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  1. Thank you! It's been handmade from 2 young local artists: Urtina Hoxha and Edvin Susuri. Updated the post with the tracklist as well. Love & Light, Visar
  2. Lotus Feet Records, recently established as an independent record label in Pristina, Kosovo, is proud to present its debut compilation, Lotus Rising. Their aim is to stir up the psytrance scene while delivering quality underground music to listeners worldwide by offering space for talented producers to present material favourable to the label’s concept: groovy night-time psychedelia with powerful bass lines and positive vibrating sounds. In their words, “We believe that contributing creatively and sharing our vision through sound is the only way of awakening and interconnecting our souls withi
  3. A fresh new brew of mine, just squeezed out of my mixer for all of you guys to listen )) Panda a.k.a Younion - Dream and Reality Soundcloud Link (download enabled) http://soundcloud.co...-reality-dj-set Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud....am-and-reality/ Podomatic http://pandaudio.pod...T11_05_50-07_00 Tracklist: 01. Southwild - Dr. Feelgood 02. Archaic - Soothsayer 03. Isochronic - Liquid Fire 04. Reality Grid - Ancient Tech 05. Dirty Saffi - Shirty Daffi 06. E.V.P - Digitalkin 07. Hoodwink - Pointless Paradox 08. Ajja - iFrie
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