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Astral Projection - Amen


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Astral Projection - Amen


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Artist: Astral Projection

Title: Amen

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Amen

02. Chaos

03. Infinite Justice

04. The Nexus

05. Sticks And Stones

06. Techno Drome

07. 1.000.000 Years From Today

08. Anything Is Possible

09. Heaven's Gate

10. Electric Blue




OK, Technodrome is a nice piece of work. Everything else here has way too much

top-end sugary icing for my taste. Still, at least the rhythms are good if

you listen for them, and they've worked in lots of layers without it sounding

chaotic -- but it still sounds too close to 1996 to keep me interested: I've

already owned dozens of CDs with this sound. To say something positive, these

folks clearly have risen above what their detractors say and continue to

advance their own message of melodic Goa sounds. Therefore it won't bother

them at all when I offer my opinion of 3/10. Again, it's not all shit:

Technodrome is worth playing.

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I agree - techno drome is the best track on the CD, the rest is just to much

... "Astral Projection". On one hand it's cool that they keep the spirit

alive, but on the other hand it's pretty sad that they haven't evolved since

the first 2-3 albums. I'm sure a lot of ppl will find some of the tracks here

pretty magical tho(especially track 3+8), but for me the magic is long gone :/

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#5 is the best track on the album and maybe the best full on track of the year.

I'm something that they call a chiller (when it coes to trance it has to be

really "good" to get my vote). But this album is really good and very

refreshing. No more boring bang ts bang ts but melodies! Usually I would have

skipped this kind of album but when I was Astral live I learned to appreacite

their music. Listen to this cd LOUD!

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This sucks... Really. Sounds exactly like not-good old astral p. Techno drome

is different from the rest, but still not good enough. Still - if You liked

the rest of a.p. albums and did not get bored - you'll probably like this one

too - it is exactly the same... 3/10

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Well the album starts of with a sample identical to the one from 'Let there Be

light' ofcourse other lyrics and this time ending with (surprise!) 'Amen' but

it is typical Astral so good , especially in this times where progressive

seems to rule overall, although 2002 has given us some very good exceptions .

I'm very pleased Astral didn't turn 180° with their music : Phew what a relief

:) Next good one IMHO is Infinite Justice closely followed by Sticks and

Stones. And Indeed Technodrome different from the rest but not that good...

1.000.000 years from today is more what I like :) Then comes one of the best

tracks of the album : Anything is Possible but I've heard this before :)

Heaven's Gate is very beautiful : again a smile on my face , great to listen

to with eyes closed ...But the last are seemingly the best : Electric Blue is

my favorite song of this album.

OK , if you're not a fan of melodic goa and especially Astral perhaps this one

isn't for you, otherwise another great one from AP. I'll have to give it 7/10

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Guest 1400Miles

Desperately chasing former glories with overdozed formula's or is there more to

'Amen'? Yes and no, one half of the album has that tried and tested melodic

morning assault, mainly at the end, probably instigating a sunrise...But

somewhere halfway we hear a somewhat different AP and a very good one I might

add; 'Nexus (Pleidians 'Taygeta' any1?), 'Stick and Stones', 'Techno

Drome'...Strangely compelling and deep trax. Certainly not tagged with the

1995 trademark. Apparantly asking for a whole album in that style is a bridge

too far (yet) but the rest surely isn't awful. 'Amen' is good enough not the

be disappointed, at least I wasn't, but somehow the Trust in Astral Trance

isn't 100 percent restored. Worth it for tracks 4,5 and 6 alone, though.


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Techno Drome is the worst track on the cd, 3/10 s not a mark so don give it, i

think the album is weak at the first time of listenin, but im sure ill get

realized to some other tracks here n more like em.. 7.5+/max

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Well this album does sound like astral doing 96 astral in 2002. Its not

necessarily a bad album its just that the sound has not evolved much. These

guys are way too talented to be wasting it like this. If you like old school

goa with a nice crisp and clean production and some uplifting melodies, this

one's for you. Do not expect anything dark or progressive on this album.

Astral have stuck to the astral formula and there are are some really good

tracks on the album, the best being 1,000,000 years from today and electric

blue, while the other tracks are just ok and in between the worst (tracks

1&6). Being a huge astral fan this is a very dissapointing release but maybe

if they make another remix CD out of it (like in the mix) maybe it can be

improved. 6 outta' 10 for this one.

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Guest Kristian

So good to finally hear a melodic trance album after years and years of techno

inspired released trance stuff. "Amen" isn't ground breaking but it feels so

f***ing nice to be able to dance away with stuff like this which made me TRUST

IN TRANCE! Worst track is Techno drome, no thanks! We do not need techno in

our trance music! :) Best tracks are Chaos (hunting hunting sound, faster,

spinning - yeah!) and the beautiful last track Electric blue. I would give

this album a 6/10 for its' noninnovative sound but I'll give it a 7/10 for

keeping the TRUE trance spirit sound alive. And as I said, it's so f***ing

nice to hear some melodic stuff for a change! :) (Pleiadians - Do as AP, do

not change a winning concept!) :) Respect to Astral Projection!

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This is pure astral trance... Extremley well-composed... Each track is genious

in it's own way. I'm lucky getting my hands on this CD 12 days before it's

acctual release. I can't find a single bad track on this CD... As I said, the

key word for this cd is QUALITY! It's hard to pick out a favourite track, but

I must say that tracks 2, 8 and 10 are slightly better than the others (Number

8 has been my favourite for a long time). This CD should be mandatory in every

psytrancers collection! Long live Astral Projection! (what are you waiting

for?? order it right away!!)

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Astral Projection


Nova Tekk / Phonokol (Israel)


If you’ve never heard of Astral Projection, then you’re in need of a slap

upside the face with a very large and very wet salmon. Which, ironically, is

what Astral projection do. Amen is fat, bustling, uplifting and so unashamedly

Goan it makes you think you’ve gone back in time and it’s 1996 again (in a

good way, mind.) Title track Amen opens the album, and it’s straight in, with

a kind of menacing, rising vibe. The trademark Astral full power backend is on

display here like a drag queen on gay pride day – proud, happy, defiant – and

you’re glad that Astral are back. Chaos is more in keeping with their sound

over the last couple of albums - a kind of linear, clubby streak with melodies

wibbling as the full-throttle downlayer drives it along. A nice breezy break

later, and cascading melodies rise for the main section, with a filtered

finale that’ll blow you away. Infinite Justice is swirly yet linear stuff, the

melodies you’ll either love or hate, but this does have fantastic movement

which even the slightly dodgy chord changes don’t spoil. The Nexus is what

psychedelic historians will one day refer to as Astral Classique. Starts

nowhere, and builds up swirls aplenty, melodies all over the place, and the

definite presence of their edgey psychedelic energy that’s been absent from

more recent material. Lovely. Techno Drom goes a little darker, and they

manage to pull it off quite nicely – brooding chords, a huge rising vibe and

peppered with a lovely 303 that gets the tears of nostalgia welling up nicely.

1,000,000 Years From Now is a frantically-bpm’d demo of what these guys can do

best. It sounds very live, very spontaneous – it has that energy right from

the start and you’ve got no choice, and this is before the soaring synths and

addictive stomplines do their business. Anything Is Possible sounds

incongruous to the rest of the album, it must be getting on a year older than

the rest of it and while it’s fine, it’s fluffier production and the fact that

it’s been caned to death since its release on Transient last year makes it

stick out like a porn actress with natural breasts. Heaven’s Gate features

some great melodic manipulation that’ll have Yahel taking notes till

Christmas. The defiant, triumphant feel might be a little too saccharine for

some, but who’d begrudge Astral that. Electric Blue ends the album in an

awesome style – again it’s Astral fresh from the peak time live performance

slot, and full of night madness. Of the whole album, and out of anything

they’ve laid down in the last couple of years, Electric Blue is one of their

most classic, enjoyable, and genuinely transporting tunes in ages. All very

well then, but is there anything new here? Well, yes. Most significantly they

sound for the first time like a band – they’ve been out and toured the world

and they brought this energy right to life on this album. Second up, there’s a

more mature and progressive edge to the production that makes for an updated,

confident sound. Add to this their wonderful energetic sound, done here in

perhaps the most accomplished way yet, and you’re looking at one damn fine




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This album Amen starts with the track Amen. Suits well as a first track, builds

up good and have a good melody. Then it's Chaos, with a taking melody and

groove, typical Astral style. Infinty Justice is a very melodic track, too

much for me. Pure club trance. Nexus is faster (and better), builds up to a

climax in about 4 minutes. Sticks and Stones begins with some indian (?)

vocals and then reminds me of Life on Mars, no real melody, it leads nowhere.

Techno Drome is a cool name and a dark track. Not much melody here either, but

a driving good track. This track does not sound like the usual Astral stuff, I

find this style better. 1.000.000 Years from Today is what I want to hear. A

fast beat, more sounds are added as the track progresses. A very full on

climax after 5 minutes, then a break and a climax again. Anything is possible

is already released, this one also (as track 3) too melodic for me. Heavens

Gate is also melodic, but in a lighter way, typical morning track. Electric

Blue is perhaps a silly name but it's typical Astral Projection and it ends

this album nicely. To conclude, on this album are a few old Astral style

(1,2,4,7), a few club trance (3,8,9,10) and two with a different style (5,6).

I hope Astral will continue produce music, but in my opinion, cut the club

trance stuff totally, and update your sound, as in Techno Drome. The club

trance tracks will perhaps be played by some club trance DJs, the others are

very good and will hopefully encourage to more melodic psytrance. Overall a

pretty good album, 6.5/10.

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HI, is this Astral Projection Anonymous? My name is hippo and I actually like

the new AP album, to my very surprise. The first few tracks on this album are

really quite nice and sound a bit more advanced and evolved than what I (we?)

would have expected from their new album, right on. I especially dig track 4,

nexus, just lovely for a sunny Sunday morning like today :-) bounce bounce.

The last 3 tracks are a bit of the old time cheese, not my cup of tea, but oh

well, I can handle that. Better than putting them in between all the good ones

up front :-)

Anyways... I'm surprised and not ashamed to say I like it :P If you never

thought about giving this a listen, like I actually did, give it a try.

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STUNNING album ! They progressed their sound very much and made it more

chaotic...It is extremely psychedelic, utopical, drowning piece of work...This

is their third best album after Trust In Trance and Dancing Galaxy...They

simply never dissapoint...Great Work ! Best on album : CHAOS, INFINITE JUSTICE



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Guest Digital Brain

this could have been the best album in trance history.

the name of the album just makes you wanna shiver.

but, althow is verry good you cant compare it to dancing galaxy.

the album is practicly all new school goa except anything possible that was

released earlier.

the best track in the album is infinity justice.

you can play this track at home, at a party, anywhere

i've listened to it 100 times and ia still cant get enough of it. the CD is

practicaly worn out of listening to it. my oppinion.... 10/10... but like i

said, it cant be comared to dancing galaxy.

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Guest Blue Penguin

Surely the less good album of the old masters of goa trance. This is not the

same sound than the other albums, it is different and more varied, but there

are no amazing tracks. Some are close to club trance ("Infinit justice",

"Heavens gate"), others are more dark psytrance : "TechnoDrome", "1.000.000

years from today" (which are my 2 favourites)?"Amen", "Nexus", and "Electric

blue" are very boring : ?so it gives us a very average cd, with a rating of


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Ain't nothing worth listening to here other than "Infinite Justice"... This Cd

is sooooo repeatitive with the usual astral sounds (great production as

expected), but even a great sound don't make up for lack of imagination in the

tracks... 710 if it's your first AP CD... 410 if you've already heard their


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Guest MAG Fire

Hmmm... Damn good Album it has that special astral feeling to it i would

think... Not exactly like in da old days but pretty close, some damn good

tracks on this album besides a few weird ones but still good though... Just

love that sample in track nr 4. NEXUS about 3-4 min in the song... Amazing it

can really make u cry out loud... Hehe... My Fav's Are 2,3,*(4)*,6,7,8,9 hell

they're all good. And the best thing is that this is an album you can actually

listen to over and over, it never stops to surprise and amaze u again and

again, Alot of cool layers and samples!!! Try it out!!!

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Guest Vasyachkin

more than "just another" astral CD, this one is quite different. the most

apparent change is that the astrals SCALED DOWN their larger-than-life,

trademark melodies so that now each track is more than a single melody with

some accompaniment, but rather a carefully crafted composition of numerous

smaller elements. this album does what it was supposed to do, and that is

introduce enough change in the right direction to make people who loved astral

before, but started to feel that astral is stuck in the past, enjoy it again.


the new astral is more demanding of the listener, meaning that it is less pop,

slightly more layered. unlike their previous work this one takes a while to

grow on you. the extra detail also makes this disk APPEAR a little faster.


the sound (as opposed to music) is darkish (as in another world) but also

LEANER than other AP releases, x-dreamish with a bit of scratchiness.


to be on the safe side of things, however, a few tracks have been kept rather

old-skool, for example “anything is possible.”


in short, astrals kept most of the beauty while adding a little beast. 9/10.

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I've always loved AP, but this isn't nearly as impressive as their other main albums. AP has always been known for their beautiful, catchy, intricate layers of melody-rhythm, and their several AMAZING tracks. They continue their style here, (sort-of) however it seems less visionary, harmonious (emotive), more linear, synthetic, and club-influenced. IMO Dancing Galaxy was their best album, their peek. Both TNT and Another World are great as well. Some tracks are too repetitive here, such as the opening Amen song. You can make them danceable

without being so predictable and linear. It seems AP wanted to make a variety of danceable trance that includes psy/goa, full on, psy-influenced club and techno-trance. I feel that the album lacks magic and memorable tunes that made their first three so memorable.


There's some good work here, different, interesting. The album lacks inventiveness however and sounds somewhat lifeless.

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Guest Psydark Light

Astral Projection are symbol for goa trance ! this album "Amen" is kind of

their regular stuffs which they like to make , they said it again and again

"we make our style and we will keep do the same in the future" ,so what is

that shit all about ,you don't have to buy the CD , but you can't say it

sucks... you should give respect to artists! anyway , this is well done album

which every goa fans will appreciate it very much. the quality of the album

beyond the usual , I enjoy play it again and again in my parties!. all the old

school fans , this is safe purchase!

RATE:7.5/10 FAVORITE TRACK : 1.000.000 Years From Today !

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Oh ye of little faith, do you not remember that it is a sin to allow the sticks

and stones of chaos, cynicism and jadedness to assault your faith and keep you

from Heaven's gate? Remember that anything is possible, and 1000000 years from

today the infinite justice of the Mahadeva will ensure that this electric blue

techno drome is the nexus of cosmic love, whilst the sticks and stones of the

irreverent will have crumbled to dust. 10/10.



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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

This album opens on a track, not the most powerfull one but just honest enough

in order to reput yourself progresively into Astral Projection?s sounds in the

case you?ve forgotten it.


Then from Tracks 2 to 5, you get the typical powerfull & melodic goa stuffs

from AP with their usual tones, note that some little interesting improvements

are included in the build up of Sticks & Stones.


With tracks 6 & 7 AP try to deliver something a bit different, more uplifting

(but don?t expect revolutionnary sounds tricks). The production is slighty

darker or rougher but strangely doesn?t work well on me despite this effort.


Come-back to the genuine AP sound with the classic already released Anything Is

Possible, may appears a bit easy or clubby to some people but more effective

in my mind than the 2 previous tracks.


The 2 last songs, are one more time , the occasion for AP to propose a bit of

variety with some more cosmic & emotionnal morning goa style.


Best moments :3,4,9

Nice tracks :2,5,8,10


Most of people consider Amen as an old fashioned release, that the hits in Amen

aren?t as stomping as in the past, and that?s true i can?t say the opposite.


But if you just think that a lot of Trance artists didn?t make music anymore

or evolve to more clubbyy styles like house,kinda false Progressive or indeed

real soappy Tek-House ; so it?s perhaps not tht bad to see that a band like AP

keep going on making Goa after all?


Furthermore, the total time running of Amen is 79 minutes, check all your

albums & compilations, it becomes exceptionnal nowadays !


Mark :7/10 (if you?re a goa lover) & 4/10 (if you?re into Trance since 2-3

years & dig on mostly current Psytrance or Progressive)

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