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Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams


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Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams


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Artist: Juno Reactor

Title: Bible Of Dreams

Label: Blue Room

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'02" Jardin De Cecile

02. 08'06" Conga Fury

03. 06'46" God Is God

04. 08'12" Komit

05. 05'12" Swamp Thing

06. 06'41" Kaguya Hime

07. 07'57" Children Of The Night

08. 09'36" Shark

09. 06'28" High Energy Protons (Orion Mix)




Track 3, God Is God (with very good oriental voices), is, in my opinion, the

BEST Juno Reactor's Track ...

Tracks 1,2&9 are pretty good too, but I don't really like this album ... there

is Goa Tracks, but most of these Tracks are more Trance than Goa ...

It's Juno Reactor's style ! Not really psychedelic, but well built Tracks :-)

Nevertheless I don't like Tracks 5 and 8 at all :-(

Rating : 5/10

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More ambient than Beyond the infinite, but a good album. I don't like Swamp

Thing but the other tracks are great. Favorites are Children of the Night and


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Guest cosmica[at]goatrance[dot]com

Jardin de Cecile.... well well well... Juno is among the best. I'll never be

bored listening that, even if it's more ambiant

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Guest Tequila

nice album of juno reactor wich is more ambient than goatrance.

best track is GOD is GOD and Jardin De Cécile.Nevertheless, I have to admit

that some tracks like swamp thing and Shark are boring.


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Guest follow the yellow brick road

if u wanna go on a journey, put it in and follow the sound. personally, i went

so very far to such very beautiful places with this cd. exsquisite psyhedelic

soundscapes that leave you awestruck at the hectic power of juno reactor.

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Guest Rough and Rush

As Ben Watkins once said-"anybody making trance can stick it up their arse" and

this album ain't a trance album, its more like something Peter Gabriel might

put together in his spare time thus basically making it a load of rubbish.Try

put these tracks on at 3 in the morning and I'm sure you would be told to piss


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Guest jeffe[at]freesurf[dot]fr

A great album not very dancefloor trance but surely one of the greatest you can

listen at home A mix betwwen ambient and goa with great percussions. God is

God is a little bit too commercial but the rest.. . turn the lights off !!


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I must tell that Juno Reactor is my favorite Goa project. Ok.Some people

wouldn't call them real goa, but for me they really are. Album is now very

old,and i can't wait to hear their new album. I guess that it will be great

at least like this one.

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Guest haz_303[at]yahoo[dot]com

...aquatic(like bubbles in water)... ...dark(except for "god

is god")... ...great!

but not GOA in the "classic" way



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Guest AtomikElf

bible of dreams....hmmmm, what a fitting name. i thought about it for a long

time. this album is awesome. it is most definitely different from the normal

squelchy goa styles out there, but this is a masterpiece. truly a masterpiece


sound. it's so different that i find it hard to explain why i think it's

brilliant. well, it can transform your mind, mould it into this ball of thought

and infinite energy, and take you along for the whole sound induced psychedelic

experience, and it's thrilling, inspiring, provoking, and enjoyable. this cd is

a revelation. the trick is, to be in a situation where you can totally let go.

preferably dark (with a uv light or lava lamp), preferably on a mind-altering

substance (eg. lsd or lighter fluid or weed etc), with a few good friends who

can just sit there for about an hour with a few mumbles inbetween so there are

few interruptions, and the journey will begin. (let me just say here, i dont

think this is party music).....my rating - 9/10 "man from the atom"

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

Bley by himself rocks. Juno Reactor sucks the big one 3/10 Where are Johann

Bleys albums on this list anyway?

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I quite liked this one, except "Shark", which is more like "Goldfish":

mundane. God is God is excellent and so is the bonus track (High Energy

Protons), although that's from the ancient Trancemissions album of almost TEN

YEARS AGO! TEN YEARS! (calm down: breathe in, breathe out.) Having picked

out individual tracks, allow me to mention that this works really well as a

record, but not so well as individual tracks.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Juno Reactor.... Love m. I didn't listen enough to their music before but now I

understand that they are the gods and everything they put their hands on turns

into gold. The goa masters of all time.. Even back in 93..........10/10

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

Wonderous interstellar tribal splendor the likes of which only Juno Reactor

knows how to produce. The music is weaved in such a way that one can imagine

a detailed story coinciding with the music. Rich with refined energy. Has a

distinctly mystical feel to it. Sure to excite the atoms in the minds of the

most jaded intronauts. 8 out of 10.

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Guest jim[at]raveworld[dot]net

Jardia de cecile is awesome. This is not really a dance-record but it´s great

in the car or @ home. I specially like all the drums. And dont ever hesitate

to se them live! Peace.

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Guest chis[at]matrik.ndo.co[dot]uk

Ambient epic Lu.ci-ana does it for me big time. This doesn't, not much anyway.

The cons: trk7 progresses very little. trk5 - I HATE ELECTRIC GUITARS - is

the simplest way to say how much I hate this track... the pros: the rest of

the album pretty much. Congafury is very... different if anything. Damn

appropriate title for such an excellent track - a real thumper. Love the vox

on God Is God... overall very good stuff. but Swamp Thing turns me off Big

Time - it really ruins the album for me (it actually started fine until those

damn Guitars came in). 6.5/10

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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

a listen to at home album which is markedly different to

pigeonholed trance. Unlike any other release. You can tell by listening to the

album, that playing live, these guys would rock. Children of the Night is a

killer, Kaguya hime and conga fury are both great. And orion did a fine job

remixing High energy protons. The album has a type of religious feel

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Guest clark_303

Very nice album, not the usual psy-trance style but more original stuff. Jardin

De Cecile begins the Bible of Dreams with beautiful and memorable melodies,

it's truly one of the most beautiful trance songs around. Conga Fury doesn't

really do anything but then comes God Is God and it's a beautiful Arabian

influenced song with guitars, it even has mass-appeal. Komit is the song with

great acid-lines here and it's quite stomping too. Swamp Thing has very cool

guitars and it's one of the best songs here. Shark is ambient with very nice

sounds and atmosphere, very spacey. All songs are at least good and some of

them are even excellent. What characterizes this album, is original

percussions and very nice basslines so if you're ready to try something new

and not just the usual, creativity lacking stuff, you'll like this album. Very

well used vocal samples too. In overall, a great album but it's not really

psy-trance but just versatile electronic music. But I think people should be

able to listen to other music too, right? -Clargoa

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I feel a little disappointed that the copy I have does not have the HEP remix -

though I have the original ..... was this a tune included in the USA or vinyl

edition, as here in the UK it didn't appear ?

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Guest e-phaze

god is god, children of the night, shark and jardin de cecile

are the greatest tracks!! but all is good.. a very nice album! 8/10

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Guest Zeitti

Like someone above said, you have to be in the right mood and have the right

circumstances to like this.. Personally I prefer normal goa-trance style a lot

more than this, but it doesn't suck.. Sometimes when my head is about to

explode with the psychedelic melodies of other groups, it's nice to play this

one and let the pressure come down a bit.. And like many others, I don't like

swamp thing at all .. electronic guitars just aren't good with electronic

music. Also shark is really boring.. Best tracks are all others.

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  • 2 months later...

I listened very carefully to this album. This is what I believe is most

accurate about this album. Okay, 1.)Jardin De Cecile-is nice, melodic, good

rhythm. Pretty cool, more so at night of course. 2.)Conga Fury-I don't care

for this, even though it has some pretty unexpected, cool parts in it. The

voice gets annoying, and although the beats, and other sounds are good, this

track all around is not. 3.)God Is God-The good thing about this is the

powerful drums and rhythm. The problem is that the voices seem more mechanical

than natural. Too mechanical, as if they were put here for a purpose other

than to be original, in the sence, commercial. Unfortunatly, this is the most

commercial track I have ever heard from Juno Reactor. The harsh voice of the

guy really hurts this track. However, many people like commercial stuff,

and/or the beat so they will find this very good. 4.)Komit-I don't understand

the concept here. Is there none? Cool, squeaky acid sounds, but thats it. This

track is over 8:00 of repetitive beats with some twisted sounds. 5.)Swamp

Thing-This track reminds me of the last, in the sence it goes nowhere,

accomplishing nothing, except the extent of bothering the listener. It is also

much worse than Komit. 6.)Kaguya Hime-A hell of a lot better then tracks 4 and

5. Cool, little tingly sounds, cool whispering voices, pretty (yet dark) other

sounds, and a really great pounding symbal that mixes with one of the drums.

This continuously evolves from decent to good and grat. A very interesting,

unpredictable track. 7.)Children Of The Night-This is a VERY DARK TRACK! It

does remind me of X-Dream-Radio a little, however it remains original. This is

some dark, evil stuff. Crisp, sharp sounds, errie build up. Great track.

8.)Shark-Another track that............doesn't do anything again. It's like,

we hear two good tracks, (KH, COTN) and then it's back to being repetitive and

boring again. This track ruins any last chance to revive of this album, as if

tracks 4 and 5 were not bad enough. 9.)High Energy Protons (Orion Mix): Great

mix of the original found on Transmissions. Very well done. In conclusion,

while there are indeed some very good tracks on Bible Of Dreams, this is the

least worth owning of the four JR albums to date. Beyond The Infinite was made

about three years after Transmissions....Bible Of Dreams was released only

about a year after Beyond The Infinite, HENCE this album seems to have been

rushed, or worked on with less time, and or ambition. B.T.I. sold really well,

and people wanted another JR album, so it was quickly made and here it is. You

can tell which tracks took more time to make, as they are alot deeper,

melodic, and intelligent sounding. It would have been better to simply release

this album without tracks 5 and 8, but whats done is done. Some tracks are so

bad that I could not keep this album.(read my other JR reviews) Juno Reactor

is very talented, and whether (compared to their other albums) you like this

album the most, somewhere in the middle, or the least, they will never have

the audience and respect that was given when B.T.I. was released.

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