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Shakta - Silicon Trip

Guest Ubik

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Guest Tequila

That's an album!!Shakta offers us an album full of excellent tracks.It's fast,

pumping, exploding goatrance!Clearly a really great album.The track "spiritual

beings in physical bodies" is the best track ever made.Spiritual Beings in

Physical Bodies Spiritual Peings in Physical Bodies Spiritual Beings in

Physical Bodies.....BUY IT 9/10

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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Shakta - Silicon Trip</span>


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Artist: Shakta

Title: Silicon Trip

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 04'58" The Neuromancer

02. 07'16" Lepton Head Part 3

03. 07'28" Silicon Trip

04. 05'07" Ion Tribe

05. 07'49" Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies

06. 06'29" Temporal Shift

07. 08'03" Shakti Shakta

08. 06'00" Inner Polarity

09. 07'05" Loopmutant

10. 07'12" Earthrise




What a great debut album ! Hard, pumping, goa until the last track, which is

ambient, and all the way very good ! What more can I say ? The Neuromancer

begins pretty fast, is good till 2/3 of the song, then everything stops and it

becomes very good till the end ! Lepton Head Part 3 has a very nice melody.

The 5th track is the best, with an unforgottable melody that appears in the

middle of the song and stays till the end. Temporal Shift is a very fast

track, not very rich, but it doesn't matter ! Only last track is a little less

good, maybe because it's ambient. 9/10

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Guest per_werner[at]hotmail[dot]com

WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS IN PHYSICAL BODIES... and some of us are Loopmutants

back here in sothern Sweden! U R GREAT!!!

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Guest gardar[at]wineasy[dot]se

I first discovered shakta on the goa spirit 2 compilation with songs like

micronesia! And when I heard this album I got even more satisfied! Spiritual

beings in physical bodies is just one awesome song. Highly recommended!

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Guest tb[at]biogate[dot]com

A very good album, pretty dark, but what a debut! Like almost all Dragonfly

releases this is great.

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Guest Mindbender

Yes it is pumping and yes it has good melodies, BUT something here does not

work that well for me. Ok, it's good, no doubt, but nothing mindblasting. I

think that part of the reason is that it never surprises me. Almost all the

melodies are in some way 'obvious' (best example is Lepton Head). The melodies

are also over used, staying the same for several minutes just in one track. I

think this would have been also better with more background sounds building

the landscape. However, the melodies are quite good (despite being 'obvious')

and I like the strong groove. My favourite tracks are 1 (should be longer), 5

and 7, and there aren't really any bad tracks, but I would consider the others

around average, just slighlty better. 6,5/10

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GOOD album ! Not as good as I was hoping after reading the reviews above, but

still good ! Best Tracks here are Tracks 2&5 ! BUT I think there are 3 not so

good Tracks : Track 1 (because too short), 4&6 ! Don?t really like Track 10

too ... But I like this Shakta album MUCH MORE than The Enlightened Ape !

Rating : 7/10

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

This album is awsome. It is a little short and I noticed that with a lot of

Dragonfly artist. I don't know maybe its just me maybe I'm just fucked up.

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Guest Isra-Alien

Well? I've to admit, it was kinda disappointment to me. The bassline is way to

strong, and I got bored from the melodies after the third listen? But, and

it's a great but, some of the tracks (Lepton Head, Spiritual Beings,

Shakti-Shakta) worst buying it. 7.5/10

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Guest itsi_bitsi[at]goatrance[dot]com

One of the best psytrance albums i've heard. I don't own the cd, but i've heard

it a couple of times and its not bad at all. It's morelike excellent! I'd give

it 9/10 if I had the cd

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one of the classics. seb taylor has a very unique style, and even thought it's

not my favorite style, it has this special charm that i can never resist.

"spiritual beings ...." is one of my favorite tracks of all time, i'll never

stop liking it, but overall i like "the enlightened ape" album better: a lot

more mature, with very interesting composition. but have you guys heard the

latest singles shakta is putting out? its kicking!!! cant wait for the new

album, 8/10 here

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Guest eden.solaris

I REALLY can't understand why everyone thinks this album is so great. Some

songs are good (especially Lepton Head Part III - OK, the melody is a bit

repetitive, but it's SO GOOD!!!). Can't understand why you're all so excited

about Spiritual Beigns in Physical Bodies... All fat eats and almost no

melody. If that's what you want, listen to some good club music and stop

calling it Goa!!!

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

I also think that everybody is a bit too high on this album. Don't get me

wrong, it's definitely GOOD, and has a strong groove and great melodies, BUT,

as others have said, the melodies are overused and there's not enough shit

happening in the background. Thus, it gets kinda boring. Nonetheless, there

are some EXCELLENT tracks on this album, foremost among them being Spiritual

Beings in Physical Bodies. 7/10

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Guest cybergirl[at]thevortex[dot]com

This CD gets a little bit boring because all the tracks are more or less the

same style, but anyway, it still rocks, and I would definitely recommend it,

especially to all the '96 GOA fans out there. You just have to listen Silicon

Trip or Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies; Lepton Head Part III and The

Neuromancer are pretty smooth as well. Temporal Shift has some good parts. 9/10

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Guest faroutwohman

The bass line is quite stong... don't listen to it in the shower.. it's all

you'll hear. But it got some great melodies. Can't go wrong with this one.

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A real nice psychedelic venture into one of Shaktas most extraordinary

albums... The CD starts psy with 'the neuromancer', which is just great. The

track starts with ambient sequence but will go over into more psychedlic

tunes. Lepton Head part 3 is really funky, indeed, goatrance vibe runnin' hot.

Silicon Trip is more an effectful track, lot's of noise, cool ambient part on

the latter part of the track. Ion Tribe delivers a more beat pumpin' sound

accompanied by some nice psychedelic frequencies. Spiritual beings in physical

bodies is a very good track, this is more trance ambient sort of, melodic.

Temporal shift goes back to more psy, got some very nice twisted sounds.

Shakti Shakta is a slow mover, ambient. Inner Polarity is probably the best

track from this CD, like Temporal shift, this one has lot's of twisted sounds,

but it goes a little beyond that. Melodic and psy, it has a little of

everything. Loopmutant is another slow mover, a little dark to the sound.

Earthrise is a weird one, in the beginning or at least for 4 minutes this

track feels slow and melodic, but it kicks of with a steady beat at around 4

minutes into the track, and now it feels faster going. Still melodic

throughout the whole track, with an undertone of goa inspired sequences. This

album comes fully packed with psychedelic effects, and melodic frequencies.


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