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Tim Schuldt - Single-Collection


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Guest djcpr[at]hotmail[dot]com

This stuff is wicked and dark for the most part, so be prepared for that. Then

just sit back and enjoy your ride through a trip of synths and samples. Tim

really knows how to construct a track, and his sounds are nice and clean.

Listen to it on the headphones for the first time for the full effect. 9/10

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Guest Mescalinium

I have to say that I've enjoyed every Tim Schuldt song I've listened to.

However, back in February I had the pleasure of seeing him play live at a

Tsunami event in New York, and it was truly one of the best performances I

have seen this side of Infected Mushroom. First of all he played for over two

hours. Second, it was a very LIVE set; he did have a computer sequencer, but

he also had a 16-track recorder, a nordlead, a gigantic korg synth (possibly a

prophecy?), and the guitar! He started out by playing some more melodic

stuff, but then about an hour into the set, he busted out the guitar and the

dancefloor just went crazy. He ended up playing a very long and varieted set,

just an all around great show. I'm sorry, I guess I should have posted this

in the party review section, but I also greatly enjoy this album. Even though

it is a single collection, it does a decent job of conveying an album-like

sequence/atmosphere. As people have already said, the entire piece is rather

metallic and industrial sounding, so if this concept of industritrance turns

you off it's probably not for you. Being from a metal/industrial background,

however, gives me a much greater appreciation of this kind of work. Overall,


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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

This CD definitely pumps. Buy it if you like the hard banging music with

sadistic melodies. Great live if you get the chance too.

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...woow...This must be my best German album sofar! This style really is my

piece of cake, it has everything: hard& agressive basses, dance till eternity

rhythms, guitarzzz that litterally give you the phreaks... If I were to

compare the Tim Schuldt darkish atmosphere with others I'd say maybe

Cydonia...but more various = better! I like Red Hair Hospital for it's

crazyness & bassline, no use describing it. Pretty poison is my favorite, just

listen to the beginning...BAM!!! There's the agressive bass people! :) phreaky

melody takes the headlead accompanied by awsome guitarchords. And then the

FLAtrack Evil Playground...the title says it all..play this one out loud&feel

the playground-atmosphere... Absurd starts like a trip in some German living

room, hear Tim playing with his faders, it's so cool! 9/10!

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Guest * Vlad *

This guy is a GENIUS, though i'd recommend to get some of his other singles :

Flower power, Grapefruit, Midnight sunrise, Inner child, Pacemaker, Pale,

etc.. I've been to goa for a while ( Anjuna party in 89, collected about 400

goa trance cd's ever since ) & Tim Schuldt is definitly one of the best to

come out !

= Pure Full On Goa Spirit !!!

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Guest * Vlad *

Tim is a hell of a talented full on goa trance artist/musician, also check his

singles on different compils (flower power, grapefruit, inner child, pale,

midnight sunrise, etc..) enough stuff to fill up a second LP, masterpiece like

this one.


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Guest timo[at]speedytomato[dot]dk

While I agree that this is great stuff, I don't consider Tim's music to be

trance music at all, never mind Psy/Goa style. I eckon his sound is pure

bodyline/electro-goth. Think Rammstein-meets-Depeche Mode.

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Yummy ! Tim Schuldt's singles work...I quite liked this collection...it shows his progress during the years of making the trance and it is very good colelction of his unique goa trance style.


Favourites : ORANGE ACID ( ! ), OHM SHIVA ( ! ), EVIL PLAYGROUND ( ! ), ANIMATRONIC, ABSURD ( ! )...8/10

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Guest Snoop dogg

YO Wassup! My man Tim Schuldt indahouse. One of the few musician on this scene!

Word up! Not on this album but the track "Flower power": Best fucking triped

out mothafucka on this side of drug abuse. Takes me back to vagator when me

woz hangin' there stoned checking out da fine little freeky deeky bitchez

squearming on MDMA. All sexed up and shit! Answer me dis: Why is there no

black dudes and dudettes on this trance scene? respect...

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Guest yoth_[at]hotmail[dot]com

for all the fans of electro-trance

Velvet Acid Christ - twisted though generator

in the same spirit, but more killer

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Guest Blue Penguin

i find this good, especially OHM SHIVA, and ANIMATRONIC, really powerful album

with a lot of energy (why did he put Cascara in it??) Final rating 7 out of 10

...controled album , PLAY IT LOUD!

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  • 4 years later...

The cd arrived yesterday, but I haven't managed to listen

to it seriously further than the second track.


Orange Acid has completely hipnotized me. I can't press the forward button, I need it to be

in continuous repeat ... It's like a dream come true ...

at the beginning it can sound as a classic trance track (but the flangered bubbling

is more ill and arousing than usual mainstream ones), but it has every element

at its right place and in the right dose : 303 is hard but not invasive (often kept

on medium frequency), synth patterns are very catching, the song is

progressive but not hardcore, it's uplifting but pumping bass keeps it grounded

... progression - climax- stop - restart - progression - climax ... oh my god I think

I've just had an orgasm :wub:

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Ok, seriously listened to the whole cd ...


Very good production. Good sound, amazing the choice of some bass sounds

which are very near to old style trance .


Liked very much track #2 and #1 . Maybe I just discovered that I like more

his older style, so now I want to collect info about his older trance style songs.


#1 is dreaming, I find it closer to some Platipus releases, good song for the end

of a party, when lights turn on ...


#3 is strancge. Actually sometimes


I don't get it ... sounds like it's made with a random generator

it gives the impression that neither Tim was really knowing what he was

doing with the 303 , but luckily he made a really controlled choice of the bassline

which is able to act as the spine of the whole track, keeping it consistent

and danceable even if the synth sometimes deranges in total chaos


about the other track :


I like Om Shiva because of its good game beetween

an atmospheric chorus pad and an exciting 303 riff.


I haven't liked very much the other songs. There are good works with the

rythmic layer, but I find some synth pads he uses too boring.

Instead of adding atmosphere to the track they just ruin the adrenaline ...

IMO some tracks would have sounded better without those pad (which

to me sound like some Dark Soho productions), i.e: pretty poison.


Absurd has a nice intro. I wonder if Tim listened to Helloween in his teens

and stole form them the idea of the radio zapping :rolleyes:


Rate :


Being objective , the tracks are very well produced, but some of them just

aren't my cup of tea.

There are nice ideas and some very danceable passages.

If you (as myself) like old style progressive/trance, orange acid

alone is worth the price of the whole cd.

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  • 11 years later...

Great album. This is a reminder of how talented Tim Schuldt is for those familiar with his name on the back of Suntrip's albums via mastering @ 4CN Studios. Outside of this and a few other singles, some of Tim Schuldt's best work is also on his main album by Four Carry Nuts called Mechanical Age (2004).

01. Cascara is a gentle, uplifting morning trance number. The song is fairly simple, but pleasant and positive. It's ironic because this is a warm world of sunlight just before a very dark, hard-hitting STORM that the album quickly turns into.

02. Orange Acid seems to be a FAVOURITE for almost everyone who digs the album. What do I like about it? I like the darker approach coupled with the WONDERFUL (Goa influenced) sound/melody work not throughout. The artist incorporates key notes, smart transitions to expanded storytelling terrain and development, buildup, climax, and more. In some ways, it's an ideal Tim Schultd track because it covers so many bases all at once. Awesome track!

03. Red Hair Hospital is another edgy dark Trance/Electronic number with some great melodic sounds and choices.

04. Animatronic is less intense, a different shade of grey with some nice sound/melody work.

05. Ohm Shiva combines industrial influence to psytrance, resulting in a hard-hitting track. The last act gets a little repetitive, but this is a stand out track.

06. Pretty Poison is rough, at times haunting and melodic, even somber yet emotive. The alterations to organic sounds and instruments are catchy. I liked it.

07. Evil Playground becomes more dark and twists as it progresses, utilizing distorted/dark samples, percussion, guitar.?, etc. It's heavy, industrialized Psy with hints of Goa, and a last act that showcases more musical progression and development than I was expecting.

08. Absurd combines an occasional 80's-esque synth tune with darkpsy, psytrance, goth/industrial, guitar, and opera via samples. It's very experimental, hard, and electronic, different from the previous tracks. It's an odd handful of elements. The hard approach doesn't always gel for me with the more sustained tunes and the opera FX remind things the New Age group Enigma has done. Overall a less favorite track (for me), but not bad. 

Listen to the full album here. Do NOT judge based on the gentle (arguably dismissible) opening morning track.


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