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Making Psytrance Melodies

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Hello everybody


I try make music for about one year. At this time i would say i know the technical things (how to use cubase, modelling synth, make basses ....)

But I have problems to make full on psytrance melodys. I want to make a 1/16 melody

I tryed to take only one note, played me with the length of the tone, and looked that I get the melody with the automation (resonance, filters, and osc pitch) of my access virus.

But at the moment im not realy happy with it :o

Can anyone teach me the basics at making melodys


Sorry for my broken english

I'm from >Austria<

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IMO what you were trying to do is not a melody, but just a synth line. a melody consists of tones in different tone pitches, like C, D, E etc. they sound like, but they aren't as per definition i think.


however, in psytrance, especially of the calmer sort, most "melodies" are simple one-tonal lines like you tried to do, but not "real" melodies, as i see it. in the lines i make for example, there are most often just a few differently pitched tones and filter cutoff etc automation. but thats because i dont want very complex melodies in my music. making these ubercomplex goa melodies requires some harmony or piano or whatever knowledge imo.


from a pro's view of things, this might be utter b/s as well, though, sorry :) cheers

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90% of all melodies i hear in spy and goatrance are made with an arpeggiator.

Some synths, or VST's have build in arpeggiators.


if you have a midi-controller or synth you can download sweet MIDI arpeggiator, connect IN to midi mapper and OUT to USB audiodevice and you can use it in windows to start experimenting. When you are done, save the midi and import it in your composer software. Don't underestimate the power of this tool, if you master it you don't need any musical skills to make music, sounds weird huh? :lol:


Posted Image


sweet midi arpeggiator

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you don't need any musical skills to make music, sounds weird huh?

That's pretty sure! Yeah very wierd :blink: !

If you like to make music, and if you have a motivation+inspiration, you can make great stuff! :D


Now back to the topic...


Arpeggiator could be very usefull, as mentioned b4. :rolleyes:

As for the melody, I can't help much, but try to make melody this way. :unsure:


Play the rythm and bassline in the background(set to repet) and

over that, try to play live with keyboard, and then record the part you like.

Try varios melodies, something might work fot you. ;)


Peace :D

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One of the better recent discussions on the topic of melody and psy-trance can be found HERE


I personally find arpeggiators the most useful when they are applied to a melody that is already solid without it, but like everything try it and if it works use it, if it doesn't move on to the next thing.

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Thanks for your replys


That is what i call help :P

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The apregiator from your post did'nt work good

But I tried that one from cubase (Arpache SX) and some other midi effects (panning, compresor...)

I know that i've to learn the basic about meldoies but for the moment thats the thing i was searching for.




Thanks all people for your replys :)

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Try not using the arpeggiator for everything and you will soon realise that creating melodies and harmonies, maby tied for 1st place with creating rythms, can be one of the most compelling parts of making music. :ph34r:


:ph34r: oh shit this is a psytrance site

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