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  1. Yes, portamento is very usefull for the controlled switching between tones. Also very nice effects you get with automate release time and resonance For normal melodies (not psychedelic ones) i like to use a very normal synth and play me a lot with cutoffs to get a good effect (like the main melody in menog - cosmic consciousness)
  2. In this topic i want to discuss sound modelling with a synthisizer or a vst synth (z3ta works fine) I use a access virus b To make the psychedelic tones we are all loving i use mostly - 2 oscillators in diverent octaves - a lfo (most 1/16t) pitch where one osc pitches up and one down - automate cutoff, resonance and phaser frequency with cubase Thats my method i modell synths I would be glad to change ideas with other people.
  3. The apregiator from your post did'nt work good But I tried that one from cubase (Arpache SX) and some other midi effects (panning, compresor...) I know that i've to learn the basic about meldoies but for the moment thats the thing i was searching for. Thanks all people for your replys
  4. Thanks for your replys That is what i call help
  5. Hello everybody I try make music for about one year. At this time i would say i know the technical things (how to use cubase, modelling synth, make basses ....) But I have problems to make full on psytrance melodys. I want to make a 1/16 melody I tryed to take only one note, played me with the length of the tone, and looked that I get the melody with the automation (resonance, filters, and osc pitch) of my access virus. But at the moment im not realy happy with it Can anyone teach me the basics at making melodys Sorry for my broken english I'm from >Austria<
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