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V/A - Jet Lag

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Insejn    63

V/A - Jet Lag


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Artist: Various

Title: Jet Lag

Label: 3D Vision

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Nomad : Mental Shock

02. Absolum : No Rush

03. Central Processing Unit : Haunted Clip

04. Deedrah : Reload (Live Mix)

05. Cosmochaos : Landmass Vibration

06. Talamasca And Yuman And Ben-J : Smoking Gorillas

07. Orion : Tripod

08. Nomad And On Fobia : Mosquito City

09. Silicon Sound : Digital Thought




Another stomping compilation from 3D Vision. To tell by the tracklist this

should be pretty fast and stompy. And it is! I'll tell you something about the

groups that are a little less known. The CPU (lame name imo) track follows the

3D Vision concept with many noises and various psychedelic sounds. Good bass

and bassline. You'll not get tired of this track. Cosmochaos also have the

"right" ingredients and it's a kinda rough track. It has a feeling of that it

just go on and on and on and on.

The last track is the best here. This track have no mercy, only pure energy.

Can't wait for more track from Silicon Sound. Final Verdict: 8/10

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Opening done by Nomad - Mental Shock , which

renew here with an energic melody and a corrosive spirit as present as it was

in his album Hyperactive ; i mean indeed all that was lacking in Cabaret.


The latest Absolum?s productions didn?t amazed me much nevertheless No Rush is

more living and listenable (tones & harmonies are a bit more enlightened),

perhaps the Jet Lag effect ?


C.P.U ­ Haunted Chip, is nice but the little worry is that sounds GMS alike.


Here comes the weirdest stuff of Jet Lag :Reload Live mix, very close from the

original but very disconcerting?


Cosmochaos - Landmass Vibration succeeds both in establishing a musical

identity and making good stuff.


3 Smoking Gorillas is a good full on track, you?ll recognize easily Talamasca

style even if it was coproduced with Yuman & Ben-J, on the end evoluates

similarly as Goldfinger from Absolum.


Up to now, i wasn?t keen at all on Orion. Thanks to Tripod, i momentarily

change my mind about Orion, and find this track noest, probably one more time

the Jet Lag effect.


Less impressive and more basical than Mental Shock, Mosquito City got his place

in the compilation..


Silicon Sound - Digital Thought contrasts with more crystal clear production

and closes excellently well the cd.





Favorites tracks :1,5,9.

nice moments :2,3,4,6.




Mark :8,5/10

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Jalliuz    0

Fu*king great! Best compilation of the year. I like it like it like it! 9.5/10

If you like it psychedelic, stomping, fast, good, then you must get this whole


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PKS    2

3D Vision is out with another full on compilation, released at the same time as

their chill out compilation Module 1. First track is served by dj Maël (Nomad)

who released his Nomad album Hyperactive on 3D Vision last year. Here is a

brand new track, going the same road as before. Full on all the way, but with

not a lot of variation. Sort of like GMS with lesser melodies. Track 2 is a

new Absolum track by the guy who own the record label, Christof Drouillet. He

relased his Absolum album Wild on TIP.World last year. Here is a new really

heavy track, more full on than ever before! Better than the Nomad track, but

not great in my ears. Something for the party, but not recommended for home

listening? Track 3 is a new name from Switzerland called Central Processing

Unit. They go the 3D Vision road, with heavy rhythms totally full on. Trance

that makes my ears tired after a while, but surely something for the take off

at the middle of the night. Track 4 is the famous Reload track by Deedrah. A

good track, but I can`t see the point in having another version here. A live

version that is not much different from the original one. Track 5 is a by a

new name from Paris. Most of those 3D vision guys live in Paris. The same full

on 3d vision style. Nothing new here. Track 6 is more interesting. Talamasca

together with two other guys. Full on typical Talamasca style, with those cool

melodies that make it so much better than most of the other 3D vision stuff.

Really good track. Track 7 is a new track by Jean Borelli (Orion) from

Denmark. A talented guy. Here you get a track that can remnind you a bit of

Alien Project. Very nice track with a lot of nice sounds as usual from this

guy, and some nice melodies. Really good morning trance! Track 8 is a

collaboration between Nomad and someone called Beat On Fobia, probably from

Mexico. Much better than the Nomad track on this compilation. Here you get

more melody and crazy sounds. I bought this compilation because of the Silicon

Sound track. Silicon Sound has showed lately that they can make fantastic

psytrance. They finish this compilation with a really good track. An amazing

track with fantastic sounds and melodies that make people go totally crazy on

the dance floor. Very good finish. This compilation has a few really good

tracks, but if you are getting tired of this same 3D Vision style, stay away

from this. However, the one and only Silicon Sound track is so great, that

it`s almost worth the money! Look out for the Silicon Sound album coming soon

on Moon Spirits Records.

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Trance2MoveU    372

"I was aware of having...thoughts or memories...like I'd been invaded by something. And it was trying to take me over."




And this is how every police report begins during spring break at Daytona beach...Avoid the red solo cup and you won't have to wonder why your clothes are on backwards.


13 years old and most of this stuff sounds pretty good for today. Some of it is tired full-on, but even that wasn't the same vanilla stuff that would come halfway through the decade. The 3D style is ever present and that is a good thing. I'd swear that Absolum has been making the same track for over a decade, but when it's that good you don't f*ck with what works.

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