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Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams


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By the way, on that last line in my above review, I meant that Bible of Dreams

will never have the audience that Beyond the Infinite had. Juno Reactor on the

other hand, does have respect to date, especially after the very unexpected

release of Shango. I just wish that Bible of Dreams was better, cause their

other albums kick serious ass.

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Guest jumeredith[at]ikon[dot]com

this album is original. more complex than the previous, or even Shango. the

best so far, i think.

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Guest Psycho666

Those who think this album sucks because it's not your typical goa mindless

beat loops can lick my nuts, it's one of the best electronic albums ever made.

Except for Sharks of course, it's a really bad one. They dont have their place

in this goa place anyway, well not this album at least. It's not made for

dancing and I dont give a fuck about dance, great ambient melodic album.

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Tribal influences for track 1-2-3-5. Oriental for 4.

some samples atmospheric in 4-6-7 and japanese spirit in 6-7. Shark = soft and

peacefull ambient. Swamp thing has some country vibes.

Jardin de cecile is my all time favourite Juno track, other tracks are quite

good except God is god which is an error. deception, the running time of the

album is under 60 minutes.


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Guest Davidtolsn

after liking transmissions and beyond the infinite, i decided to give this cd a

try. in my opinion, there is no evolution. in fact, i find it very easy to get

bored of juno reactor's style after initially liking it. previous favorites

(guardian angel, high energy protons) just get to sound annoying after a

while. some of the tracks on here (1, 3) are interesting, but most of the

tracks are just really boring. perhaps it would work as background music.

unique, i'll give them that much. if you like other juno cds you will probably

like this one, but the sound just isn't refined enough for me. 6/10

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Very nice album... I don't really think its trancey. Its very much still goa trance.




Some very nice melodies... and mood overall.. no incredibly epic moments... however no bad tracks.. a unique sound and some unexpected and interesting moments.



Very nice voice samples btw

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