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Cosmosis - Intergalactic


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Cosmosis - Intergalactic


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Artist: Cosmosis

Title: Intergalactic

Label: Transient

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'38" Brainwaves

02. 07'46" Just Say No

03. 07'11" Telepathy

04. 06'59" Dissociation (Who's About To Scream?)

05. 07'49" Kinda Weirda

06. 06'51" Flatliners

07. 07'40" The Spirit World

08. 10'14" Roswell




GOOD :-) I don't think there is awesome Tracks in this album, but there is NO

Bad Tracks, EVEN the hidden one (that's a pity it's so short), which lasts

4'05", and most of them are good !If you like Cosmosis, I'm sure you won't be

disappointed by this new album ;-) Can't compare it to the previous ones from

Cosmosis cause I don't have them for the moment ... Best Tracks are 1,2,3,4,5

! Rating : 7/10

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Guest Tequila

I agree with U Children, no bad trax on this album.That is nice goatrance, with

good melodies and a certain complexity.The bests trax are for me Thelepathy

and Flatliners.7/10

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Guest mrsyed

A little change in direction for Cosmosis from the brilliant Synergy. Not

neccesarily a good one. Tracks seems less complex and involved. Almost

unfinished to be exact. I was also very surprised that there was no advance

mention of the release date of this album. Synergy was so heavily mentioned.

So if you like the new minimal but fatter, fuzzier synth lines with less build

up and emotional content from Synergy. Then you will love this. Otherwise this

is more of a disappointment from a fan of Cosmosis like me. Rating 5.5/10

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Guest Pied Piper Paul

Initially I thought a pretty standard CD lacking somewhat from the masterpiece

synergy however after a at least half a dozen listens it dawns on you that

this is pretty intense. It just doesn't have those stand out bits on it but

you soon get to it after a few listens. highly recommended.

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I'll have to give it a few more spins as PPP above suggests, because of the two

releases called Intergalactic this past year, I'm liking Santana's more. OK,

tracks 1 And 5 are killers. But I still don't really get "Just Say No", I

mean, haven't we moved beyond advocating drugs? I thought everyone just did

their pleasure-poison now and there was no political big defensive deal about


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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

The best thing about Cosmosis is there/his covers. The music works really well

live and doesn't always come across the same on Vinyl/cd. Some of the tracks

are really good though and it's a fairly consistent album. The reason that it

might sound different from previous ones is that Bilbo's on his own now I

believe. 7/10

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Guest Vystril[at]aol[dot]com

Im sorry, but my favorite cosmosis album was synergy, it was just filled with

a good positive energy, mabye i havent listened to this one enough, but it

doesnt quite have the same effect on me... ive heard a lot of good dark

psytrance, but when something with a vibe like synergy had, with that kind of

speed and complexity came out i was sold on it and its style, this was a

little bit of a disappointment

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A bit better than Synergy, but less good than Cosmology.

The style is different from Synergy, dryer, less complicated. Best track is

Telepathy, without a doubt, and other good tracks are Brainwaves and Roswell

(+ the hidden song) 7.2/10

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Guest gizmomarek[at]hotmail[dot]com

Another 3-rd album of Ben Halsey aka Bilbo Bagginz aka Cosmosis, and a very

good one. As usually he squeeze everything from the 303 First track

"Brainwaves" rather light, lead us into cosmic world of Bilbo Every following

track as you could expect is more acid And more mad. "Telepathy" another good

track, a little in legendary "Howling At The Moon" style. "Dissociation" a

funky one, you can even sing here (pa, para pi pi pu....:). "Kinda Weirda" -

it's simply weird. "The Spirit World" single track, a little funky, totally

worked out, simply great.

At the end of course, slow breaktrancy "Roswell". On the CD is a short bonus

track, great, dynamic And rocky in Cosmo's old style track (it's a pity that

so short).

So; very good album, but 'dryer' than "Cosmology" And "Synergy", a little

directed to a popular nowadays scandinavian style, less dynamic, but more

worked out in every single sound. Cosmo is an artis with huge talent

If You like Cosmosis - buy this CD, but if You are an Astral fun don't 7/10

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Guest necromanzer[at]gmx[dot]ch

I agree, a very nice album with no bad track on it.

My favourites are: Just Say No, Telepathy and The

Spirit World 7/10

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Guest Antic

I've just listened to it about 3 or 4 times and I think it's good. I mean if it

wasn't Cosmosis (just some other, unknown artist) then it would be great and

awesome, but since it IS Cosmosis I was hoping for something more. I'm still

in love with his older tracks like Howling At The Moon or Moonshine, and those

track are somewhat simplier, less complex and less energetic. But don't get me

wrong: it's really wonderful album and - as they say above - there's no bad

track on it! If I was to choose the best tunes, it probably would be Kinda

Weirda, Telepathy and Dissociation, but it may change when I listen to it

more. The only track I don't get into (yet?) is Spirit World - it's very

psychedelic and I wonder if it isn't psychedelic too much ;) Anyway, if you

like your music hard, fast, twisted and acidy then this is surely the CD for

you - maybe not what I expected, but still best quality stuff. My rating 8.5/10

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Guest jsbedard

Cosmosis is really disapointing with this 3rd album. Definitely minimalist and

really jazzy by moments. Not really a full-on party album. The 1st and 2nd

track are the best of the album. More you progress in the album, more it's

bad. I cannot listen pass the track 5. DISAPOINTING like a lot of new

releases. The tendencies are to make minimalist album, and it's really bad.


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Guest Antic

I just wanted to add that Roswell - the last track of Intergalactic - is one of

the best psy-ambientish tracks ever made. Maybe it's not comparable with

Shpongle's album (different style and atmosphere), but rather with Koxbox'

Searching For Psychoactive Herbs which I thought was best chill-out track

ever! Roswell has this great spacey and funky feeling and it evolves

beutifully in almost full-on psy-trance track at the end.

The other thing I wanted to add is that after hearing it many times now I can

say that the only track that does nothing for me is Flatliners - it's to

simple, minimalistic and ...well flat! As for now the best tracks are

1,2,3,4,5,7,8 and the hidden one, though it's not worth to wait for it 3


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Guest cosmo[at]futaba.ne[dot]jp

Yeah, there really aren't any mindblowing rockers on here, nor anything really

trippy: it's just groovy, outdoor party type stuff. The best track is

Dissociation, I reckon. All in all more of a sit at home and listen to it

album than a full on dancefloor stompfest.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest silonc

Guys, I feel this album is much better than Synergy. Amazing sound production,

incredible kick, right length to the tracks, well I guess it is all in the

soundsystem you hear it from. I love mine!

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Guest vertical_pig[at]hotmail[dot]com

That's the first I ever heard from Cosmosis, and I really love it, but now that

I've heard Synergy...this IS rather mellow... no bad tracks, but the whole

feeling isn't as uplifting and psychedelic as older material from Cosmosis. on

Telepathy there's a build-up near the end that's totally flawed (how could he

get it wrong?).

i must say this is still a great album, but not an amazing one. 7.5/10

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest shaman[at]hotmail[dot]com

these album are cutting edge, favorite tracks... all, nice quality, and full of

psychedelic sound, 10/10 buy these album.

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up until recently, i thought this album to be quite average. this week,

however, i finally listened to this cd stoned (i'm very selective about what i

listen to while stoned, because i don't get stoned very often, so i value

those few times very much, and usually i tend to stick with the greats like

x-dream, a.p., hallucinogen, and shpongle, or the more mind-blowing stuff like

m.o.s., logic bomb, or hux flux, because i know i definately can't loose

there). anyway, like i was saying, i finally gave this album a chance and

tripped through it, and i saw it in a very different light. it still isn't

amazing, but it's very very good. the well-known cosmosis-whackiness is here

(track 4), as well as his signature harmonious morning sound (2, 3). overall,

this is very good goa-trance, melodious (if you don't find this melodious, you

need to listen deeper - i did!), and driving, in a modern way. bilbo diserves

a 8/10 for this, but even though his quality of sound/production has improved

over "synergy", the latter is still far more superior concept-wise (it had

more personality). cheers!

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Guest F-AcTivE

I haven't heard the other Cosmosis albums yet ...soo i have nothing to compare

with . There is nothing outstanding on this cd but all of the tracks is nice,

i like the first five tracks best :) ,Just Say No And Telepathy is my absoulte

fav tracks here . Nice acid sounding GoaTrance !! 7/10

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  • 2 months later...
Guest Snow Dog

I love Telepathy, Flatliners, and

The Spirit World... Kinda Weirda

is kinda average, and the rest is

good. Overall, not as mindblowing

as Synergy, but still a really

good effort. 7.5/10

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Guest setorsetor[at]hotmail[dot]com

Dissociation is just mind-tearing.... perfect for late morning. The album is

good, and the last track rules too. I do agree Cosmosis could have done

better, but its still great music to have.

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  • 4 months later...
Guest davidtolsn

i don't like lots of the tracks, i think this is the worst cosmosis cd. if you

liked synergy you might like this one, but if you liked cosmology don't expect

the same thing. the only track i really like is track 2.

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  • 5 weeks later...
Guest djpsylentknight[at]hotmail[dot]c

Ive got this Album on Vinyl and I think that it's great stuff. This is my first

taste of Cosmosis and I haven't heard their other Albums (yet) so I can't

compare. Yes there are some just OK tracks on there but there are some real

pearlers as well. All my fav tracks are even numbers (2,4,6,8) plus Kinda

Wierd. Fav out of the lot with out a doubt is Dissociation (Who's About To

Scream?). Like setorsetor said, a morning set MUST!!! An absolute digging the

dirt, dust starting outdoor party killer. I also love Flatliners, which was

the reason I bought it in the first place, again a party pearler if you can

get it in right! I found it on mp3 and then I had to have it on vinyl. 8/10

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Guest clark_303

A radical change indeed but a refreshing one. Bilbo Bagginz(I've never quite

understood the idea of this nick name =) has abandoned the morning melodies

and hippy-happy sounds of Synergy(that is also a masterpiece) and concentrated

on the high quality production and almost perfect soundscapes. It's not for

dumb party animals but if you have some sort of spirituality or higher

understanding in you, you'll get this after a couple of listens. I'd call the

sound very intelligent and carefully built. It's a nice journey to listen to

as a whole but also works as individual songs. There are some very original

acid-patterns and the breakbeats every now and then make it sound creative.

All songs are great but especially Telepathy, Flatliners, The Spirit World,

Roswell(just perfect really, love it!, reminds me of King of Jazz by Koxbox)

and the bonus track kick you to higher states of consciousness. A beautiful

journey full of amazingly lovely sounds and it's still melodic. -Clargoa

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