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scales of goa trance

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If you want to learn scales, buy a basic music theory book. Once you understand the basic types of scales, you'll learn that scale modes are what really add character and feeling to the scale you choose to use in your song.


Also understand chord progressions will give greater maturity to your sounds as your track progresses.





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Time to bump this one :)


Especially dominant or minor scales would sound the best..


The scales who sound most arabic, spanish, indian are:


-Phrygian (Diatonic flamenco scale)

-Phryhian Dominant or Spanish Gypsy, also called Jewish scale as stated above (used in Juno Reactor - Pistolero)

-Arabic Scale is same as the Bairav, used in Dick Dale - Misirlou, which is basically the scale played up and down, sounds very exotic and mystic ;)


all these 3 scales are pretty similar and can be blended depanding on the chords underneath them.


Aeolian or Natural Minor will also work and sound more western

i think used in Spiritual Healing.


Harmonic Minor is also very useful (Phrygian Dominant is a mode from it).


Also mix these scales or alter them sometimes for a more out of the box sound. You can always use passing notes for greater effect, just don't stay too long on them, train your ears ;)..

A very popular chord progression which uses 2 scales (Aeolian and Harmonic Minor), used in lots of songs in every genre is A minor, (G major, F major) and E major. Use regular A Aeolian over the first chords and when you hit the E major chord, change to A Harmonic Minor (or E Phrygian Dominant it is the same ;). When you examine these chords (getting technical here :)), you will see why. E major= E G# and B. A Aeolian doesn't have G#, but has G instead wish will kind of clash with G#, but A harmonic has the G#, which will also resolve excellent to the A minor chord again.


This may all sound very difficult and like Latin for beginners, but look up some basic theory about scales and chords and it will sort out pretty easy.


Some scales who can be used for a more funky sound are Blues Scale (probably used a lot by Cosmosis and GNOTR), Pentatonic Minor and Dorian.. also try some Pitchbending for getting funkier notes ;)


Wouldn't use a lot of major, because this sounds cheesy in electronic music for most of the time, but i guess there are a lot of great tracks who prove me wrong.

Overall these simple notes

E F G# and A in a row make a typical eastern feeling and are (over)used in Goatrance :).

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Old topic but gold full of very useful informations. I can only add that you can arpegate and loop some tones you like, test, shift and set them in the way you want until you get this hindi melodic feeling into the loop.

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do you have examples of goa songs using Dorian scale?

It is one of the scales i use the most mixed with blues scales, when playing funk or blues. They use it a lot in classic rock etc, but wouldn't know any song that pops in my head using dorian.

Maybe in those funky songs?


example of really cool dorian licks is Santana - Oye Como Va (original from tito puente)

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Old church music used to be a lot in Dorian, because it is a kind of bright minor. And yeah, the bluesscale is derived from it. As far as I remember Pink Floyd uses it in Shine on you crazy diamond. Or another one of their biggest hits (forgot which one, due to memory loss)
Classic rock is mainly mixolydian imho.

Goa: phrygian, phrygian dominant, double harmonic major

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