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VA Wet and Wild (Mushy Records, Jan 08)

Guy Cohen

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Hello All


New release from Mushy Records is always a good reason for catch some full-on surprises and variety. Wet & Wild compilation was compiled by Javier Martinez A.K.A TWILIGHT. Most of the tracks wrote by Israeli projects such as In-Panic, Bubble and Insomnia, except Twilight him self and Launchpad.


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01. System Nipel - Dream Vision (Twilight feat. Launchpad RMX)

The remix is start with melodic introduction and later come in fluffy kick of the known Full-On style. The vibe in this track is very jumpy & energetic, because the bassline is changing often and together with acoustic guitar the remix is easily can pump every dance floor.


02. In-Panic - Holy People

Mushy Reocrds biggest surprise for me is Itay Amouyal, In-Panic. I had big expectations from this track, but I disappointed a bit. 'Holy People' track is too cheezy in my opinion, despite the lovely melodies inside. The main part in this track is the vocal singing by Hadas Balas with background of soft guitars. It's sound nice actually, but my taste in trance is different than that. Itay will come back later with one more track.


03. Twilight - Impulse

Javier is finally gives us a reason for some legs work in the sand ;). 'Impulse' track is the kind of the tracks which forgotten quickly, because it has nothing unique, just the regular formula of the nowadays Full-On.


04. Bubble - If I Could B U

Keren & Guy were release two albums already and now they present their latest material called 'If I Could B U'. The style of this duo is very enjoyable - full with vocals, effects and positive energy. This track is also use the vocal factor, but it's sound good actually. So, if you look for relaxing tune for the noon time, you can find it here. Keep it up guys.


05. Mojo - Elephants

It's always nice to hear artists use animal voices in their materials and here the Elephants take part. Mojo is Yoni Aharon from Israel. His style is funky Full-On packed with lots of effects and pumping beats. As I wrote before, Mushy guys always select interesting tracks, and this one is the perfect example to understand it. Six minutes and Eleven seconds of fun, smiles and dancing !


06. Insomnia - Iron Butterfly

I hope you all ready, because the next Eight minutes are going to be wild...very wild. Tom Shoval and Orel Shapira are the brains beyond Insomnia project. Their latest releases after the album simply make me fall in love with this guy's music. After almost Two minutes of noisy intro, suddenly get in an Electro-Full On kick, which left me with big smile on the face. One minute later, the track is down for few seconds and up later with super powerful kick - MADNESS !!! It's almost unnecessary to write that 'Iron Butterfly' tune is my favorite.


07. Perlook - Melody Up

Perlook is also a fresh project of Rafi & Yoav Perlook. I must admit - this guys surprised me big time here. The bassline is danceable, the track's structure is very smart, but the most important thing is the MELODIES. The combination between the kick & melody is excellent. On 03:20, the track is going down and than you can enjoy from beautiful playing. When it's going high again the sky is the limit for the dancers in the dance floor. I'll surely look out for more release of Perlook guys.


08. In-Panic - Wet and Wild

As I promised, Itay is back. This time I have nothing bad to say just compliments. 'Wet and Wild' track is powerful, twisted and dance floor burner. In-Panic is deserves a good word also for his high level of sound, simply sharp and clear. Thank you Itay !


09. Mojo - November Gain

Mr. Aharon is back again, you miss his funk touch? so here it come one more time. 'November Gain' tune is unexpected and full of games, which force the listener to get into EXTAZA. The track's length is short, but the developments are multiple.


10. Twilight - The Guero

We started this journey with Twilight's remix and he is also closing it. I don't have many words to describe this track, but I can tell you one thing - you will not disappoint here.




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