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Cosmosis - Intergalactic


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Guest goa-tacks

If you like recent remix of any Mumbo Jumbo Remix of other Transient artist

(I think one in Quirk new single.) Buy it! (It is same producer.) If you

expect early style of Cosmosis, you might dessapointed, but I still hear a lot

of Cosmosis like use of progression of "goa" tune.

Anyway Cosmosis' performance at the party

was great, you need to appriciate this guy.


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Guest -Shroom-

First, you guys cant expect an artist to make 3 albums with the same sound!

ofcourse i like Cosmology like any other ever, and synergy was great one too!

but after that Jez left, Bilbo left to make this album by his self, and i want

to say he did a great job!! this album is minimal, clean kicks, nice twisting

sounds, more groovey. good for parties mostly.

But you cant compare it to the other albums cuz of the diffrent atmosphere.

i will give it 9/10

Keep it up!

Hope that you and Jez will make a new album together like cosmology (same

sound) because the album changed my life like no one can ever imagine

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

This IS melodic.....


I really think cosmosis move on a LOT with this album...


It is much more thoughtful and intelligent than the other two, and frankly a

refreshing change, not that i didn't like the other two, i just think this one

is more refined and mature.


tracks 1,2,3,6,7,8 are all really, really wonderful pieces of psy, and

masterful in their own individual right. One of the best melodies i have ever

heard coems at the end of Roswell. It has been implied most of the way

through the track, but when it gets there.... mmmmmm... REALLY nice stuff.




It really is a shame however, to compare this album to the other two, as apart

from VERY superficial similarities, they are ALL totally different.


Well done cosmosis, and i hope you are working on a new album for sometime

soon, i can't wait to hear new stuff from either you OR mumbo jumbo.



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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... First Etnica/ Pleiadians and now this... Why oh why

follow the minimalistic trend instead of doing those such wonderfull and

emotional full-on tracks? Only 3 tracks I like a bit: Telepathy, Kinda Wierda

and The Spirit World... Roswell too, but that's ambient. The only track that's

REALLY good is the hidden one after Roswell. Kinda like Cosmosis' way of

saying "You may think my original style is gone, but you're wrong...". Too bad

this track doesn't even have a name... PLEASE come back with another full-on

album!!!!!! I won't even rate this, cause it's just too dissapointing!!!

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Guest Rabbitakis[at]hotmail[dot]com

Good work by cosmosis but it isn't something great..deserves your attention

only if you are a cd collector...(like me) . Else try "Radio" album by

X-dream... much much better...6.5/10

best tracks : telepathy and kinda weirda..

roswell is good too for chilling out ...

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I wrote this one off, then I listened to it again recently. Wow! There are some

killer tunes on this album. A little different than his first two, more

progressive, but NOT minimal. Dissociation is awesome. Incredible moving

swirling sounds and very groovy. I think Pied Piper Paul said it best:

"Initially I thought a pretty standard CD lacking somewhat from the

masterpiece synergy however after at least half a dozen listens it dawns on

you that this is pretty intense." This is a keeper for sure.

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Guest dbrekken[at]hotmail[dot]com

My opinion is that Bilbo Baggins is one of the most beautiful of space aliens.

Never, have I been taken on such an intergalactic ride. He's done bootsy

proud on this one. Spacey, funky, fun! Whoosh! You'll be swept away. Thank

you so much for bringing such cosmic mystery into our world Bilbo. I think

all of those smoking sessions with Gandalf are paying off. Also, want to

compliment NOS on this one, I will cherish this ablum art forever. I was

lucky enough to see his art at synthedic sadhus in NYC and its simply amazing.

NOS if you see this please get in touch with me as I would like to talk more

about your art. I want to spread goa vibe in the states and artwork is

essential. In the end this deserves 9/10. "Buy it " Support these two

incredible artists, for what goes around comes around. DJ Astroknot.

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Minimal is indeed a relative term. To me, this album is very much focused more

on groove than melody, like many albums are these days. But this thing has

melodies sprinkled liberally throughout, I can hear Hallucinogen in it as well

which I find disappointing because I like individual style. Getting the

earlier albums very soon!

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Guest Leanne

billys music has always been top quality, from the recordings in the bathroom

with his sister to the new album. Idont know, if you are family of the artist

do you appreciate the music more than any other music listener? anyway top

album bill love leanne

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All those smoking sessions with Gandalf did indeed pay off. I like this album a

lot; in the traditional Goa mode, but varied and interesting. Bilbo obviously

had a lot of fun with his pan-potter here, and there are excellent tweakings

of vocal samples that weave like snakes through the tracks. I recommend this.

7,5/10. ~*~

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Posted Image



Track list:


01. 07'38" Brainwaves

02. 07'46" Just Say No

03. 07'11" Telepathy

04. 06'59" Dissociation (Who's About To Scream?)

05. 07'49" Kinda Weirda

06. 06'51" Flatliners

07. 07'40" The Spirit World

08. 10'14" Roswell



Intergalactic confirms that the artist's Goa heavy style is no longer present. But listeners became aware of Cosmosis's direction alteration after the dynamic, at times Goa influenced super album, Synergy. Intergalactic is a significant departure from not only Goa, but melody heavy atmospheres. It tones down, often minimizes in comparison to previous albums, the wonderful melody work that many listeners have loved throughout the world. That said, there are melodies here and there. The album focuses more on the Psytrance (Psychedelic core) side and gives us some very unique and creative, catchy rhythms and textures. Unfortunately few songs really stand out, and none are superb IMO, though some have felt the last one is, and/or the bonus track.



01. Brainwaves is a pretty good number crafted with many Psy sounds and few that sound like melodies or developing melodies. It could have used some color to blossem its life. But it isn't bad. However to this very day I am impressed when listening to the first track on both Cosmology and Synergy respectively. Here, it's entertaining at best. There nothing that really transcends what I've heard before however. It's a nicely built Psy piece with a brain, but coming from Cosmosis we expect that. In the end it's a fairly good start to the album. B-


02. Just Say No follows the previous quite closely with a slight accentuation in melody work. Again, there are many Psy sounds around an atmospheric drive, some crunchy textures, and more. Some of the song is interesting but it never really lifts off. As with the previous number, this reminds me of an entertaining though ultimately shallow episode of a television show. In other words, there this lacks the meat and potatoes in the end to make the meal feel fulfilling. Fortunately it picks up more energy towards the end. Nonetheless, these first two tracks appear to showcase Cosmosis's new and relatively smartly crafted Psy sounds/work around a beat rather than giving us something to really sink our teeth in. B-


03. Telepathy starts out pretty good and there's actually a melody emphasis throughout. Around 2:24 fronts a running up the stairs blinking melody; it stands out. Unnecessary and out of place is the "Do you or have you ever smoked marijuana" sample. The track continues with not much else new to offer. The melody that can be described as a gentle sound going up and down repeats quite often and is complimented with a stronger, deeper melody most present during the second and third (of thirds) sections in the song. But around that, what began as something with potential never really develops into something more past the midway point. And because of this repetition, I gradually lost interest as the song progresses, regardless of all the little Psy effects that the artist adds and removes throughout. B-


04. Dissociation (Who's About To Scream?) is another decent number in this novel though arguably arresting Psy style that Cosmosis has capitalized upon here so far. Again, it's filled with lots of zipping, tipping, tapping, and twisting, buzzing sound effects and more. A sound that is pretty catchy reminds me of someone snapping a finger an a higher pitched, echoed environment. But aside from some interesting sounds around a beat, those who appreciate a more minimal approach than Derango's Psy sound driven Tumult may enjoy this more than I do. C+


05. Kinda Weirda is again heavy on the sounds, tough I'm not getting kinda a weird headache from every track sounding so Psy beat Psy sounding without a strong peek, climax, or great melody encounter to get me out of this less wild and crazy style. Around the third minute however introduces a fresh melody around the echoed, zippy sound effects. Somewhat relentless, the song is gritty and well textured as it moves forward. But it doesn't built up to anything spectacular and holds its 5:00 spot for almost the rest of the duration. B-


06. Flatliners is yet another jungle of psychedelic sounds layered up on psy sounds, gritty rhythms and soundscapes. Though this is essentially what the song is from beginning to end. And that may be enough, after all this is Psytrance. It's just how catchy you find the sounds around the kick via Penta's 2007 style. Because around that there's really a melody lead or some type of chorus or wonderful section that stands out since the entire, intricate Psy sounding sentence is so capitalized on itself to the point not even it may be able to identify its reflection. C+


07. The Spirit World is VERY different from previous tracks. This is the first song on the album to sound completely new and innovative in style than all other tracks to date. Though melodic, the melodies aren't entirely electric. But around the 3:15 mark fronts a more aggressive change up in beat and rhythm that nicely develops the next section of the song. The melodies chirp like Psy birds in the trees, but they fail to grab my marbles. I feel like we need a more infectious and aggressive melody. And that to some extent takes place around 5:00, complimenting those busy, chirping birds. Those it's an interesting departure from previous songs, I never received this piece as being really good. Sure it's different and I'm glad the artist changed up his sound and style here. It's more refreshing because of where it's placed on the album I feel rather than being anything great. B-


08. Roswell is the trekking Goa influenced, Ambient, Mid/Down-Tempo gem that most people seem to remember this album for. B+


Bonus Track (at 13:44) is magical. What the hell is this awesome thing doing on this album? I already gave up on considering this a Cosmosis album I'd recommend. No. Whatever this several minute bonus track is, it's Cosmosis strong, emotive Goa heavy presence in the form of a beautiful, flowing Ambient, down/mid-tempo number. It's creative. It's elegant. It's infectious. And one of the best, most unique and infectious Goa songs I've heard by this artist since his critically acclaimed SYNERGY!!!! This goes to show that he still has that Goa touch. And I would love if he released another Goa album or at least one more Goa influenced and climactic and infectious as he did with his first two examples what many people really do consider brilliance. Ohhhh will he just say fuck it and release an amazing Goa/Psy album again. That would be so rediculously awesome. A- *sigh*



In conclusion, Intergalactic is an album built completely with a psychedelic emphasis and without a melody strong style with exception to the final number. I would have preferred an entire album with Ambient/Downtempo because I find Roswell (bonus extension included) the most engaging and catchy part on the album. And I would have been very interested to hear this potent psy sound/style combined with as much melodic emphasis but I speak from someone who liked Cosmology more than Synergy. Unlike this artist's first two albums, more specifially Synergy considering this is Psy over Goa too, Intergalactic lacks great songs with few exceptions. Where are the super songs on this album? Where are the songs that I would dance to at a party or encourage the DJ to play? Or even a song I'd show my friends? They're on the first two albums! Intergalactic has a brain; the tracks can be very psychedelic if a bit too minimal and synthetic heavy, unlike more organic at times sounding first two albums. But very little of this third outing is strong, save for psychedelic, and memorable. Where as Cosmology and Synergy were loaded with peeks, not valleys, Intergalactic wiggles enough to not be considered a straight line. No song is really climactic or takes off as Gift To the Gods and Higher Ascension did. On the plus side, the style is articulative, at times interesting, and may appeal to the harder core Psytrancer. The artist has enough knowledge, experience, and sounds to produce a decent enough album. There are many cool sounds altered, echoed, mixed, and more around the beat and bass line. But I can't help but feel that it's lacking strong melody work around the heavy Psy textures. Intergalactic is like a thick forest without life and Derango's Tumult is about three times thicker, even more sufficating to me. But Tumult had at least one or two super songs. Here I feel swamped in the sounds rather than freed by them. While some tracks stand out more than others (each song is different to some degree of course), they don't stand out enough with few picks. And The Spirit World, like it or not, is one of the more unique and experimental tracks that this artist has done. But it's Roswell in the end that takes the cake for some seriously gripping melody/beats and story telling. Both that and the gifted bonus. Now if only the demand for songs like these were higher. They showcase a side to this artist that sound very passionate and desired.



Favorite songs: 1, 8.




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Yeah I'd even give this a lower score than you did Jon. I bought it for completion's sake, but all it makes me want to do is listen to Cosmology and Synergy. It's early 2000's psytrance that doesn't have the dynamism and presence that the other two albums did. It's not bad, just doesn't measure up.

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I have tried to like this record because Bilbo Bagginz' debut with Jeremy van Kampen, the widely-praised "Cosmology", was so great. However, despite my best efforts and many spins, I can't rate this album as highly as the previous two. As Jikkenteki suggests, the production values are superlative. The sonics are really something; every sound has its place, the tonality is superb, bass growls, treble stings and soars. Those smoking sessions with Gandalf really paid off, and Bilbo successfully refines his studio technique here. But I find the conception is lacking: there is little coherence or flow to the ideas here which span the gamut from aliens to flatlining in a hospital. This is particularly apparent in some despicable samples that rival the later 1200 Mics albums for inanity ("just say no" - would Bilbo really say this?). The cheesiness injected into the album by these asides is exacerbated by the overall vibe which is very funky. Funk grooves, jazz elements bop, but there just isn't enough food for the head whilst the feet and hips are moving. There is barely a minor key in the whole thing. This light tone, a "we are having it" attitude, is something I theoretically love, but just not in this way. Flippant may be a harsh word to use, but... There isn't any pepper with the salt, and that depth of feeling so apparent on "Cosmology" is absent. I've even wondered if Bilbo is best as a collaborator: most of his co-productions are really great. ~*~

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