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Alienated Buddha - Inpsyde

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Children    4

Alienated Buddha - Inpsyde


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Artist: Alienated Buddha

Title: Inpsyde

Label: Out Of Orion

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 08'05" Skeleton

02. 08'49" Starfog

03. 08'53" Profanation

04. 09'41" Fire In The Sky

05. 07'46" The Graveyard

06. 06'17" Chakra Inside

07. 07'28" Inner Universe

08. 06'35" Empty Image

09. 07'50" Subsphera




Psychedelic, minimal, melodic, hypnotic, experimental ?Emany adjectives could

qualify this album as Tracks use elements of various styles ?ETrack 1 starts

with strange distorted noises and then calms down, preparing you to the

Alienated Buddha (a spanish group but you're really strong if you guess that

through the album cause it's far to be spanish-influenced) experience :-) A

kinda original bass then appears, with nice percussions in background, sounds

slightly jazzy by moments ?Ethe kick is not very present along the Track, but

the snares are. Then all slowly builds around that snares and bass ambience,

and very nice tribal drums suddenly increase the Track rhythm, to lead to the

melody till the end of the Track. Overall a cool intro Track. Track 2

alternates, at the beginning, the pitch of a quick bass, with few samples in

backgorund, and a spanish computerized voice. A heavy kick then starts, with a

strange sound stereo distorted effect. A soft background melody leads to a

break, during which the artist prepares your ears to the next step with few

psychedelic samples, that go increasing in BPM. The 3rd part of the Track

changes the pitch of the bass (a more high-pitched one), and is very fast. 2

melodies then work together while a high-pitched recurrent sample fixes the

tempo and make the whole thing pretty hypnotic. Don't expect to some

old-school melodic stuff, the melodies are very simple, and are absolutely the

main part of the Tracks. Track 3 starts much more low-pitched fast bass, with

high-pitched sample effects. You then hear a " car starter " sample, and then

a " child crying " repetitive sample over the background effects. Some claps &

a fat bass then lead to a very fast & psychedelic distorted guitar sound. The

claps then start again, more intensively, and a kinda " old-school " melody

(more Pleiadians then Astral Projection though) makes the whole thing very

psychedelic for few seconds. All then becomes more quiet, and various

psychedelic samples continue. A final melody, less fast, ends the Track.

Interesting. Track 4 starts quite slowly compared to the previous one, as the

intro lasts around 2 minutes. You hear a bass, a background kick, sometimes a

melody, then a very high-pitched melody. That's pretty strange, psychedelic

and minimal at the same time. A long drum break then lets a melody initialize

the build up of the second part of the Track. This one is a little faster, but

you can still hear mainly bass & weird samples, the kick still being not loud.

I can't say I love this Track. It's original, but sometimes too weird for me.

The last 3 minutes are very crazy. Track 5 begins with a fast loud kick and

few samples progressively building the Track ambience the artist wants you to

land on. A fast melody appears in background, still with this heavy kick.

Actually the bass & kick are fast, but the melody is much lower & not too

present in the Track, a quite "minimal" one. The 2nd part, starting after a

break, is more melodic but still weird & distorted. In fact the whole CD uses

a lot distortions & fast bass. Track 6 starts with no kick during the first 2

minutes, only a soft bass & melody. Then the kick appears, with a very fast

melody, which lasts for least 1/3 of the Track. Nice, but ?Enothing to compare

with Track 7 ! This Track is by far the best one here IMHO. One of my current

favourites : it starts with snares & claps then a kick and a strange

background ambience. A melody & a bass progressively hypnotize you, then a

second bass, louder, appears. A melody then lasts for few seconds till a

break, in which you only hear the second bass and a new kick. A very strange

stereo voice effect prepares a melody that goes increasing while a new bass

starts in backgorund. All stops, the melody is still present, the bass didn't

completely disappear, then a very strange voice effect lead you to a very "

russian " nice melody. Very entertaining, and crazy samples going with it. The

melody lasts for a while, then its pitch increases. A second low-pitched

instument then plays this same melody. Then you have a kinda " infected "

ambience, with 3 nice soft melodies closing the Track. That's very nice. This

Track deserves at least a 8/10, maybe even 9 for its originality. Trust me,

when you'll hear the melody you will think about it even 1 hour after having

listened to it :o) Track 8 is much darker then the other ones during the first

1/3, then goes a little more psychedelic & hypnotic. But, globally, I don't

find it that special, except in the last part, which uses a beautiful melody

effect. Track 9 uses very high-pitched samples at the beginning, with no bass

nor kick. The kick appears after mor ethan 1 minute, & the first melody after

2 minutes. But the Track is too high-pitched for my taste. The kind of Track

that would make your ears suffer a lot at a party. Overall, this album is very

original, mostly psychedelic & hypnotic, often weird, and contains some good

Tracks (Track 7 being the absolute highlight), and some average ones. But, if

you like weird & psychedelic sounds you won't be disappointed. Rating : 6/10

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Guest bauer[at]scheune[dot]net   
Guest bauer[at]scheune[dot]net

i have to agree with children track 7 rocks ... but the rest isnt really my cup

of tee ... it seems that the dudes who are behind alienated buddha have no

feeling for sounds . its sometimes like holymen .. the track starts good but

then they destroy it with some stupid change or melody or sometinhg .... but

track 7 is very good . and respect to the ab crew .. it seems they wrote they

own software to make this album .. stood in the inlay of the digipak .

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seraph    14

Great album ! Real refreshment in this era of progressive and minimal

trance....It is various kinds of trance at it's best... From Melodic to old

school, over more minimal, but psychedelic minimal...It is extremely

psychedelic album...I like all songs , they are all very well built with very

good sounds and production...If you are waiting for the " NEW OLD GOA " this

is an album for you..I was really convinced after RA's TO SIRIUS that no one

would dare to make melodic and old school album but here there is.... Best on


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Guest luky_lu[at]terra[dot]es   
Guest luky_lu[at]terra[dot]es

THESE guys dont take lsd.... their sound is so boring... it doesnt take you

any where... you need more than just trance knowlege to create a acid twisty

sounds, imo its sounds artificial, no modulation at all. This album is for

the 95 -96 days,but now is too far from where we are now.. 3/10

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psytones    98

Great album ! ...It is extremely

psychedelic album

Couldn`t agree more. This album is so nice and simple. It`s not simple as in bad,

it just has that acid touch that is crystal clear and fun-feely. And a lot of respect for their software knowledge!


THESE guys dont take lsd....

pfffmaybe your right, but either way, this album WORKS very weell on LSD. I have had some super audio experience while tripping on this album. The layers are complex in it`s super acid manner. The sounds are crisp but not plastic. Even though maybe it can be concived by some as being a very simple and non trippy album, this simply can not be the fact. Because when you understand the genious behind this creation in it`s way of working, it`s precissions(!!) and it`s light and smily mood..


well, this has been one of my dearest albums through psytimes. Shame it`s highly overlooked by the mass.






ADD: Free download of their unreleased tracks ALIENATED

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Penzoline    336

ADD: Free download of their unreleased tracks ALIENATED

Thank god the link still works! At least something to hear from this guy.


I wanted to hear this album after hearing a track on di.fm, Chakra Inside - which was awesome - but looks like it's gone for good. :/

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psytones    98

<3 lost my copy. Gonna get a new one.

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