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  1. Hello Cosmic Flowe, I have just sent you my track for the new compilation through yousendit.com Thanks
  2. Hey Cosmic Flower I will send you my track in 3-4 days as I got really busy Boom!!! :clapping:
  3. Well, the same thing has been happening to me since last 3years.The bottom line is if you want to produce , please dont give it up, no matter how busy you are right now.I can touch my music production only on weekends and sometimes that too is not possible but ideas do keep revolving around me all the time and you should get into the habit of writing them down(which i have to get into too). When you are not busy with other things, you will eventually come back and try to produce something and at that time these ideas will help you.I am also fed up at times when I cannot produce the right thing and sometimes it takes months but after lots of hardwork when you reach very near to it, you will realize that it was worth spending time on.But studies and work is first
  4. I have sent my track 2 times through send space Have you received it ?(cosmic flower crew)
  5. Thank you for your replies.I feel much more clear headed now on what to buy.Thanks for guidance from everyone. Peace
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there are any labels which still promote old skool Goa Trance or its completely out. Whenever I try to produce something I can make it near to old skool Goa and wanted to know if there are labels where I can send my tracks(once they are complete). Thanks
  7. Hello Cosmic Flower Crew I sent you a link to my track.Did you receive it?
  8. Thanks you all for your replies. Now that I know midi controller is a must I am a bit confused in between buying M-Audio oxygen or M-audio Axiom and also will 25 keys would be better or 49 keys.If you can guide me in this situaltion too that will be very helpful.As far as I know the only difference between Axiom and Oxygen is the drum pads which can be played with oxygene too using the black and the white keys. At present I am getting less time to make music.Is it possible that if I buy a controller today, it gets outdated the next year and I feel that I spent something worth nothing. All the guidance is helpful and very appreciable Thanks
  9. Hello everyone I am confused about something.How helpful a midi controller is to a musician when it comes to home production (no live performance).Is it a necessity even if you are not performing live? Can you suggest some nice midi keyboard controllers Thanks
  10. When I get discouraged I stop making music for a while and listen to tracks by other artists :posford:
  11. Thanks for the info , This will be helpful :clapping:
  12. The track might sound a bit different when you hear it from different sources, but I have not come across and issue of tempo change.It could be posssible, that some elements in the song might fake the song being faster or slower but listening it on different sources will not change the tempo.
  13. An awesome track + a good presentation is necessary too.These days show biz is necessary too along with talent.Thats whats I feel
  14. Can you mention (name ) some specific scales for Goa/psy Trance and which keys are the best ones. just some examples :posford:
  15. hello digitoxin i sent you a PM, dont know if you have received it, but i want to learn some mixing and mastering tips . Thanks
  16. thanks a lot K BAN , Satanic and Trance2MoveU.I will definately try to produce my next traks in key and in the right order
  17. Thanks Gaffel for all the work you have done.I appreciate it.!!!!! Thank K Ban for liking my tracks :posford:
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