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Alien Project - Aztechno Dream

Guest Oz

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Guest miki[at]goatrance[dot]com

nice review OZ, pretty much on the spot.

good album overall, but don't fall all over yourselves to get it. mebbe if u

have some extra cash....

best track: DJ where are u

Worst: People can fly "remix"

Rating: 7/10

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Alien Project - Aztechno Dream


Posted Image


Artist: Alien Project

Title: Aztechno Dream

Label: TIP World

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 08'45" Crystal Skulls

02. 06'46" One God

03. 08'18" The Ring

04. 07'28" Silent Running

05. 08'08" Aztechno Dream

06. 08'18" Skunk

07. 07'03" People Can Fly

08. 06'38" Artificial Beings

09. 07'15" DJ Where Are You ?




ok this is it the third album by alien project

"Aztechno Dream" finally out (with a very beautiful cover i have to


the first four tracks realy kicks ass! great alien tracks with

featurs like

GMS and raja(one good) and with Orion (the ring)

graet tracks to open the album with:-).

now for "Aztechno Dream" i can only say that the name is good

but not the track, it sounde exactly like "Silent Running"

but only in backward, i realy didnt like it.

"Next Life" with absolum is quite good nothing special.

"Skunk" with GMS is truly a killer! like "one good", the

combination with ari and GMS is working great!.

when the turn of "people can fly" came i was all excited i realy


a great rmx for one of all time classics by astral projection

but i was disappionted, the rmx is realy bad, thers no magic, its

a pointless track.

Artificial beings again with GMS is realy kick ass again :-)

the last track Dj where are you? is a great morning track with lovely


(like most of the tracks here).

ok so this is the album, i pesonally like it alot im recommending u

to buy it

the mony is worth it!:-) 8.5/10

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I won't speak too much about the music itself because it is EXACTLY the same as

in Dance or Die which sounds like Midnight Sun which was itself inspired by

the GMS style...This is so close to DoD that you can hear : the same

instuments, kick, bassline, rhythmic, breaks, instruments, samples, and even

the same melodies (tatatata--ta-ta)...it just sounds like it's a copy of DoD

with the tracks in another order. Actually, i'd say Aztechno is musically

better and more dancefloor oriented than DoD...but who will want to have 2 15

Euro copies of the same stuff at home ? Actually that's TIP problem, but i'm

pretty confident people will buy the stuff they've been listening to *all the

time* in *all the parties* during the last 6 months...pfff. Some friends told

me this album should have been released before DoD, and if it had been the

case, I would say DoD is a copy of Aztechno the same way...so which one is a

copy of the other ? I don't know. There is only one thing certain : it's no

use for Ari Linker to compose anymore as either he has reached the extreme

boundary of his creativity, or he thinks we are stupid. One friend of mine was

at home when i listened to it...he laughed A LOT. He really thought this album

was a joke !!

So what mark shall i give this thing if i was just coming back from Antarctica

and had never heard of Alien Proect before ? 6/10 only, because 2 tracks in

this album sound the same as 2 other tracks in *still the same* album, and

also because People can Fly remix sounds to me as an insult to the other AP

(Astral Projection). Otherwise, if you are used to this style (with Astrix,

AtomicPulse, Safi, Psydrop, etc), then my advice is not to buy it, or you'd be

fooled by this system, and my mark is, i'm afraid, 1/10.

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hmm... typical Alien project style... I just wanted to say that the People Can

Fly Remix is a shame, a disaster! he just cut and pasted some melodies and

made the same break!! 0/10 for that one! the rest, well... i will not give it

a rating, you just like it or not!

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I haven't really like the Alien Project style of music. There tracks nearly

always sound the same with little variation. However, this album is ok because

it has some really cool tunes. I particularly like 'Silent Running', 'Aztechno

Dream' and 'Artificial Beings'. The rest are fairly weak. The style is a bit

more progressive, in my opinion fused with some nice psy melodies. 6/10

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Guest Flying Kundalini

Yes.. People Can Fly Rmx is not on the album.. which proves that the first

reviews were MP3s .. tut tut..

however this album is KILLER for me, absolutely brilliant, OK some of the

tracks are updates of others but so what? They KICK ASS!! IMHO this release is

better than any other AP and better than any album GMS have released ever..

trk2 One Good is Genetic Eyes but better, trk3 The Ring is one of the best

tunes I've heard all year, trk5 Aztechno Dreams is dancefloor stomping and

trk7 Skunk is pure genius.. a taster of the forthcoming 1200Mics Album.. these

are the best tracks and I give the album 8.5/10.. Boooomm

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Guest [Anonymous]

A great job by one of the full-on leaders and his friends,

track 1)is a fucking good track for the morning , 2)is a excellent job between

Ari & Riktam this one is of my favorites,3)is a very good track who make us

remember a super killer track for Alien (DNA),4)this also is great but i know

that song like Astrix & Alien Project - Weve got an ice crystal in a promo i

dont know why the groups make that,5)is good but sounds equal that the past

song i dont like that but is good track, 6)is avery good job between Absolum &

Alien you can hear the Cristoph touch,

7)is a killer track ,if you put together Raja,Bansi,Riktam & Ari some great

will be succed and that is not the exeption, 8)is the weakest track for me,

9)is another great track for the morning.

Favorites:1,2,6 Rating: 9.5/10

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I saw this album first in the Mushroom magazine, and I thought "Aztechno

Dream", what a cool name, and I was glad to find out that it's a killer album

aswell. Best album of 2002 so far, I must say! Together with GMS, this is the

best full-on you'll find these days. But I like this album even more than the

latest GMS album, because it has more melody and power. First track is

actually the remix by Astrix, it's not the best track on the album, but still

powerful. Track 2 (done with GMS) is very good, you'll notice GMS style here.

Track 3 I like VERY much, it has a strange sound that sounds so cool, but it's

hard to describe. Something like a watercreature that actually is a robot :-)

It also has samples from movie Lord of the Rings, cool. Track 4 is another

very good track. Track 5 sounds a lot like track 4, but more minimal (=makes

it worse). Track 6 is also a good track. Track 7, Skunk is the BEST track on

the album. I especially like this sample here ("do it, do it"!) and it has

such a mindblowing melody that I wish there more tracks like this one. I think

another name for this track is 1200 Mics - Marijuana which should mean it's

gonna be on the upcoming 1200 Mics album... if the other tracks on that album

is as good as this track and Salvia Divinorum... phew then I cant wait for

that one :-) Track 8, a remix of the old classic tune is not so good. I don't

think the original track is one of Astral's best, and the remix just uses som

of the melody from the original track and added another bassline and sounds...

It just doesn't work out. Track 9 is one of the weaker tracks, but it's not

bad. Track 10 with it's strange title is also good, but it's a bit calmer than

the others. As I said I find this the best album of this year so far, and as a

grade I would give it 9/10 (10 tracks, 9 good and one of them (8) which is not

good). Nicey-nice!

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Guest [Anonymous]

saiko pod has a very progressive track also named silent running (nothing to do

with the review, but it's good to know) alien project has a very particular

style following GMS steps (not at all as good). in parties ari may bore all of

us for a while, but in his act there's always a highlight that may drive

people to venus. same happens with this album, a very strong and melodic

start, going monotonous as it evolves. but by track 4 things start to change

and the cd grabs a lot of power, having it's highest point at skunk, a song

made by AP and GMS. good cd, very easy going, mixing any of it's tracks... no

brainer, they just sliiiiiiiiiiiide

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Guest disillusioned[at]yahoo[dot]com

Its all bollox....really.... Ari has just 'REhashed' other peoples work...

which is why you all think it sounds so similar...... because it is...... he

just chopped it all in AUDIO.....there is no new programming going on..!!! The

truth is out that Ari is not good at being an 'Original' artist..!! Doesn't

mean he's not creative.... but if you are expecting 'NEW ALIEN PROJECT' you

wont get it...... other peoples music 'arranged' and 'tweaked' into something

else..... thats what this is...!!!! ... and as for'People can Fly'... what the

fuck were you thinking dude.... If it aint broken.. dont fix it.. and there

was nothing wrong with the original ..!!!!

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Guest VBRunner

AFAIK Dance or Die was a collection of b-sides and unreleased tracks assembled

on a disc to finish the contract with Phonokol, and not to be considered AP's

second album.

And Aztechno Dream is a lot better than DoD, but I must say I expected more

from Ari this time. The collaborations with various artists add a few

different flavours throughout the album, much like on Midnight Sun. I expected

more development and originality here though. But everything doesn't have to

be original. You can't expect every album to sound completely new and fresh,

and there's nothing wrong with following a formula as long as people want more

of it. And I really like several of the tracks here. As has been said though,

not all of the tracks are powerful enough. I also don't see what the problem

is with the brave People Can Fly remix (whether it's on the album or not).

Obviously there's not much point in doing a remix that sounds just like the

original, and I don't think they should be compared because they sound

completely different. Ari's version starts off similarly to the original, but

at halfway he takes a totally different route and ends up with a nice track.

All in all, it's a great album although it didn't quite live up to my (way too

high?) expectations. Definitely one of the top releases so far this year. A

lot better than Dance or Die. But I'm counting on more development for the

next one ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Xymaths

Super well produced trance-kind of on the club side but way better-some of

these tracks are real killers. Kind of reminds me of the new Logic Bomb

cd-high rotation in my cd player but after 2 weeks sick to death of it. Worth

buying esp if your a DJ-I still think the best track is Twins on the Sound

sourcery cd though!

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Guest yan84[at]aquanet[dot]co[dot]il

We all need a bit of Alien Project in our lives. After last year’s wonderful

Midnight Sun album, and the recent so-so collection of singles, remixes and

oddities Dance Or Die, Ari Linker’s second “properEalbum is a shot in the arm

for the global psychedelic scene. Crystal Skulls kicks things off, a sped-up,

full on rework of Alien Project’s contribution to Tip’s acclaimed Thirteen

Crystal Skulls compilation. With a similar vibe, samples and lead lines it’s a

classy way to kick off the album. The bpm is perfect, Ari’s trademark growl

sneaks in and out while a killer echoed melody sits cutely on top. The

breakdown is huge, and it crashes back in to a final run that will have the

crowd jumping so high they bang their heads on the ceiling. One Good follows,

tight with neat percussion and “properEtechno bounce, cascading into an

arms-everywhere finale. The Ring is a slight departure from the traditional

Alien sound, much more atmospheric with some tight pads giving an ethereal

feel though with no loss of that trademark crunch. When the two styles

combine, there’s a maddening rush of intensity that’s among the best I’ve ever

heard, and the overall effect is a tune that reaches right into you and grabs

you before chucking you about the room. Silent Running is deep and dirty, with

a real growling lower section over which a sci-fright top melody twists and

turns while recent single Aztechno Dream with its heavy-set, 16th-heavy

bassline is another nod to the dancefloor. Likewise the rework of Astral

Projection’s People Can Fly is included here, a little incongruous perhaps but

that cheeky dropout followed by plenty of characteristic Alien nonsense is

making for a sure-fire hit at this summer’s festivals. Artificial Beings is

another departure from the Alien sound, much more subtle and heavily-delayed.

The way the sounds are pitched up against each other, and the way it all hangs

in nicely, is a little like Blue Planet Corp, and the movement through the

tune allows Alien to make it his own. Closing tune DJ Where Are You? is

nicely-set morning stuff, with emotive pads over an energetic kick that sets

the album down nicely. The production throughout is superb, having a deep and

organic feel in contrast to a more robust, mechanical feel. This is good shit

my friends, maybe a little low on surprises but sure to keep a smile on your

face all summer long.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Valid comparison to Logic Bombs CD in the sense of the short life of AP's new

CD. TIP needs something radical to happen, maybe go to a different country and

party there (Finland? Australia? who knows?)

Hux Flux will be better!!!

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Guest Lordfugitive

Well as I was expecting, the Alien Project style with some GMS elements, since

there are rmx's here, astrix like track(s), I'll explain which, but averaged

this album rocks. There are tracks for the dance floor, also and for beautiful

ambient as ending. So here I say my opinion, I haven't had time to read

other's reviews so if something goes as a repetition, sorry.

The first track: I liked it since I liked and "The 1st revelation" on the ...13

crystal skulls compilation, so the version that comes as a remix and faster

psy elements really refreshed me. Good progression in the track, and nice

climax. At all nice track...9/10.

The second track: Yet i don't know if its name is 'one god' or 'one good' but

I'd say 'one god' since here (above) says so. I like this track, nothing

special,reminds me a lot on "Genetic Eye", previous released track. That'd be

all i can say...7/10

The third track: This is one of my favors on this album, so it's gonna be fired

on some party by Lord Fugitive and that'd be me :)...I like the effects, the

samples, the speed, and also of course the psychedelia in it....9.5/10

The fourth track: Don't like it much...and have no much to say. Somehow like

between calmed and very agressive track, but can't decide what it's. Great

progression here too, here I don't mean that it has some progressive elements,

but as it goes up to the culmination, it's good. This track gives me some

remaindings on Visions, but not more than the next one, The fifth track:where

you can witness the (almost) same structure as Visions by Astrix. Same

percussions, same calmed parts of the track, same culmination, same effects.

But it sounds different, that's all. So I'd say here, for the fourth track

7/10, for the fifth 8.5/10.

The sixth track: Yeah, this is the track I like the most. Listen to it and

you'll see what kind of masterpiece it is, so you'll have to experience it by


The seventh track: It looks like anyone with sound forge and fruity loops can

apply some effects to the original and create this kind of remix, which I

don't like at all. I hope some next remix will be more succesful...5/10

The eighth track: I don't like the samples here and some bloody ugly FX goes in

background which makes me not to like this track a lot...7/10

The nineth track: This also is going to be fired on some party by me,

especially in the lazy morning when everyone goes tired. This is classical,

morning/ambiental trance track. I like it, good finishing of the Aztechno

Dream album...10/10


After all: Not bad album, I'll give an 8/10 for the whole album. As a matter of

fact, there are a lot of better trax released as singles or on some other

album by AP, which made me expect more than this album is, which, from the

other hand, made me think that this album is released only for commercial

purpose and for a reason that everyone knows, that'd be the wish for more

album released. For the psychedelia lovers, if you hesitate wether to get it

or not, i'd advice you to get it, and of course not to expect a lot of fun,

just to feel the difference and get more experienced.



Aleksandar, Macedonia

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hell, this is good!

It is so good that I would just jump up here behind my computer and dream that

this is one hot summer openair party. I just can't wait for the weekend. I

hope that those DJ's have this one...

10/10 these days

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  • 5 weeks later...

Very Good Album...It is done with GMS and it is very well recognizible...At

some stages gets pretty psychedelic and it is mostly melodic with some really



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  • 1 month later...

An uneven album. There are some killer tracks that will be great at parties

("The Ring", "Silent Running", "Skunk", for instance) but too many of these

tracks are pedestrian. Ari has a great sense of rhythm, and any of the tracks

on this album would be easy to dance to, but few of them have much melody or

are otherwise memorable. Having said that, there is not much here to touch the

genius of the "genetic eyes" remix with Astrix on "Dance or Die" and

"Assassinations" which is so rhythmically powerful that your feet won't stop

when it is played. I wanted to like this album a lot more than I do. 6/10

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Ok, I thought that I had better listen to this album again to make sure of what

I had said above, and I still think that I am right. The problem seems to be

that Ari has his sights set too squarely on the dancefloor, because when he

makes tracks slightly left of this centre, he shows real promise. The slower

tracks "Dj where are you", "artificial beings" and "Silent running" are

brilliant - they have a haunting quality. "Skunk" is fun, great to play at a

party, "the ring" is suitably ominous, "people can fly", "aztechno dream" and

"crystal skulls" are competent, but uninspired. "one good" is dreadful

dancefloor fodder. I get the feeling that Ari rushed through the production of

this album a bit, resulting in its unevenness. If he were to take more time

and free himself from all expectations and pressures, he could produce

something really great. 6/10

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Rx7style

Whatever people. Hypercritical is what some people are -- this album is great

and deserves attention. I enjoyed it implicitly, so I'll definitely be

waiting for more! 8.5/10!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I like this album quite a lot. It's of course in the typical Alien Project

style but for me this is ok. I mean I wasn't expecting anything else... ;-)

Anyway, all the tracks are nice but my absolute favourite is Skunk, the

samples are very funny and the melody drives me crazy because it's so strong

and pushing. I'd love to hear this track at a party... Another good one is DJ

Where Are You? It's a little slower than the rest. Well, nothing much more to

say, if you like full on-style give it a try.

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Guest JDPatch

well it ok i suppose but there is one absolute killer on it and its by no means

the best album this year , cor i think everyone spoke too soon , i mean c'mon

all those tracks on 3dvision stone age records Shiva space and even the other

tip stuff not to mention the process productions stuff creamcrop mash where

the fk you been ?

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  • 5 months later...
Guest Goastomp9

alien project are what I'd like to call cross-over/psy trance. and what that

means is if I'm gonna let someone hear psy trance for the 1st time, I'd start

them out with alien project. this cd is very well produced and the sounds jump

off the speakers. as far as the composition goes, i find it a bit predictable,

but thats not to say its bad in any way. i saw alien project live twice and i

was floored by ari's performance, it's just not that great for chilling out

to, or for deep listening. these tracks were made for the dance floor, great

stompers, great cover!!! my favorite tracks are 1,7, 9.


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