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Shakta - Silicon Trip

Guest Ubik

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I believe that its all the minimalistic freak should check it out just to have an idea what Psy Trance really is man !!!!!!!


Shakta we love you

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At first listen I enjoyed this 'Silicon Trip'. But now some time has passed and

I'd have to agree with Mindbender, the album is great, no doubt about it, but

the style is somewhat boring...The melodix have something spiritually

uplifting (like that!) but they seem to be overused. All tracks are very

similar (exept 7,9&10), hard and fast. I think Shakta is melodically genious,

but should have spent more time on BUILDING UP his compositions! I'd still

give it a fat 8/10

favorite trax: 2!,5!,6,7,1,9

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I really don't understand those saying a track is bad because it's "too

short".. It's a really strange attitude. Shakta's tracks are short because

they're meant to be! It's like an outburst of pure energy.. very intelligent

melodies and SUPERB production. One of my all-time favorites.

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Guest silkes_tofflan[at]hotmail[dot]co



Great psychedelic album and the best that shakta has ever made. I think its

good that the last track is ambient 'cause after some speedy tracks you can


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Guest [Anonymous]

Nice GOA, stuff... not brilliant if u have heard others... it has fast builds

and very fullon moments, but i feel that it doesnt change enough...i cant hear

it from the begining to end cuz somewere it appears the same and the

same...but there r definetly nice party material..

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Ok Shakta is a great artist and this album is a good job but i don't like the

bassline, it's too heavy and boring.

I try to listen a lot off time shakta's traxx to discover new senstions, but

only "Out of sight" is a marvelous (sorry for my bad english =)

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people new to psy who after the astral projectiony sound (melodic) look no

further. this cd shall blow u .... away. very good fast melodys , that stick

to yer brain . physical beings is on the coolest tracks (hey that sample is in

mystey of the 13 crystal skulls) . Shakta sound a couple years forward is now

very different (check his newer releases to see what I mean) very tribal

catchy psy but his first cd is a classic 8.9/10

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Guest martin_m[at]marihuana[dot]com

shakta's silicon trip is one the best debut albums ever made.it has nice fast

melodic psychodelic tracks and also one slow,but nice track with elements of

india's culture..................you MUST buy it


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Guest Goafiel Pleidonius

I don't get it... melodies overused? Play Spiritual Beings at a party, on a

good P.A. system! Then observe: my guess, the people won't be bored with the


A minute on the dancefloor seems shorter than when you listen to htis music at

home, remember that ;)

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Guest martin

i agrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BUT...there is a big BUT..........you can play

it on party but the pleasure is much much much biger of playing this at

home...........for party the progressive tracks rule......this is a real

classic.............i love shakta

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Guest jumalia[at]goatrance[dot]com

First thing I like to say I really like SHakta's style.

After dicovering them from the album Goa Spirit 2 I couldn't stop getting

enough of shakta songs.

This album is one of their amazing albums.

They are not only great on their cd labels but , "live" they can blow ur mind

at one of their Goa - Psy Trance parties.

It is an unforgetable experience.

Excellent stuff guyz.... 9.5/ 10

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Guest 475 j

i don't understand why you love "spiritual beings", this track is listenable

but nothing more...track 2 is the best! on the whole average cd : 5.5/10

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Artist: Shakta
Title: Silicon Trip
Label: Dragonfly Records
Date: 1997

1. The Neuromancer
2. Lepton Head Part III
3. Silicon Trip
4. Ion Tribe
5. Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies
6. Temporal Shift
7. Shakti-Shakta
8. Innerpolarity
9. Loopmutant
10. Earthrise

Well, what do you know? Another Dragonfly Records release. Shakta is Seb Taylor and he has as many aliases as Filipe Santos. These days he is more concerned with his downtempo and world projects Hibernation and Kaya Project. Made in the golden year of 1997 this is another album that will go down in the annals of goa trance as something really special. These are tracks full of twirling melodies and high paced goa intensity. The cover is an accurate description of what you will discover inside. I imagine that is what an acid trip looks like. The same guy who did the cover of the UX album also did this one: Buggy G. Riphead. Surely that cannot be his real name. Can it?

The Neuromancer- The brevity of this track always bothered me. It is an awesome intro, but why so short? Bubbling computer noises give way to a speedy melody that you can't hope to catch up to. The acid following is as tasty as ever, and this is shaping up to be quite the stomper. But you know why it can't? Because it is too f*cking short! Still 5 minutes of this is very appealing and I love the way the melody slides ever so gently into the break, gradually growing in volume. Talk about whetting the appetite!


Lepton Head Part III-

"What'd you just call me?"
"What the hell's that?"
"You wouldn't understand."
"Wait wait wait a minute...speak slowly then."
"Ok...a Lepton is a z particle."
"Do you know what protons and electrons are?"
"Ok...what are they?"
"They're those teeny tiny things that atoms are made out of."
"Well Leptons are even smaller."

Oh, man what a sample, so full of wonder. Still, the kid needs a spanking. How bout I make you a little bit smaller? The melody everyone knows is the classic synth line at almost three minutes and it is impossible not to twirl to that. The bass line is a simple one note played but is the framework for the goa to unfurl. It's a quick mover, and it is that signature melody that makes people get up. It twists around and around and returns near the end. Masterful.

Silicon Trip- "Don't go mystical or paranoid on me now. Not now! That computer thinks...but we're the ones in control."

Another great sample. A beautiful synth is filtered up and down above a booming kick and soon the acid kicks in. Space like effects warble as another lead shines. The main synth is a radioactive element that the control rods can't handle. Need.More.Water. It swirls like the pooling of the acid that it is. Dark acidic goa at it's finest.


Oh you are sinister Seb. Truly sinister.

Ion Tribe- At first this one wasn't a favorite of mine, but once I dug around and gave it numerous opportunities, it grew on me like mold spores. It begins with radioactive bubbling and a clunky percussive element. It is a little slower, but it flowers with tangible acidic bass sounds and a great 303. Where's my hazmat suit? Is this acid trance or goa? I think it's acidic goa because I'm leaving little green footprints wherever I walk.

Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies- "Of the memory that exists between worlds, the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual. And that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies."



"There's your problem ma'am. Hippies. Once they get into the walls it's really hard to get 'em out."


Too deep for me, but this track has garnered a lot of attention. Not my favorite. Over two minutes until anything interesting pops up, but when it does, it is pretty impressive. The lead is pinpoint accurate and screams above a floating arpeggio. The break allows the lead to continue screaming, but I wasn't moved as much as by some others. Meh, tastes differ. Still pretty good.

Temporal Shift- Twinkles, bubbling, and minor key atmosphere...sweet. The bass rips as wires clang with electricity. Very fast, and complete with growling synths that increase the tension. Let the layering begin! And it does, complete with juicy effects. This is right up there with the Lepton Head III melody. Super wicked and extremely danceable. I love the way it ends with all the parts fading out in turn.

Shakti-Shakta- Ah the jungle. Home of spiders the size of your head and any number of things that want to eat you. You can have it. This has the sound of a tribal mid tempo jaunt as the lead unfurls and gives way to another sneaky sneaky synth trying to work it's way in. It's got some nice bounce to it and when another goa melody saunters in it truly is the land of sunshine. The break brings the percussion back and a regrowth occurs. Pretty good and I liked it the more I listened to it.

Innerpolarity- Did you get enough rest? Ready to go? Good, because Seb wastes like...zero time. High speed acid licks and then that delicious 303 weaves its magic. And magic it is, as it is joined by a ripping lead and pad. Set the groove to 11. Sticky acid sprays in concentrated bursts as the power continues. It's just a 4 on the floor goa assault that screams quality.

Loopmutant- 2 and a half minutes in the melody starts to scrape the detritus from its boot as it sizzles over a sine wave bass. Good old fashioned bob your head music, that's what this is. Elaborate melodies? Were you not listening to the other tracks? He did that already. Here he just wants to wind you down and get you into that groove. Pretty bad ass.

Earthshine- Yeah, sometimes I like to wind down with a cold beer and then I break out the sitar. Pluck a few notes...ah, no. No I don't. This is a dubby type of piece with a very ethnic vibe to it. The sitar is plucking mournfully away as spoken samples are heard. Too many for me. The light electric melodies a tasty though. If it's desired purpose was to relax me, mission accomplished. Well, that is until the tempo gets jacked up. WTF, Seb? I woulda been happy just coming down off my thick goa high, but you gotta jump start me again like a dead battery. It's not that long, so no harm done.

Another classic from a bygone era. It's fast paced (mostly) and full of swirling goa melodies. Obviously if you get your hands on this, consider yourself very fortunate.



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