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It's not my finest hour but I like it


All tracks released on Liquid Sound Design compilations & albums


1. Drum Druids - Last Summer (dub)

2. OTT - Escape from Tulse Hell (Tripswitch Remix)

3. Violet Vision - Sign of Bliss

4. United States of Dub - Tiger Moon

5. Ramsus - Tonto's Release

6. Killing Joke - Requiem

7. Dub Trees - Buffalo (utterly incredible too long ago sometimes mix)

8. Chillage People - Dr Whooo (live at destination venus)

9. Noodreem - Cosmic Jam

10. Tripswitch - Shamanic Tea

11. Mantra Mann - Shivai

12. Kumba Mela Experiment - That Which I could Only Sense (phoenix dub)

13. Prometheus - Sweet Tooth

14. Kuba - The Most Gorgeous Sunset

15. Lumo - Seven Minutes of Sun

16. Abakus - Opaque

17. Youth vs Abakus - Spiritual Being

18. Youth vs The Orb - Appletree in my Backyard

19. Celtic Cross - Louden

20. Tripswitch - Deer Park


time : 2:01:15

link : Clicky

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Very Strange and perfectly live - mIx.

Thank you .

= )













With Best`s Congratulation`s !!!!!

Big Hello To All Friends !

Namaste !!!!!

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hey abasio


good taste, seems we like the same chill music



but lately I havent been listening much to it.. this pre-summer vibes in europe makes me want to go party and listen to upbeat stuff, but Im definitely gonna download this mix :)

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