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V/A - Fahrenheit Project 1


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V/A - Fahrenheit Project 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Fahrenheit Project 1

Label: Ultimae

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 01'25" Atoi : Mystery School - Devotion (Intro)

02. 06'27" Jaia : L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs

03. 07'39" Asura : Amber Rain

04. 07'31" Toires : Lâalam

05. 07'12" Asura : They Will Come

06. 05'11" Hol Baumann : Another

07. 06'42" Solar Fields : Outlined Surfaces

08. 05'34" Chi-ad : Slide (Limited Version)

09. 07'19" Disortion Orchestra : Fire Maiden

10. 06'01" Aes Dana : Skyclad (High Frequencies Version)

11. 03'58" Mystical Sun : In The Sky

12. 07'10" Craig Padilla : Beyond Beta (Original Mix)

13. 03'58" True Frequencies : New Indigenous Religion

14. 01'14" Atoi : Mystery School - Devotion (Extract)




This is the second album cd release from the French label Infinium - and I

shall certainly be keeping an ear on them in future! This is what French

chilled trance is all about from my perspective - lushous gentle midrange,

slow but noticeable beats, catchy simple melodies in all the right places

and basically a wonderful downtempo trip. This is not the most psychedelic

of albums, but it is delicate and well thought out - the tunes drift into

one another seemlessly and the gradual pace changes come all in the right

places for an 80 minute session of smiles and daydreaming.


The album intro is brief, leading into the marvelous Jaia 'l'ivresse..' tune

that has appeared already on another of 2000's best chillout releases - Nada

Masala vol.1. This is a real treat if you haven't heard it. Then comes the

first of Asura/Asura-members's many contributions to the melting pot - slow

and gradually taking your mind towards a well delivered melody. Toires ups

the beat frequency a little while staying down deep and mysterious. The

second Asura tune is a total delight - perhaps the best I've heard from

them. Rich and beautifully detailed. One of this compilations many



Hol Baumann turns up the grit a little with a growly guitar riff and deep

beats, leading into Solar fields playful acid-funk number. This gives way to

Chi-ads excellent dub-driven Slide and on to Distortion Orchestra with their

spacey synths. Aes Dana is one part of Asura, and there's no surprise how

this sounds. Bamboo flutes and deep, slow Transwave-styled beats all the



The Mystical Sun is a short tribal excursion - but to me the sample sounds

just slightly tinny and noisy - a short lapse in otherwise great production.

Craig Padilla's tune is soft, synthy and beatless - a bit less interesting

to me, but not dreadful. Then comes True Frequencies with their Leary

samples and piano feast, ending with another ATOI extract.


Clearly the intention was to really wind the pace down towards the end of

the album, which works well, though I feel that the last tunes hold fewer

treats than the first two thirds of the compilation. Otherwise superb.



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Guest phase418[at]hotmail[dot]com

This is a quality "Ambient" release. I put the Ambient

in quotes, because the first half of the disc has

some very trancey beats and synths. Tracks 3,4,5,6 sounds

a little bit too "full-on" and loud to be called

pure ambient. My reaction is different than Freak 51's,

the louder tracks tend to wake me up and stimulate me

more than I want to be! But from track 7 on, it is

very relaxed.

The quality of ALL tracks is A+, and there are

no bad samples or mistakes that can spoil the mood. The production, and mixing

(flow of the tracks togther) is

excellent. This is good ambient, quality, classy and

no cheese. It is a technically and artistically solid

work - if not 100% my style and tempo. Excellet work

for a first release Infinium Records! looking forward

to volume 2! 8.5/10

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Guest phase418[at]hotmail[dot]com

I'd also like to add that I think this CD will stand the

test of time, in my collection. I can easily see

myself pulling this out and listening to it 3 or 4 years

from now. Also, the audio production is very delicate and

subtle on this disc - MP3 will not do! I'm glad I bought it.

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Guest E world

All tracks are really nice, and I want to say that Ambient is not my cup of

tea. A compilation for all the lovers of down tempo, in all genres, but too

for the others. Very, very, very good. 9/10

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Guest Acidhive

Now THIS is a great ambient compilation. This is just as good as TIP's Twelve.

Wonderful tracks from Asura here and Jaia etc. All tracks are great, special

mention for the Craig Padilla track.. !! 9/10 from me here. No more words

other than: get this, you won't regret it!!

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OMG, this is fantastic! It's so various, so pure! We really have some gems

here. First of is ATOI - Mystery School with Devotion (intro), very

psychedelic and dark, really work as an intro. Then we have a fantastic track

from Jaïa (not surprised :-) called "I'ivresse des profondeurs", and this is

really an incredible track, really makes me fly over the dark beach with the

small waves comming in, so chilled, so beutiful! Number 3 is Amber Rain from

Asura which also is a really good track, not as good as Jaïa though, but still

it maintain a very high quality. 4 Toires - Lâalam is not that chilled as the

first tracks, and I think it's one of the weaker tracks here, mostly because

of that quite heavy baseline, it's still pretty good though. Another Asura

track comes and what a track!! So psychedelic, it creates so many pictures,

very beutiful. It just keeps getting better and better, and eventually it

reaches that sample saying "yes, we are sure" and the climax kicks in. And

even though we actually have a climax and it "kicks in", this is still 100%

ambient and the track keeps it's chilled feeling, don't miss this one! Next is

a weird track from Hol Baumann (who?), which is probably the weakest one here,

actually I often skip it as I don't think it fits in here, if you've heard

that ignoring "melody" you know what I mean. If you can tolorate that melody

it's still a ok track. Now the disc begins to be more chilled, as we have

Solar Fields - Outlined Surfaces lined up now, really nice track with a

beutiful piano as the best stuff. In the middle of these unknown artist we now

have Chi-A.D. with a limited version of "Slide", pretty weird stuff and pretty

average compared to some of the other tracks here. 9 Distortion Orchestra -

Fire Maiden is nice but doesn't really go anywhere, pretty beutiful though. 10

Aes Dana - Skyclad (high frequencies version) is a very good track, but

lookout as these very high frequencies hurts your ear! Mystical Sun is next

with In the sky, pretty good but really just some sort of intro to the next

track: Craig Padilla (who?) - Beyond Beta (original mix)!! Extremely beutiful,

chilled and propably the highlight on this disc! Don't miss this one neither!

True frequencies participates here with a track called New Indigenous

Religion, this one contains alot of talking by Timothy Leary, actually it's

not a sample, it's some sort of vocal! For me it's "the message" of this

compilation, it would be better if I could figure out what exactly it means

though. This cd ends with an extract of the same track that started it, again

very psychedelic and some words ("flying bat"?) to finish it off. All in all

this is fantastic and a must own for ambient likers. I give it 9,5/10. Oh

yeah, did i forget to say this is flawless mixed and compiled by Vincent

Villuis (member of Asura!) and Sunbeam! Get this while you can!

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Guest [Anonymous]

The delicate sound of ambient and trance. Like water into a dark lake.


One of the best work of V.Villuis and Sunbeam and my next review (in september

2002) for music used into indoor cycling...

Shao by Spininside


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Many-sided compilation of various artists. It is supposed to be chill-out va but experience shows that Ultimae's got some guts for different approach also.


ATOI's intro sets great atmosphere and it sounds so brightly in the morning.

The next one's from Jaia and is one of the most beautiful tracks here, very relaxing and at the same time lifts the spirit.

Asura continues in the same vein with another drifter.

Then Toires brings 4/4 rhythmics and 2 more tracks following him change the mood into a pitched-down version of trance, with hints of goaish strings.

I was surprised by Hol Baumann's track. It has distorted guitar accompanied by even agressive beats, so wtf? I heard his Human album and it was all so liquidy and sky-bluey so once more - wtf?

So the next comes Solar Fileds and i have to say i'm dissaponted - it's something totally different from everything he puts later on Ultimae. It's more dub oriented or smtn. Here he uses samples from the Fifth Element movie which are ok.

CHI-AD's Slide track is not bad, i like the voice sample, it gives chills.

Distortion Orchestra is a psy-trance rpoject. Here they chose to be deep and relaxed and it has all the ultimae trademark sounding. It's like CBL, really. One of my faves.

AES DANA - now that's what i call serious music. This track put a huge smile on my face and sent me to watch the Skyclad (tho don't know what that means :P )

Mystical Sun continues Dana's fashion with a wonderful flute sample. Spiritual and colorful track but short.

Another great track comes from Craig Padilla. It's totally beatless and is a charming piece of muzik ^_^ Perfect for the sunset.

The last full track produced by True Frequencies got some cool piano. But sums up to be a so-so track.

ATOI completes the mind expanding trip called Fahrenheit Project 1.


Some tracks are really great some tracks not so 7/10 from me.

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Artist: Various

Title: Fahrenheit Project Part One

Label: Infinium Records

Date: 2001


01. 01'25" Atoi : Mystery School - Devotion (Intro)
02. 06'27" Jaia : L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs
03. 07'39" Asura : Amber Rain
04. 07'31" Toires : Lâalam
05. 07'12" Asura : They Will Come
06. 05'11" Hol Baumann : Another
07. 06'42" Solar Fields : Outlined Surfaces
08. 05'34" Chi-ad : Slide (Limited Version)
09. 07'19" Disortion Orchestra : Fire Maiden
10. 06'01" Aes Dana : Skyclad (High Frequencies Version)
11. 03'58" Mystical Sun : In The Sky
12. 07'10" Craig Padilla : Beyond Beta (Original Mix)
13. 03'58" True Frequencies : New Indigenous Religion
14. 01'14" Atoi : Mystery School - Devotion (Extract)



"You will attain enlightenment."


And I did. Don't I look f*cking enlightened?


What a beautiful compilation. Jaia owns with L'ivresse des Profondeurs, a track that is super smooth and oozes character. Amber Rain makes good use of the slice function as Lalaam moves into more upbeat trancey territory. Get used to it cause that's where you're gonna stay for awhile. It's easy to get swept up in the break of They Will Come and Another has a militaristic terminator ascendancy of the machines feel. I absolutely loved the middle of Outlined Surfaces. So lush.


After the so so dub track by Chi-A.D., Fire Maiden creeps in with something sinister. Skyclad is a mix of old world and space exploration. In the Sky has an American Indian mysticism to it and is very short. But it flows perfectly into the slow ambient of Beyond Beta. New Indigenous Religion treads lightly with gentle but eerie piano melodies over downtempo beats. Short again, but falls right into the futuristic outro.


Wonderful beginning to a series that defined the downtempo compilation.



Beatspace (Original I think)




Ultimae (2008 Edition)



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