they are trying to communicate. The bassline is subtly ever changing like in most of the earlier tracks. This is a great track for dj's to use as a build up towards carnage. I can just imagine someone mixing some psykovsky after this. I like this tune even tho its not as banging as the other ones , there's something very enchanting about it.



09. Orca - Dr. Artuzio

And finally to wrap things up we have doctor artuzio taking care of a patient , administering a dose of a certain medicine that results in a loss of counsciousness going through delirium finally into sergical anasthesia. I'm hearing this base in a long long time.. this is what drives me absolutely crazy on the dancefloor. Some more samples about us being counscious biological machines fit aptly into the scheme of things while the baseline continues to work its magic. The latter half of this track is just something else. Psychedelic night full-on at its best. orca you the man!!!



Honestly its been a long time since i enjoyed a night full - on album so much. There was obviously gappeq and furious but that was fast and cant really call them full on. Its really difficult to make something out of the ordinary playing with 145-148 bpm. I recommend this album to all you freaks who love this heavy doof sound. Its not that ordinary night full on that makes you wanna pull out your hair or that which just leaves you feeling bored. Another thing which i really liked are the intelligent use of samples. This is engaging stuff good for both homelistening and the dancefloor tho i see it working better on the dancefloor ofcorpse.


Favourites: All !!!


Doof power :posford:

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I thought it was pretty good. The bass lines were jumpy and the synths were nice. While not as powerful and ass kicking as Frozen Ghost, it still wil probably shake the dance floor. And I will definitely take this over a lot of the crap out there. Very good effort.



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100% Doof!


It's not something extremely good but it's a solid release IMO.

It only has two problems:

First most of the tracks sound a bit the same (same synths in all the album) and second most of the tracks don't lead somewhere. There's no climaxes or a long build up or a final truly intense ending.


From the other hand is very powerful and enough psychedelic. The basslines are very nice, aggressive and energetic and some tracks are really stand outs like Fist Of Fury and Dazed.


Nice effort!

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