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Tim Schuldt - Single-Collection


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Tim Schuldt - Single-Collection


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Artist: Tim Schuldt

Title: Single-Collection

Label: Global Trance Network

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'32" Cascara

02. 09'10" Orange Acid

03. 09'03" Red Hair Hospital

04. 10'06" Animatronic

05. 09'39" Ohm Shiva

06. 08'01" Pretty Poison

07. 08'07" Evil Playground

08. 07'45" Absurd




Yessss... This is quality-stuff!! Hard, insane and great to dance... Sometimes

with guitars or great other metallic sounds...The CD starts with the only

bad song on this CD, it's pretty soft and sounds alot like normal Trance...

After that it's 1000 times better!! Nr 2 is rather melodic but very nice and nr

3 till 8 are HARD and typical Tim Schuldt-style :o))))!!! My favourite songs on

this CD are 2,3,4,5,6&7!!! This is the best CD I bought this year so far

(and one of my best all time...)!! really a MUST have!! Bom Shankar

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Guest Mascok

welp, those track are sure good, but i think some of us might know all track

from where, bcause all those tracks were released on Various compilations.

i accepted for some new track though. 1/10 for the idea,

7.5/10 for the tracks....

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

OK let me tell you that this is one of the best albums that I own. This guy is

absolutely amazing. The album is vey dark and best played at night. This

albums release saved me a lot of money because now I don't have to track down

all of the compilations to hear his music. A must have 10/10

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Ehh. The sounds are excellent, but the tracks themselves are really harsh and

jarring for the most part. Hey, he comes by it honestly; he _is_ German.

Still, some transitions are amazing. That bit in Red Hair Hospital where you

think, 'oh I see where this is going, it'll - ' WRONG! That's where it totally

bitchsmacks you, ties you up and locks you in the trunk of the car. The ride

from there isn't really any fun, but it is unexpected. This one might grow on

me. But I don't know. I just got this yesterday, so I'll write more when I

make up my mind for the medium term.

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Guest Damien

Tim Schuldt is one of thé best artists of the goa scene.

The album is dark and becoming better and better.

Pretty Poison is after al those years the ultimate Tim Schuldt song. I already

had most of the songs but I just bought it for the 3 songs that I didn't know.

I don't regret it. Keep up the good work.

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Guest LaGoaTrance

This is very bad album. 2/10. No melodies, No powerful rythm, bad sounds and an

electric guitar...baaaaaaaaaaaaaad !

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Guest AlexG

this is alright...some tracks are good and some tracks are not so good, but no

bad tracks really. it starts off light with a couple of morning-style melodic

tracks, and then goes into darker night-time trance. if you're unfamiliar with

tim schuldt's music, you really should get this and check it out, because he

is very talented has an original style different from everybody else. to

LaGoaTrance: it looks to me like you haven't really learned how to listen to

trance! there are a lot of melodies in this album, but they are subtle and

serve to create an atmosphere rather than being the driving force in tracks;

listen carefully and hopefully you'll get it. also, the way he uses the guitar

- as an effect rather than a leading instrument - is very cool and adds a

great feel to the tracks. people like johann bley, who choose to shovel the

guitar into the track on top of everything else, really should learn from the

like of tim schuldt and sun project on the proper use of that instrument in


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Guest Kuldipsidhu

yes baby this is what we call psy-trance good qulity this guy can make all the

univers dance at the same time play any track all his track is good ofcouse

man this guys spend many year in seaving goa trance there is light

love kuldip

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Guest filip[at]att[dot]net

FANTASTIC! Its harsh, its dark and its melodic in all sorts of ways. I really

enjoyed this album because of the wonderful build ups, melodic rifts and no

experimental bullshit that a lot of goa albums are going after. The album

carries the same energy force throughout all the songs and each one has its

own unique taste of dark devilish sounds. In case YOU buy it and YOU don't

like it, I don't think you will have a hard time selling it! I love it. 9/10

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Guest bauer[at]scheune[dot]net

Fucking Amazing !!! I cannot believe that some guys dont like this . This is

what i call good Music , Hard Fast Melodic Goa Trance except the first Track

but after that the Album is a Full on Stomper . I WANT MORE


P.S. Sorry for my bad English ;)

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First of all i wanna say that im ahuge fan of Tim and i had all his tracks

before i bought the collection (all of them). its too bad that couple of my

favorites warent on the CD (like mummy machine or file damage or colombian

nektie) but still the man is BRILlIANT and i just donno how does he have the

head for those scary tracks but he does.

i bought the cd only for the respect that i got for him(i had all the tracks) i

think that he is one of the best of the best and i hope that he will surprise

me again and again.


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Guest La Goa trance who change my mind

I don't understand what happened but...I begin to like this album.....maybe you

have to hear a lot of times or you have to hear in parties to like the Tim

Schuldt's sound...Track 6 is for me a good example of the Tim Schuldt

style...The first track is very melodic ans "morning-trance", it's like a

warme-up....very good track.

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  • 1 month later...

I must say that I really like half of the tracks on this album. I really dig

some of his stuff, and some of the stuff I'm not so keen on. My favorites are

"Cascara," "Orange Acid," and "Ohm Shiva." I guess this stuff really depends

on your taste. If you like madness, you would really dig Tim Schuldt 'cause

some of the stuff is really crazy. I would give it a fair 7/10. Worth

checking out.

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Guest Samurai420

My freind worships Tim Shuldt and so do I. The third track on

this album...Red Hair Hospital, is a killer. His crazy sounds make me dance

forever.Evil playground is another track that keeps me moving. Overall, this

is a must buy album. It's Tim shuldt best singles for crying out loud....buy

it and u will definately get your moneys worth....promise 9/10

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Guest NFalke666[at]aol[dot]com

very well done! very psychedelic! I love the guitar riffs too... wow! I'm

listening to it as I speak... I want to Fry in the Evil Playground!


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Guest AMP - heirofset[at]yahoo[dot]com

For people that like guitars in trance, this is a great artist for it. I had

the pleasure to see him in Portugal, Hipnose party and it was great. Congrats.

The musics are really cool, they just lack some psychedelic stuff, becoming a

little too repetitive.


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Guest Quetzalgoatl

Tim Schuldt Is MINDBLOWING!!!!!!!

Especially track nr 4, it just alters a party to a higher level, with its

weezing sounds and its very very hard beat.

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Guest moander[at]media[dot]mit[dot]edu

isn't columbian necktie and evil playground (both originally by FLA) the same

remixes with a different name? most songs here are good, but I still think

score is much better, especially with tim and joti with dodgy connect.

IMO though, spies - les ailes du desir (tim schuldt rmx) is the best stuff tim

has ever done, next to psychedelic punk ep off of aurinko by 4CN

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Guest -Shroom-

LISTEN TO THE LAST TRACK!!! Its the best track on this cd!

This track is just brilliant! The man is a livin' LEGEND!!!

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Guest offlimits

QUALITY psychedelic trance, this album shows how it should be done 7/10 best

trax OHM SHIVA (unbelivable!!!) and EVIL PLAYGROUND (WOW)

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