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Solar Plexus - Images Of The 5th Dimension

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Solar Plexus - Images Of The 5th Dimension


Artist: Solar Plexus

Title: Images Of The 5th Dimension

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 06'25" Fragments

02. 08'01" Liquid Moon

03. 06'50" Ornaments Of Dust

04. 07'57" Solarplanet

05. 08'03" Crystal Forest

06. 09'42" Gravity Recoil

07. 06'51" Kalieda

08. 07'25" Voices Of Nova

09. 07'41" The Landing (Epilog)




I dunno, but this is not very strong goa trance. What's worse: Hypnotic

(a division of the ever so shitty Cleopatra label) thought it was a good

idea to print: "100% Pure Goa Trance" on the cover! I think the production is

the real problem with this album. It's not smooth, it doesn't sound


in fact it sounds more like something made with Rebirth on a PC.

Also, there are too many variations in the beat, which at times can be very

frustrating. Track 6 is just plain awful. However, a few tracks work (2, 4, 5,

7 and 8),

but still I can't really imagine anyone dancing to this.

So...my rating: 5/10

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Guest vertical_pig[at]hotmail[dot]com

i'd like to review this again.....fucking 0,0009 out of 10! this is shite, a

total waste of time! i sold my copy this morning and it feels sooooo good!

this is 1994 trance done badly...in 1998!!

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Where is the bathroom, I'm gonna puke! Here is a couple words of wisdom: "when

a cd says 100% pure goa, IT'S NOT FUCKING GOA! I GIVE THIS PIECE OF SHIT 100



I'm sorry...I mean PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT, should incoorperate a bag to anyone

who ACCI-FUCKING-DENTLY gets this crap!

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I don't know why this received such a bad response, because it's actually quite good music. Yes it is goa trance, not all goa trance has to sound the exact same style or have popular dance-floor appeal. All tracks are pretty good, nice melodies and atmospheres and great detail. The final downtempo track is great too.

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I was very suprised reading this review page... I think it is a good album , its nice dreamy goa trance! Not really dancefloor oriented. But I think goa trance is more than just dance music...

And it is clearly goa trance! I a beginning to doubt we all listened to the same album... It get 4.72/5 on discogs .... :P


anyone of the above persons wants to sell it to me? :lol:I

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Artist: Solar Plexus

Title: Images of the 5th Dimension

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1998


1. Fragments

2. Liquid Moon

3. Ornaments of Dust

4. Solarplanet

5. Crystal Forest

6. Gravity Recoil

7. Kalieda

8. Voices of Nova

9. The Landing (Epilog)





Jon Coco that is a little more F word than I'm used to from you kind sir. The tone of your review was quite angry. Did your CD come with a side of herpes? I'll cut you a break, after all that review is almost 13 years old. We've all done things in our past that we aren't proud of.




Hey! That is NOT me!!!


Ok it is me. But like Rick James said, "Pixie Sticks are a helluva drug."



I have to assume that the reviewers listened to a totally different CD than the one I have. Well...had. Like an idiot that didn't know what he had till it was gone I sold my copy, Stupid, I coulda been a million...


Well it would've looked great in my goa collection. How can you say this is terrible? It's brilliant, exactly the type of stuff you're pre-ordering from Anjuna. Old school screeching with a psychedelic edge. You wanna pick on the cover with the arbitrary deity and 100% goa trance label, I'm with you. But this is downright goa trance gold. The only negative I can see is that J. Anderson only made one album. Someone needs to get in touch with this guy ASAFP and see if he's got DAT Tapes in Nana's attic.



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