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Sri Hari - Risign Sign


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Sri Hari - Rising Sign


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Bhaktivedanta Book Trust 1995




1 Gaura Nitai (6:40)

2 Basically (8:13)

3 Manasa Deha Geha (7:21)

4 Radhe Syam (6:44)

5 Lecture Into Sound (11:11)

6 Brahman (8:43)

7 Bande Krishna (7:14)

8 The Great Mantra (6:03)



A bit obscure release perhaps? Wasn't quite accepted by the Krishna movement, but I find this album very good and definitely it has its emotional spirit!


Ian Ion (from Koxbox) sure had some groove in his veins back then. We won't be offered with insane psychedelia here though, no. Instead we get sublime trancey melodies which touch me deeply. This is the true 'trance' sound. Echancing themes all the way!

There are some krishna chants in the tracks. I think they work wonderfully, making the tracks sound deeper and perhaps for some they offer a spiritual message. :)


My favourite track is perhaps Bande Krishna, but they're all beautiful, dare I say timeless, pieces.


I advice strongly to get a hold of this album. It's fairly easy to purchase. You might get surprised! =o)

I found this in a second hand shop for few euros brand new.

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