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Ka-Sol - Fairytale


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Unfortunately most of the tracks here are just some random bleeping and scraping noises with mediocre arrangement and very simplistic music otherwise. There's a few brilliant moments in the latter half the album though.


I give it 4/10.


Oh, and there's not really anything uplifting about this... it's dark psytrance just like the Ghost Story and would probably fit better with the Schlab label.

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I feel the album has a nice sound to it but has no real purpose and no direction. I liken it to a pretty horse gone mad, running around aimlessly, sometimes looking elegant, but ultimately needing to be put down.


It's interesting that Deathposture says "Forget about boring, lengthy and pretentious intros… Ka-Sol is grinding teeth right from the first second…" as it highlights how different aspects of a song are interpreted in different ways. My personal opinion on the lack of intros is that it stinks of lazyness. I love slow-building and lengthy intros, they're easily one of my favourite parts to a track, they set the atmosphere and lead you, by the hand, down the garden path and through the hole in the wall.


To conclude, whilst I initially thought Fairytale deserving of a 7/10, repeated play has revealed it only worthy of a 6/10.


Average at best.



While i understand all those sentiments , this release is pure GOLD. i have not heard better 'psychedelic' in the purest sense of the term, manifesting the mind in ways you never expect music to. sickness ... :wub:

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