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Double Impact - Zero

Guest Genetix

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Guest Genetix

Double Impact - Zero


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Artist: Double Impact

Title: Zero

Label: Luna Music

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Zero Gravity

02. Genetic Synthetic

03. Some Music

04. Techno-Mani-Bit

05. Zero Point Energy

06. Mystic Eyes

07. Can't Go Back

08. Night Train




This album should be called vinyl trax. Half of the album tracks are taken from

the EPs released in 2001. This album is really dark. The style is like Codex

but more dark. Hypnotic bass line and very good samples. Good for playing in

the middle of the party. I will not review each track because they are in same

style. Best tracks here are: (t5) Zero Point Energy form their first EP. Real

nighttime stomper. Dark atmosphere wit lot of scary samples. (t4) Hypnotic

bass line will drive you crazy. Lot of crazy things are happening here. New

tracks here are not that good like they which are taken form EPs. Little slow

but very psychedelic. Not for dancing - just for flowing. If you what to fill

your here with darkness buy this. I give 7.5/10.

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I never really got into this one... All the tracks follow the same simple,

boring path and whilst there are a couple of uplifting moments, I'd much

rather spend my money of one of the many other excellent releases out now...

Give this one a miss, and wait until it's half price... Also, my digipack

seems to be wrongly glued together!? What's up with that? This oozes discount.

Both in apperance and music-wise! 3/10

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Guest Defbydelta...

no its NOT a 0/10!! more like a 5 mayby 6/10 pretty cool some tracks on this

one, and yeah it's nothing new here but it's nothing bad either..

i think its quitgood!

NP: PsySex - With Jone ;)

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  • 2 months later...
Guest [Anonymous]

its not bad.it takes an extensive knowledge of quality trance to get off on

this release thats all ;)

Its very very good, with lots of noises that are like "was that the track?!?"

events ;)


Its definately not one for people who are into "da scene"

Its for the people who can appreciate trance done both ways really , thats my 2


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Guest Zoltar

Just bought 'Zero' and I'm really pissed-off right now. I hope to

understand this whole low-quality minimal bad joke soon, let me tell you that

I've never listen to such boring shit. Well, last three tracks are *okay*.

Maybe I should listen few times again before posting my review but I'm sure

there's no revelation here. hmmm, let's say *4/10*.

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  • 18 years later...

I checked this album after reading the reviews, glad I did, I was expecting much worse. This album is very dark (and I mean real dark, probably among the darkest psytrance albums I have ever heard), Zenon fans should fancy this kind of sound. It is very psychedelic.




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Bought it for a buck or so over at psyshop's discount section in 2004. It's one of those never regreted it kind of purchases, and it's been played with me stoned on the sofa a few pleasent times in the past. 3.8/5  -- It is a darker more minimal Psytrance kind of album, and without offence, it actually reminds me a bit of Terminator - Spirit Of The Plants. 

Extra love for the intro track with the Event Horizon sample, then T2 kicks in, and so on .. ^^

And the Digipak is nice:) At least mine is. 

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