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Anyone Used Phoscyon!

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Wow, jesus christ, this thing is amazing, the greatest 303 emulator ever, forget ugly yellow audiorealism whatever, Phoscyon is just top banana!!!


Gotta say personally I've struggled in the past to write any decent Psy, maybe I'm just a bit crap at it, but in time.......


However since I've been playing around with Phoscyon I've suddenly written some amazing bits of tunery, I think everyone should at least give this thing a look, if you haven't already, and if its old news then, fuck it have another look.



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yes this is a very cool plugin . u can make amazing acid lines right from the start.




i use it a lot, gives a real analog feel and it sounds great with automation

however i still think that audiorealism is better for psy basslines!



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I bought it and finally got to use it some today. I must say I am pretty happy with it so far. I tried the demo a long time ago and it was very heavy on my CPU but this is running with no problems and it sounds great too. Here's a bit of a track I'm working on as we speak that uses it...



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