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  1. Yawning Master - Blue Light A new track from me. http://www.box.net/shared/krqqp6583s Feel free to leave comments and critics! Peace to you all my good friends
  2. Yes, FL8 is out for a long time. I recommend it to anyone Thanks for comments all! Peace
  3. Thank you for reply Nemo. I am glad you liked the track so much. It has been put a lot of effort in it, as from my side (psy) and as from my friend who recorded the guitar live. So we thank you! As for the voice, i found some acapella on the net, but it was not a full one. It was the same as the original but with slightly extracted vocal, so i had to do some work on it so it could sound like this. I have used Audicity and its filters to get it better a bit. Track was made in FL Studio 7, so some effects were added later onto vocals. Peace
  4. Well, if that makes you happy ok. Peace
  5. Hi all. This is a collab from my friend and me. Please take a listen, and if you don't like the style judge the production. http://www.box.net/shared/t4n82xrgoo Peace
  6. Hi all. Here's my new track. Take a listen and feel free to post some feedback. Enjoy! http://www.box.net/shared/unllqbd44k Peace.
  7. Hey man! I will try to do what you said. I have searched hundreads of websites and I have found some kind of solution. There is a software called Enigma and it is recomended on the official website. This software allows you to edit the presets, programe them and transfer them to device. So I have downloaded the software and I have spent a lot of time to find a new preset (an FL preset) for the device itself. Now when I run the FL and select the FL preset, buttons such as play, stop, rewind work instantly ( I mean they are automaticaly asigned). So in that way I'm slowly narrowing my problem! Now I'm focused on trying to find the apropriate presets for the plugins and on setting up ports. Again thanks for hlep man! Peace
  8. First of all thanks for reply. I have been trying various combination of what you said in your rost. My midi settings are default like this. On the pic you can see a Pro53 and its right corner where the port should be set. Should I go for Input port or Output port on Pro53 and whcih port should be enterd, and what else should I change in midi settings? Thanks for helping me out! Peace
  9. I have found out what is the problem but I still need help. The solution to the problem stands in MIDI routing. So I was given instruction on how midi routing is done in Cubase but since I'm a FL user I dont know how to midi route the signal in FL. Help? P.S. The point is that midi input should be the hardware device and the midi out from device goes in the VST. Peace
  10. So, here is my problem. I got myself a Evolution UC33e midi controller. Here is my problem. The controler works perfectly fine, all the knobs, faders and buttons are working properly, but I have trouble in loading the presets into VST plugins. The device itself (UC-33e) comes with 33 default presets, and each preset has its' own number in memory. So, for example on the number 3 is the preset for Native Instrments Pro53. I load up the Pro53 VST and i press recall button on UC-33e, type in the preset number 3 and there is no midi activity in Pro53. Midi activity exists and it flashes yellow in the upper left corner of the FL Studio, but as we all know it needs to flash RED if the controlls are asigned and in use. Linking controlers manualy (one by one) works perfectly fine (right click-> link to controler (or last tweekd parameter) and then tune the knob/fader/button), but my problem stands with presets. Does anyone have idea how to solve this problem? Or am I trying smthg wrong? So to sum up the story... -midi controller: UC-33e (used with FL7) -no damages on hardware -manual linking to knobs/faders/buttons works -loading a preset and connecting the preset to VST does not work Peace
  11. Kick and bass need more work...else is fine. Peace
  12. Any comment except "neuronsamsher"?
  13. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it a lot! :posford: Peace
  14. Thanks for the comment man! I hope the next one will be better! Peace
  15. Ok, man. I apprecitate your comments! Dragons r still alive was the project with Kalki and me. I'm glad you liked the track! Peace
  16. Here's my new track! No need to download, just click play Pls post some comments... You can rate it from 1-10. LINK--> http://www.box.net/shared/pst18hdwgg
  17. You got it! If only you added double punch bass i think they might sound even cooler! Anyway nice songs man! Keep it up! Peace
  18. Yeah, the kick should be changed...You also may check the bass too. All in all you have a nice concept and some trippy stuff goin' on in there. Keep it up! Peace
  19. thanks for the comment! :posford:
  20. Re up --> http://download.yousendit.com/A5E5E79C6D0E658B Anyone?
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