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Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?

Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?


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Artist: Shpongle

Title: Are You Shpongled?

Label: Twisted

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 08'33" Shpongle Falls

02. 08'57" Monster Hit

03. 10'26" Vapour Rumours

04. 07'16" Shpongle Spores

05. 12'29" Behind Closed Eyelids

06. 10'20" Divine Moments Of Truth

07. 19'57" ... And The Day Turned To Night




I wont try and put this Ambient album into so many words as I would be sure to


tongue tied as it's so bloody intricate And clever. It's never too smart for its

own good though and obviously a awful lot of effort has gone into producing it.

At this time with my taste in music, which is predominately that of the

psychedelic, it's the best and most complete slice of psychedelic sonic mastery

I've ever heard. It really does beg the question of how on Earth (if it was

conceived on Earth...which upon listening you quickly doubt) you would go about

following up an album of this quality. It's not just clever though, Raja Ram's

beautiful flute playing enchants the listener up high above the clouds to

wherever it is they may fly to...behind their closed eyelids of course. I think

I heard that Raja Ram was some kind of musical guide while Simon would push the

buttons, and I'm quite sure they must have been unwittingly soaked through to

the skin with liquid LSD by some cheeky passerby with a slight penchant for DMT.

I don't use the word much but I'm going to say it's....perfection. This album's

lush. Simon, Raja, I salute ye's! 10/10 -nae bother.

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Guest Pit-UFO

Five reasons to buy, enjoy and worship this album:

1- It´s Simons best project and probably the peek of his career.

2- It sounds perfect, better than MATRIX (Matsuri people should pay attention

to this)

3- The production its amazing

4- Its a hell of a trip full of images, great samples, flutes and vocals and

peaceful moments.

5- D.M.T. by itself should win the mercury prize

6- Everybody at home will like it.


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Guest Mindbender

Really amazing. This stuff is sooo beautiful....AAaaahhh....

I don't usually like ambient, but then again, this is not really ambient in the

normal sense, but more just a mix of all kinds of chilling-out music, with

influences from many types of music. Awesome melodies that blend to each

other, clear, spacey and vivid sounds with human voices/sounds mixed in

between and even some nice soft rythms put together with near to perfect

production. Awesome work! Sometimes this creates scences that you cn almost

see and touch around you and on others, they are just beautiful, emotional

music. Every song that I have is a jewel. (I have vinyl, so I don't have

tracks 3 and 5 :-() I won't try to describe this is words, but for those who

know FSOL: Lifeforms: this is somewhat similar, but better with a wider range

of sounds and ideas. 10/10

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Guest AtomikElf

absolutely stunning. a drenching cd!! best to listen to in its whole, but i

like the last three tracks best. this is lovely stuff, and totally

enthralling....get at all costs!!

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Guest jeffe[at]freesurf[dot]fr

Very hard to talk about it...a great journey into other dimensions..intelligent

ambiant music...Unique !


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Guest babar104[at]hotmail[dot]com

all i got to say is "behind closed eyelids". this is the best melodic

psy-trance ive ever heard, and its downtempo! killer shit....

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Guest Mindbender

I think I have take back my comparison with FSOL: Lifeforms, because whereas

Lifeforms is "true" ambient (almost no rhythms and very slow sounds in

general), Shpongle is much more energetic compared to that (but much less

compared to trance).

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Guest brakzilla[at]thunderground[dot]n

I must say, This is the CD that has changed my life. I was clean of drugs for

over a year and I decided to smoke weed one night and I got hit very hard by

the effects of the herb and my friend played DMT and i was completely engulfed

into a separate world. A world where my mind was seeing all the things that I

had been missing for so long and lost sight of. Thank you simon. You've

managed to touch us all in such a unique way with your intense range of fluid

music. None of this is real.....

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Guest Acidhive

A real good ambient cd, which is produced by the god himself : Simon Posford!!

This takes you on a journey to your innerspace and back again. I think you can

enjoy this without drugs... I HATE drugs!!

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Guest Antic

I just got this one today in my hands for the first time and this is my first

listen (now - track #3) and I must say that's exactly what I expected: spacey

and intelligent ambient music! But also I'm very suprised, that's so groovy -

if all ambient works were like this then I would certainly change my opinion

about ambientish stuff.

I can't say which track is the best (because I haven't heard all of them

yet;-), but it will surelly get many listens. Thanx to Gizmo for hint about

the good shop with psy-trance in Poland. If any polish-freaks are reading

this, please contact me or Gizmo (our e-mail are in Who We Are section of this


Detailed review pretty soon. Watch this space!

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Guest Goa Sage

Tremendous! This is my best album this far! Trans-ambient voyages in a vast

rainforest, full of tribal percussion and fluffy melodies. "Divine Moments Of

Truth" is such an intense and different creation, with many new innovations

(throat singing, samba rhythms, dubbed-up, jammy vocals by Raja Ram and some

psychedelic, swirling electronic spice by Simon Posord)! All tracks are

superb...BUY IT! (larger review at www.freebox.com/goa_sage)

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Guest necromanzer[at]gmx[dot]ch

Run...run now, and buy it. You won't be disapointed.

Believe me..this one takes your soul to another place.


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Guest Cnt97

A little disapointing when you have read all the nice reviews of it... but

still a good album I guess. Pure quality, maybe it's just me, but some tracks

are quite boring. D.M.T is GREAT though!

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Guest Ehsanur

Who said God was dead?

Who said Mozart was dead?

Who said music was dead?

Who said trance was dead?

Who said psychedelic music was dead?

Simon Posford and Raja Ram are not dead.


Bom shankar.


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Guest "man from the atom"


MMMMMMMMMoments of



dmt, d, empty, i will see thru dmt

i mustn't worry 'bout it

lah dee dah dee dah dee

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

This album is like a breath of fresh air. But do not think that it is hard

core goatrance, for it is far from it. It is more like ambient with a smidgen

of drum and bass. A very mellow, classy chill out CD. Layers of well-placed

sound, exotic melodies, and vivid effects come together seamlessly to elicit a

very pleasant experience for the listener. The combination of wispy flutes,

powerful baselines, and modern synth is very interesting indeed. Designate a

room designed for relaxation and then play this CD on a good stereo system in

that same room. Smudge with incense for added ambiance. You will not be

disappointed. 8.5 out of 10.

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Guest Antic

I would really like to write how I feel when I listen to this CD, but I just

can?t name the feelings I have. Enough to say is that I love this and almost

all tracks are wonderful (I don?t really like the pitch-bended melody in

Behind Closed Eyelids) and create very special, chilled-out atmosphere! No

words can describe beauty of the melodies or technical skills put into

creating this masterpiece, so I?ll better won?t even try! Just buy this album

and enjoy the music. 9.5/10

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Guest 5dolphins[at]gmx[dot]net

Dis is great! Good groovy ambient style with much feeling

in sound and beat..I love that.Its one of my


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