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Joti Sidhu-Punktuator


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From the samples I can say that it's typical full on.

Am I wrong?


Hmm, I'd say you're both wrong and right at the same time :)


On one hand, this CD has typical Joti's sound to it - those technoish acidy riffs and funky backbone is still there. The sound is very detailed and rich, yet on the other hand it sounds much more full-on than his debut album on Atomic few years back. I guess it's the sign of times we live in: if you want do sell records, you must - at least a little - make your music sounding similar to what is popular.


But in this case I wouldn't say it's bad. There are some totally killer tracks on it like "New sensations", "Hear the music", "Chaos to order (remix)", "Long long arms" & "Live fast die young" and only one bad (IMO) track ("Signals" with Eskimo).


You won't get nothing too innovative for your money, but - unlike with some highly hyped CDs I bought last year - you won't regret you have it :D

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9. SIGNALS ( with ESKIMO )


Here is the second long awaited album by Joti Sidhu aka Psychaos. He was supposed to release one album before this one, but he didn't because it was already on every download server. I got it from a friend of mine, a dj, and it was pretty nice. It still had mechanic hypnotic bass line and nuts melodies. This album goes in the same direction as that unreleased one. You can hear that master himself created those songs but he did put full on bassline on few trax. I didn't mind that so much considering he is brillian technician and he knows how to create an atmosphere. NEW SENSATIONS is a nice opener. It reminds me a little bit on Oforia with some metallic sounds and structure but you can still hear Joti's melodies. SEE THE MUSIC is pretty good one, it has some weird light melody stretched on some driving bass line but it is in the end pretty monotonous.CHAOS TO ORDER RMX is pretty weak rmx for me of this great great classic. You can barely hear that is that song until the third or fourth minute. He completely butchered the original and made one average rmx of it. PUNKTUATOR is first song that reminds on old Joti cause it doesn't have full on bass line and it is pretty weird. There are his twisted noisy eating sounds and dark melody. One of the better ones on album. LON LONG ARMS ... Huh ... I still don't know what to think. A) I can barely hear Hallucinogen B) When I heard him I didn't like his contribution at all, again those silly Younger Brother vocals...This one is actually my least favourite here, I was really shocked by this, cause I expected a lot. TWINIGHT is another very good one. It has similar melodic line as Chaos To Order and it has those throwing demented sounds all around. LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG is actually the best collaboration here but that is no suprise cause those two guys know each other for ages and collaborated various times. It is pretty good dark song with both of their touches. SITUATION is pretty nice but it lacks something. All these songs are nice in some ways but they all miss something to be great. He used to make great music. SIGNALS is actually good song, I think that their collaboration is even more successfull than with Posford just because there is more fun and joy in this song and it is very cute structure even though it is full on. To sum it all, I don't find this album an extraordinary one just because it is one of the true masters from the scene and as his second official album, this should have been done much better and thought thru...7/10 barely ( only because he can get away with it, but realistically would be 6/10 )

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Posted Image


1. New Sensations

2. See The Music

3. Chaos To Order Remix

4. Punktuator

5. Long Long Arms

6. Twinight

7. Live Fast Die Young Remix

8. Situation

9. Signals



You all will want this album for one reason: track no. 5 Long Long Arms is a collaboration with "master" Simon Posford . And I know that there are a LOT of people out there who will buy an album with closed eyes just because that magical name appears on the credits... even if the track itself is nothing special!

So anyway, how does the rest sound?


Well, to be honest, as much as I like Joti as a DJ I never really found his own stuff to be particularly good. Just the kind of trance that is fashionabe at the moment... so you can imagine that this is yet another full-on clone. Sure, there are good moments in it, like the mystical melody that kicks in around 1:50 in the first track. But there's a difference between good parts in some tracks and a good album..


See the Music is VERY average, the kind that you wouldn't mind hearing in a set but with 0 value for home listening.


Chaos to Order is less "typical" and goes into dark trance territory. It's the standout track here for me, but again, it's a very good track, not a great one.


Punktuator reminds me a bit of Tim Schuldt's style (rather dark feeling and the presence of a guitar, giving it a bit of an industrial feeling). Still, let's just say that Tim Schudlt does it much better... But together with the previous track, this is one of the better tracks here.


and then it comes, the one you've been all waiting for... actually if you had the album, chances are high you would've skipped already to this track by now ;) You can tell that Simon P has been involved in this one since the very beginning of the track. It starts with one of those trademark distroted voices saying something really wierd "Green and blue patterns were pulling over me like a deck of cards..." and "Long long arms covered with beautifull feathers" and so on (can't make out what he says all the time since the voice is so distorted). Not 100% sure but I suppose it's Terence McKenna speaking of one his DMT experiences yet again. Well, it's fun but you'd think that Simon P would pull out other tricks out of his bag by now... Then the track itself starts: basically full-on with some typical Simon P random sounds as well as a very airy nice atmosphere in the background. It sounds a LOT like the stuff released on the Unusual Suspects comp and rumours have it that this will be featured on the upcoming Unusual Suspecs 2. Well basically I don't find this has anything special in it. It's just full-on with some typical Hallucinogen elements in it.


Twinlight goes a bit darker again. And yet again, this is the kind of track that would work well on a dancefloor but isn't very enjoyable at home...


Live Fast Die Young is a remix of Dino Psaras' track, yet another psytrance icon. Well, let's just say that I didn't think much of the original to begin with... And interestingly enough almost the EXACT same sound that was in the Hallucinogen collaboration is in this one too!!


Situation is a more "goofy" track, kindof jazzy. Don't like this one at all...


And last track is a remix of full-on icon Eskimo . Haven't heard the original of this one so I can't compare but overall there's a very catchy melody that kicks in around 2:50. Don't know if this was Eskimo's or Joti's contribution to the song, but it's the best part IMO. However, yet again, a good part in a song and a good track altogether are 2 different things...


Conclusion First of all, if you're one of those people who has to have every track with Simon P's name in the credits then don't bother reading this, run to the store and get this now! For the others... well... it's a nice album for the dancefloor but I can't shake the feeling that this is one of those "now" releases that will be outplayed for one month or 2 on the dancefloor and after that everyone will forget about it. It simply isn't intricate enough to get you interested for a long time (but then again, how many release ourdays are?). And no, the Hallucinogen collaboration isn't particularly good either... unless you want to hear Simon's pick at full-on. 6/10 for me

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I already put my little review in one of the threads. All I can add is that this is different Joti. I mean, you can still hear his sounds and effects but he went to full on realm and I don't know what to say. I expected his second album for ages and it delievered one average album at its best. Shame, cause I always respected his work, especially his early goa worx. This album is nice and it has good songs. My least favourite is Long Long Arms actually...because of considering two masters did it, this track is even less than average...I could only hear Simon effects, one melody and voice sound but beside that I couldn't define you this track as their collaboration cause it just sounds too poor. All in all, this is nice album, but for real Joti fans pretty dissapointing...Best on album : PUNKTUATOR, TWINIGHT, LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG, SITUATION...6/10 or 7/10 not sure anymore...

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Guest antic

For all you previewers out there, take note that the mp3 release is a fake - you'll have to get the actual CD to hear what is really on it.

What do you mean? I have the "mp3 release" ;) because I couldn't get a hold of this CD so far, becasue psyshop and Neurobiotics don't like eachother and other shops are to expensive for me :(


Could you explain what is the difference, because it seems completely "OK" (apart from it being stolen ofcourse)...

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Could you explain what is the difference, because it seems completely "OK" (apart from it being stolen ofcourse)...


Well, it isn't the same tracks - not entirely anyway. I think there are a few from the actual album but they are not titled properly, and some of these (i.e. the song with samples "music... hypnotic") are definatly NOT on the CD release. Listen to the Chaos to Order remix from the mp3 version - does it sound ANYthing like the original?


It could be that there are different mp3 releases however -shrug- point being, buy the damn CD :D

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I think the mp3 release is a promo, so it might be different from the CD cut.


pretty mediocre stuff, imo. I expected more from Joti.

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