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V/A - Goa Head 11


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Guest Goa Spirit

Well this comp. wasn't that bad... it might not be the best thing out there,

but it has some nice tracks.. i liked 1,2,3,4,7,8 from the first cd... the

second cd is more minimalistic... however it has a lot of really big names

like delta, tarsis, johann bley, kox box.. overall second cd is also quite


btw.. before people start smacking tarsis... listen to his song millenium on

pulse 8/ he is one of the promising artists of psy.. i think his collab.. i.e.

disco slickers - slick of it all, was quite a nice album.. anyway i would give

this cd a 6.5/10..

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V/A - Goa Head 11


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Goa Head 11

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 2000


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 08'16" Element : Wilkommen

02. 08'42" D Fundation : Chicadelly Circus

03. 07'35" Disco Slickers : Hit It Right

04. 08'08" SUN Project : That's A Trap

05. 09'40" Chi-ad : Pathfinder 2000 AD

06. 09'34" Massimo Vivona : Secret

07. 07'35" Deep : Gong Song

08. 10'07" Bitmonx : Pipemode

09. 05'56" Jack Black Meets The Gab : At The End Of The Century


CD 2

01. 09'51" The Delta : Supercell

02. 06'51" Tarsis : Pure Energy

03. 08'47" Johann Bley : Dream

04. 08'10" Masun : Brain Burn

05. 08'56" Psychonaut : Mind's Eye

06. 07'31" DJ Nitrogen : Killer Animals

07. 09'06" Biodegradable : El Nagual

08. 09'21" Koxbox : A Major Problem In Australia (Massimo Vivona Rmx)

09. 06'29" Deep Dive Corporation : Summertime




Shit... this one is BAD!!! I Never expected something bad like this from

Goa-Head... Too many minimalistic songs without any spirit, without any ideas,

without cool psychedelic noise...

I think half of the songs are licensed from Liquid Audio Soundz, and I don't

know what they are doing in the Goa-scene, they make really boring

minimalistic Trance!! If you wanne buy minimalistic stuff try MDMA Records,

Iboga or Flow Records, cuz that's much better...

On this double CD we have 4 ok-songs... nr 2 on CD 1 has a cool bassline, and

the chi-a.d. song is also ok... Than we have to wait till the 5th song on CD 2

before we have something good... Nice song by Psychonaut!! And I don't think

it's a coincedence the best song of the CD is a Free Form, Downtempo-song from

Deep Dice Corp.!!

And here's a message to Tarsis... You guys call your own track pure energy??

héhé, you should listen to S-Range for powerfull minimalistic music... Cuz

that Tarsis track sucks big time!! Maybe worth to mention too are the cool

psychedelic effects on the Disco Slickers-track... But nothing more to say

about this comp!!

It gets an 3/10 from me, and I hope they'll recover fast, cuz otherwise this

was my last Goa-Head!!!! Bom Shankar

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Guest Acidhive

I got this a while ago already, but haven't had the time to write any reviews

lately .. Sorry! Anyway, some short comments: It's not as bad as some people

day, there are some great tracks on this. I must say I myself like minimal and

dark Goa, but not in this much quantity. However, this is not as minimal as

for example Tantrance 10, so I'm not really complaining. Great tracks are for

instance: CD1: 1,6,8 CD2: 1,3,5 Other tracks are just what's up in Europe

nowadays. More minimal, more dark. Some tracks may grab you, others do not. I

give this comp: 7,5/10 (Because it's not THAT bad!)

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Guest Kuldipsidhu

best of the cd is massimo vivona=secret if la goa trance come here i want to

leave massage for him that i have the delta supercell track sounds very bad :(

7/10 for 2cds ok not that bad

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This CD is quite average. There isn't what I believe a killer track but there

are some nice ones. The Disco Slickers track is good as usually and I also

like the Sun Project and Bitmonx track. Since I hadn't heard the new (?) mix

of Chi-A.D.'s pathfinder track I was looking forward to hear it since Chi-A.D.

has been one of my favorite artists awhile ago, but to my dissapointment I

didn't like it much. There's nothing really fancy about cd #2 either, but

don't get me wrong, it's not really bad, it just lacks that little extra. In

short I think this CD compilation have its moments but it's not as good as it

could have been. There's lots of great music being released nowadays and I

don't think Goa Head has managed to bring us "the best in goa trance and

psychedelic techno" this time..

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Guest AshonaciD[at]shpongle[dot]com

I'm not a major fan of minimal trance, i only have this CD and another goa head

which are minimal, but i still like it. I think it's very far removed from goa

trance, but it's still psychedelic enough. best songs: Element, Sun Project,

Disco Slickers, Psychonaut. 6.5 / 10 ;)

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Guest admin[at]profanity[dot]dk

At the first listen i was really disappointed by this compilation, but after

some time, some of the tracks started to grow on me. "Element - Willkommen" is

a great track for starting the compilation, but may seem a bit to repetitive

for some people. "Disco Slickers - Hit It Right" is also nice - one of their

best tracks. "Massimo Vivona - Secret" is a very sad track, but a real

masterpiece - have to be my favorite on this comp. "Johann Bley - Dream" -

Well, the title says it all - nice track. "Biodegradable - El Nagual" has

great power. Also i like Massimo Vivona's remix of A.M.P.I.A - liked the Saafi

Brothers version and the original better though.


The biggest disappointments have to be the remix of CHI-a.d.'s Pathfinder - so

much worse than the original. "DJ Nitrogen - Killer Animal" is just to much

for me, and is a track i skip every time.


Overall a pretty good compilation: 7/10

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Guest KiyaN[at]goatrance[dot]com

Again bad one by Goa-Head. Not suprised, thought...

a compil. full of minimal energyless boring tracks.

Tarsis's track is one of the stupidiest tracks I ever heard. Yet, there are

some really fine trax by Element, Massimo Vivona, Delta, Psychonaut and Johan


Other is unhearable...(Listen carefully to "Mind's Eye" by Psychonaut...it's

magnificent!) Why it isn't on their album? Perfection.

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Okay Goa-Head, but there are some nice ones here in the minimal and progressive era...

Best ones here are Element - Wilkommen (Melodic progressive tune that's nice to listen to), D.Fundation - Chicadilly Circus (Hard and dark, how true minimal is made),

Disco Slickers - Hit It Right (Nice, but gets repetitive after a while), The Delta - Supercell (Storming track.) Rest is average or forgettable. 6/10

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It is a double CD so as expected there are fillers but still enough good tracks. Nice opening by Element, the second track has a catchy bassline, track 3 bores me to be honest. The SUN Project track is pretty cool, the Chi-A.D. remix definitely adds some maturity to the original, it sounds very different, housy, and much less tribal.

Secret by M. Vivona is very beautiful, pure relaxing trance this is. Ending track is too dull for me.


2nd disc also has forgettable moments but some nice tracks as well. The Delta with a very dark theme as usual, on a slow tempo. The Masun track is...strange minimal, but Psychonaut delivers something more psychedelic. Biodegradable offers one of the best tracks here IMO, stunning work with interesting arrangements and percussion. The remix by M. Vivona of the Koxbox track differs a lot from the original, it is good as well with a more melodic approach.

The last breakbeat track ends the compilation nicely on a mellow ad melancholic atmosphere, a very positive surprise for me.

Indeed quite a few fillers in this compilation, but at the price of a single CD there is nothing wrong in buying this one second hand, if you are not allergic to the techy minimal sound of this era.

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This compilation is very typical of the time - it showcases all sorts of 'psychedelic' trance anno 2k. Don't listen to this expecting a good flow, this is not made for tripping off with the flow but merely a snapshot of all kinds of 'trance' from then.

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