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Coolest sample ever

Guest Psymijis

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probably at the moment the one by the good the bad and the ugly - la caixa on dimitris dat bag i think where it goes...


want some marijuhana (?)etc etc etc no i better not with my drinking problem and all - doesn't dope lead you to harder drugs.....etc etc etc then in the middle he is freakin out "what's going on with me"


quite funny actually.....

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Guest ZaRAMaTU

"There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity"


Hallucinogen - Demention


"Today, a young man on acid realised that all matter is nearly energy, condensed to a small vibration. That we are all one consciousness, experiencing itself, subjectively. There is no such thing as death; life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."


From Sandman - End of the World. This track and the sample gives me the creeps!


Also, the "tryptamine elves" of Shpongle's "Divine Moments of Truth" is really cool sounding, even though I seem to be only one who thinks that "DMT" at large is slightly overrated...


Izik Levy and Simon Posfords are the masters of great samples, no doubt.

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Guest El Hongo Loco

The voicesample in "the herb garden" by Hallucinogen is so cool.. And.... "The mystery is of the uniiiiiverse", yeah the sample in Doofs track "the second revelation" is nice.

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Guest Mescalinium

hey zaramatu, the sample of which you speak in Sandman's End of the World is actually from a comedy routine by Bill Hicks, an American stand-up comic who died of cancer in the mid 90's. It's also sampled in the Tool song Third Eye (a great track by the way).

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SHPONGLE + From a new way to say hooray -



At the end of the song terrence says " .......and they will say, shkwr ang ergrshranglymnmahw egj hnalkgat........" or whatever simon does to the voice.


Dont you ever "see the words" while tripping. Like you can spell the sounds you hear in the songs. shplangledanglrgershtugrangly und.

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Guest Psylent Knight

One that I think is cool is:


The Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Rock Bitch

Right at the end

"Jesus didn't dance but his beat goes on!"


But my favourite one that I REALLY like is:


Mumbo Jumbo - Sick, wierd, twisted

It has a sample from the Simpsons with Homer saying:

"I saw some wierd stuff in that place lasti nght. Wierd, strange, sick, twisted, eiry, godless, evil stuff.... And I want in!!!"


Another on that I also love is:


Kox Box - Crunchy Moles

At the start:

"This sound is brought to you by the Australasian Film and Video Security office. Please help us stop it. Please help us stop it. This is a major problem in Australia. An illegal and inferiour sound for which you paid good money."

I'm from Australia and I'm very familiar from which this was sampled so it always brings a huge smile o my face when I hear it.

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"Let's Go" - Bus





"Aiwana" - Son kite, (although there aren't any spoken words, the use of those vocals makes the track much more emotive.)



come into mind.....

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Evil voice "You got any Magic Mushrooms?"

little boy voice, "No man, but I got some dwarf moss. It will blow your head off!

The last time I took some, I saw FAIRIES for three days!!"

Evil voice " Ha ha ha!!! Nicey Nice!!!! Roll Us a Giant One!!!


Infected Mushroom "roll us a giant"


Also the song "Klunk" by Green Nuns of The Revolution.


It's all these Scooby Doo samples.

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"My prince is dead... all is lost without him...may god unite us in heaven"


That just gives me cold chills..its a bit gothy quote tho =) . Its from Infected Mushrooms song Dracula. Great song too.

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OUR DARKNESS OF COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gnagnag a chemical place !!! u have to be gan,gangan


pation for living :)


ouhouhou in live, it is so good

it feel like ......................eurodance :):):)

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Guest Psymijis

and of course the dumb song in the midle of hux flux- experimenting with potions and the sick and twisted voice in nemo "is there something wrong with my mind?"

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