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The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird


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This album should be re-issued, available to buy.


It's one of the few goatrance albums I can't find to order/buy anywhere!


I'd enjoy having it in my collection. I don't even think I ever got to hear all the tracks here. I haven't found it available to buy for half a decade.

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Track list:


01. 06'56" Telepathy - B+

02. 07'07" Hyperspaced - B+ / A-

03. 07'00" Freedom From The Flesh - A- / A

04. 05'32" Stimuli - A-

05. 06'04" Cybertropic - B+

06. 06'31" Uforica - C+

07. 04'44" Binary Neuronaut - B-

08. 06'27" Noises From The Darkness - B+

09. 06'21" Feeling Very Weird - B / B+

10. 07'35" Noises From The Darkness (DUB) - C



Few things are more interesting in Goa-Trance than an album created by Simon Postford and Martin Freeland.


There are some excellent songs on this album. I like the opening song Telepathy but I don't find it anything spectacular like some people seem to. The melody isn't as accentuated and layered but the goa vibes are very strong.


Freedom From The Flesh is maybe the most awesome track I've ever heard by The Infinity Project. I've heard Hyperspaced many times. It's a really good song. Stimuli is another one I find excellenet. It has two parts basically. Both are wonderful and I love how the first half correlates with the more dreamy rhythms of the second. It's awesome. Cybertropic is also pretty cool but it isn't as dynamic. It doesn't change much as it progresses a compared to the others. The way they match and mix over melodies together is catchy but it sounds more basic, melody-wise, than most songs on the album.


The problem is that the second half of the album is generally weaker than the first. Track 6, Uforica is somewhat plodding and uneventful, lacking in an engaging melody, hook, or rhythm. Track 7 is not bad but it's too short! And I get bored to tears while hearing the dub closing track 10. It's so slow and repetitive, picking up during the last few minutes saves it from being completely squashed in my opinion.


In Conclusion, this is an interesting album. Part of me expected more from artists like Simon Postford and Martin Freeland. There are some really great tracks on this album. The Infinity Project was never really my style. There music is a little more complex and sophisticated. I never liked cared for the cpu/robot altered voices in tracks like Feeling Very Weird. I found it distracting and dorky to say the least. Nonetheless, some rhythms, melodies, and tracks here are great, excellent. They're exceptionally well done. I strongly feel this album is two or three great, excellent songs shy of a superb album. This has held up well since 1995 and it's unquestionably one of the top Goa-Trance albums from that year below the fantastic release of Twisted by Simon Postford.



Best tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9.


Favorite Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 8.




For those interested, I found this album, a bunch of copies on amazon for under 5 US Dollars(!) cheap and in good condition. See below!



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Few things are more interesting in Goa-Trance than an album created by Simon Postford and Martin Freeland.

they were only co-producers on few tracks.

TIP would actually be raja ram and graham wood.



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Classic LP. As a DJ, I would rarely play it. The singles and EP's had wider tracks, that made them sound fatter and louder, so mixing an LP and a single was not ideal. But, some LP's were unquestionable. Such as, Hallucinogen's Twisted Double Fluorescent yellow discs, if the music wasn't good enough the aesthetically pleasing discs did the trick. And, Juno Reactor's Conga Fury Double LP: One of the best all time tribal offerings ever. With the advent of CD-J's and MP3's it makes the sound issue irrelevant. But, I only spun wax, professionally. Not until the last year, I have been dabbling in virtual djing. Which I don't mind at all I just wish their was still good psytrance.

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This one is lit. :D Highly recommended to all fans of Hallucinogen, Man With No Name, Raja Ram, Doof and indeed of this super group The Infinity Project. This album features some of the most talented artists of the genre, so there’s plenty of different details to appreciate. At times it sounds like an Hallucinogen album, at others like something uniquely weird.

You could enter this album with a different angle each time. Are you in a MWNN mood or perhaps something else? All those bases are covered to some degree, and the album is probably the most interesting in those instances were there is an overlap of artistic ideas, by the producers involved in this project/album. :) Now I can’t say for sure how the studio sessions went down. If they were actually all present during the recording sessions, or if they made some tracks separately. I would like to think that they at some point did actually collaborate in the studio. However it was probably very different for each track. Wether or not they actually all partake in the studio sessions physically or collaborated more on a conceptulal level. I still like to imagine that they were all in the studio smoking, laughing and having a good time.

The artwork is great as well, 1995 seems to have a been an inspired year for Goa Trance indeed. And I would imagine that everything felt new and exciting. It must’ve been a magnificent experience to have taken part in this newly emerging exploration of sound. The music on offer here sounds as vivid and inspired today as it did in 1995.

And this text from the album inner sleeve is soo funny and colorful. And features what I assume is the first printed mention of the perhaps newly coined "word" Shpongle?

Welcome, time to join minds and recharge the spiritual batteries. A serotonin drenched universe awaits, Endor funs poppin, your mind morphs into a cybercraft hurtling thru the cosmic mirror on a mental shpongle, surfing the de-coded intergalactic highway of the imagination on a one way ticket to infinity. 
Holographic geometric shifting surfaces osillating, between dimensions. Halluciination, one world tribe throbbing affirming magic is alive in hyperspace: the pleasure button is stuck on go... an endless loop of bliss. Weird highness, high weirdness. Dust stompers Fleuronauts, gravity dispersers, trancers, and dancers, a zillion, Bom Shankars. 
Take us to your dealer. 
Love RR + Graham  

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