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V/A - Cosmic Conspiracy


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Guest Kenzu

wow... this is an incredible album... i used to own it, i don't have it

anymore! the "listen" section made me all nostalgic! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

mushroomman - crystaldelic is the best track i ever heard... it's so good..

sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood... i can hear this shit 24/7... i hope it's

still at the listen section so u can check it out too! my mark for this album

- 10/10 - real goa... as we all used to love and praise.....

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Guest sigbjorn[at]ii.uib.no[dot]nospam

Tristan, do you have the catalog number for this?

It would really be great if all that added reviews included the catalog numbers.



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V/A - Cosmic Conspiracy


Artist: Various

Title: Cosmic Conspiracy

Label: Ibiza Music

Date: 1994


Track listing:


01. 07'09" Nasha : Trancer

02. 07'35" The Muses Rapt : Way In

03. 07'35" Mushroomman : Dreamer

04. 07'06" Nasha : Silky Bliss

05. 09'58" The Muses Rapt : Afternoon Trip

06. 04'59" Nasha : Got Any More A ...

07. 09'18" Nasha : Gaspacho Con Gus

08. 07'05" Mushroomman : Crystaldelic

09. 09'19" The Muses Rapt : Spiritual Healing




As a start, I'd like to state that I've put most of the compilation's

tracks as this weeks' tracks of the day, for your own listening pleasure,

when I'm almost sure that 90% of you don't hold a copy of this great

compilation, and the chances of getting one are... non.

That's why I won't be "describing" each track (which is not useful

either), you can just listen for yourselves and find out why I like it

so much!

The compilation is filled with real melodic goatrance gems, as Nasha's

early tracks, and Mushroomman's ONLY released tracks. The production,

for '94 really precedes it's time, there are beautiful melodies and

transitions to flow with.

Don't you ever forget where the roots are, the rich textures and

melodies which drives you away to astral worlds.

My personal favourites are ALL ;D

Well, especially 3, 5 (incredible stuff, especially the second part of

the track), 6 (wierd track, awesome buildup), 7 (one of the most

psychedelic tracks i've ever heard, and that's a '94 prod!), 8 (that

lead sounds human! amazing) and 9, which I'm sure you all are familiar

with already.

Please, do yourself a favour and listen to the tracks in the tracks of

the day, we're adding more tracks as each day goes by! It'll be there

'till the late saturday.

More stuff like this please!

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Guest knightmare[at]videotron[dot]ca

Mushroomman : Crystaldelic Oh my God ! Just took a listen to it... holy shit,

its... hum, no word for that !

anyone knows where I can buy the album or get some full 128 kbps mp3 of it ?

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Guest keith303

mushroomman is amazing!!!!!!!!! ohhhhh my god! never heard such a thing!!!!!! i

never even thought it's possible!!! hear ti fast in the tracks of the

day........ it's so good! also muses rapt - afternoon trip is great! and nasha

- got any more a! and gaspacho con gus!!!!!!!! omg omg omg omg what music i

hear i can't believe it......................

whaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best compilation...


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Guest Lord Prose

My opinion? Just great. One of the truly greatest compilations of all times.

Make sure you hear the tracks. 10/10, forever.

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Guest Furma

Great compilation!! Who is this mushroomman? In what projects is he involved

today? Or maybe he's just sitting next to an old oak, trippin' hard as hell?

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Guest Magix

Blaahhh.... Don't like this at all... But I respect it though. Because this is

the roots of where the music has gone today, for sure!

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Guest grupo5u[at]hotmail[dot]com

I L-O-V-E this compilation and in my opinion, "MushroomMan - Dreamer" is the

BEST song in this comp. You must hear it. 10/10

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This album is a gem! I just discovered it a few months ago but wow! Every track is excellent but the last three are unbelievable. Everyone Ive played this for has loved it. I love this style of Goa Trance.

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Artist: Various
Title: Cosmic Conspiracy
Label: Ibiza Music
Date: 1997

1. Trancer - Nasha
2. Way In - The Muses Rapt
3. Dreamer - Mushroomman
4. Silky Bliss - Nahsa
5. Afternoon Trip - The Muses Rapt
6. Got Any More A...? - Nahsa
7. Gaspacho Con Gus - Nasha
8. Crystaldelic - Mushroomman
9. Spiritual Healing - The Muses Rapt

Here is a compilation that seems to be on everyone's man you gotta hear list. From the golden age of goa year 1997 it's basically three projects Nasha, Mushroomman, and The Muses Rapt. It's value seems to be through the roof maybe because this is one of the few compilations you will find tracks by Mushroomman. A quick look at the track list and one track will stick out above all others: Spiritual Healing.

I hate that track. So. Much. So like every test in high school you throw out the score from the president of the student republicans/chess club treasurer and also the douchebag in shop class that smokes and thought it would be a good idea to set his neighbor's cat on fire.

So for me? Clean slate.

The artwork is what initially drew me to it. Very colorful and Transwave in appearance revealing exactly what that psychedelic time must have felt like to all who were lucky enough to experience it.

Trancer- This one grew on me with repeated listens. It's a rather dark track that isn't overly melodic or danceable. But it does set the mood as an opener letting you know that something different this way comes.

Way In- This is the first of 3 tracks by the Muses and it's long intro is delicious with layers of tactile sounds. Not powerful, but eerie like an alien guide that doesn't say much. Yeah he looks weird in your eyes, but stop staring. He's aware of it. Liked it. See I don't hate the Muses, you got me all wrong.

Dreamer- Ah, the elusive Mushroomman. This one echoes like a rock dropped down a dark well. Bass drop included. When the lead comes in the evil begins to crawl from that well. Another one that isn't very powerful yet quite descriptive. All those creatures are staring at you from their place of concealment.

Silky Bliss- "It's the evolution of revolution."

This one is full sounding and more pumping with twirling leads. The sounds used are also not your everyday. Good one.

Afternoon Trip- The most aggressive and in yo face track on the compilation, The Muses really bring it here. Layers that are constantly changing with melody after melody shows me that they are more than the track that shall remain unspoken.

Got Any More A...?- Nasha again with some juicy bass and that's about all I took from it. Meh.

Gaspacho Con Gus- Because you can't keep good trancers down, It's Nasha for the final time with a much improved effort. Deep and punchy with plenty of lead synth growl. One can attribute it's success to the presence of Gus Till...or the absence of whatshisname.

Crystaldelic- If you read the reviews of this comp then this is the track that you simply must hear.

Like a fat chick at Wendy's ordering a diet soda, I don't get it. It's ok, but it ain't like we stumbled upon 10 unreleased remixes of Alcyone. Hell it's not even the best track on the album.

"Hey dude, what about the last track?"

Don't know what you're talking about.

Looking at the discogs price of $275 American...whew! Would I pay that?

Not if Salma Hayek personally delivered it dressed only in a whipped cream bikini. For me it was a good release of goa trance that I had never heard before. A different style than what I was used to. The topper for me was Afternoon Trip which I unexpectedly enjoyed.


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