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V/A - Noughty

Guest tandava604[at]yandex[dot]ru

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What can I say

Koyote's completly change their style. There's no more dark minimalistic

trance. Insteda of this there's lot of breaks, more melodies. But when I heard

track from Xenith... melodies like from Viva. I saw that they announced album

from Xenith... Well If You expect something like older stuff from Koyote -

don't buy it. BTW This is not so good compilation also. 5/10

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Guest tandava604[at]yandex[dot]ru

V/A - Noughty


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Noughty

Label: Koyote

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'07" Machineries Of Heaven : Velvet Black (Rmx)

02. 05'45" Silk : Skipit

03. 08'47" Psychoid : Second Sight

04. 09'15" Labyrinth : Mental Institution Rock

05. 08'47" Great Leap Forward : Bulb

06. 07'24" Brighton Trash Department : Millenial Madness

07. 08'51" Xenith : Critical Mass

08. 08'21" Xenomorph : Aquarius Leap

09. 07'20" Hux Flux : Kernel Panic

10. 07'46" Thirdzomby : Are They Justified




Oh, Koyote, this time you suck a lot (unfortunately)! Buying a CD which was

released on such a great label you expect to get a real STUFF... This one is

definitely their BIGGEST MISTAKE! Well, it's a crapy mixture of breakbeats,

ambient and psy-trance. It seems to me, that "Noughty" was collected by a kind

of looser... I really liked tracks 3,4 & 9, especially one by Labyrinth - it's

so dark:) They are awesome. Ambient tracks 5 and 10 are allright too. All the

others can only dissapoint(somebody will probably like "Aquarius Leap", I'm

just not a big fan of morning tunes). "Critical Mass" is nothing but a cheap

cheese, "Velvet black"... I can't find the righr words to describe my

emotions;) "Skipit" - follow the instructions, do what it's title says.

"Millenial Madness" just suck... Resume: this compilation DOESN'T WORTH YOUR

MONEY! You'd better try to copy those few tracks somewhere and drink few beers

for saved amount! It tastes better:) 4/10

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Unfortunately I have to agree with the above reviews. This is such a mismatch

of tunes/styles that it comes off as just plain annoying. Just as soon as you

get into the hard dark style of Psychoid and Labyrinth you are hit with a

surprising euro/clubby track. I literally had to double check what I had just

put in my cd player to make sure someone hadn't switched it on me when I

stepped out of my office.


Being the Hux Flux nut that I am I probably would have bought it for that

alone expecting to have a few other sleeper tracks on here and that's exactly

what I got. Hit and miss. 4/10 for the 4 decent tracks out of the 10.

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Guest Davidtolsn

i read these reviews, then got this cd and was surprised. i found it quite

good, although one of the tracks (6? the one that sounds really clubby) isn't

very good. the rest are good though.. you just have to be willing to listen to

something different. 8.5/10

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what the hell is this guy reviewing this awesome piece of art saying. sell it to me if you so not like it. ill pay what ever you paid for it. i lost mine when moved. only got the covers. the cd might be somewhere though


and what the hell this other guy saying about a club track.


first of all it almost ten years old record so there really was no full-on scene in psy then. ... erm no crap i mean.

ofcourse goa was kinda full on with them acids resonating with cutoffs full-opened but anyways-

there was a new thing in town. koyote records released different type of psy than most. well british label like flying rhino so they got sounds all over the world not just israeli. and compiled many great albums and released many great artists like hux flux. fluxes koyote releases beat any psytrack that comes out these days. original sounds i need. not artists that sound exactly like the other one ffs.


if one cant see that the clubtrack is a joke then he should reconsider why he wants to listen to psy.. i like funny stuff so i listen to demon tea records amongst others. i've hustled many hippies away from the dancefloor when playing that track.. and when the cool psychedelia part kicks in for a couple of seconds people go wild.. one the most brilliant tracks ever... even sended email to the person who made the track asking about other releases but anwser... that left a bit bitter taste in my mouth but still i love the track


hmm i would even call you more clubbers than the "club" track being so damn pure with your psymumble

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Seventeen years ago.  Back when every male felt a little bit dirty lusting after a Louisiana high school student.  A time before 9/11, smartphones, and Kardashians.  Remember when the world got itself so worked up about advancing to a new millennium?   This CD from formerly great label Koyote Records is a bit varied, but let's face it our scene is a bit varied.  If there is one track to hear it would be Psychoid's Second Sight but that's because the rest are so...unremarkable. There's some trancey stuff like Xenith's Critical Mass and then some dark, drum n bass atmosphere in Millennial Madness.  The Hux Flux track is pretty psychedelic and a breakbeat track Bulb is fairly funky.


Even though the style of music is a wide cross-section the quality of the tracks are subpar.  Let's face it, it ain't no pre millennium Britney. 

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